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June 16th, 2008
Amaya gets 30 years in child abuse plea bargain


Weeks after her husband was convicted in what Hays County officials called the worst recorded case of child abuse here, Sara Amaya agreed to plead guilty last week to 14 counts of causing bodily injury to a child in exchange for a 30-year sentence.

Sara AmayaAuthorities say the children, then four- and three- years old, were covered in bite marks when removed from the couple’s mobile home in October 2006. Last week, three medical experts said their examinations uncovered a number of other injuries including cuts, bruises, burns and scars. Both of the twins, a girl and boy, had multiple rib fractures and broken legs that had not been treated, authorities said.

On May 8, Cesar Mojica Carmona, 24, was sentenced to 14 life sentences, to run concurrently. Amaya entered her plea to the first-degree felonies before District Judge Gary Steele on Friday, who entered the prison sentence.

“These children can always know that the perpetrators of these crimes were held accountable for their actions and punished for what they did,” District Attorney Sherri Tibbe said in a written statement.

During Carmona’s trial, doctors testified that his children suffered from more than 140 patterned injuries, including at least 60 bite marks that left permanent scars all over their bodies. The beatings also left the children with more than 20 broken bones, including broken legs, broken teeth, and fractured ribs, feet and fingers, most of which went untreated. The children also suffered multiple bruises, burns and lacerations, including those left after Mojica Carmona whipped his toddler with an electrical cord.

Doctors also testified that Mojica Carmona’s violence and malnourishment of the children has left them severely developmentally delayed. According to prosecutors, the twins could not walk or talk when state officials took them into custody. Today, the children remain almost the same height and weight as Mojica Carmona’s 15-month-old son, who was born to Amaya after her arrest.

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