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Families and friends of forty-two PRIDE High School graduates gathered on June 5, 2008, in the San Marcos High School Performing Arts Center to celebrate the accomplishments of the students who had earned their high school diplomas. According to PRIDE principal Judy Mitchell, this is the largest single graduation group for PRIDE in its 18 year history. Ten students were Early High School Graduates, completing high school one year earlier than their peers, and are recipients of $2,000 scholarships from the Texas High Education Coordinating Board. The ten early graduates are: Ashley Hebert, Valerie Graves, Jimmy Mejia, Adam Flores, Gwen Mendoza, Sarah Tunnell, Deana Pinales, Abraham Villalpando, Samantha Chagola, and Jerrod Young.

Four students received additional scholarships:

  • Presciliana Gonzales – scholarships from Austin Community College and Cuauhtemoc
  • Brandley Smith — $2,000 from Career Colleges & Schools of Texas and Imagine America Scholarship
  • Joshua Anzaldua– $2,700 from Chauhtemoc, Rotary, and LULAC
  • Sarah Tunnell– $28,800 Choir Scholarship from Northwestern University

The 42 graduates were:

1. Zachery Rodney Coleman
2. Justin Davis
3. Adam Flores
4. Cassandra Martinez
5. Jimmy Mejia
6. Caitlin Thompson
7. Jorge Trevino
8. Ariel Amaya
9. Erica Castro
10. Gary Gonzales
11. Luis Alberto Gonzales
12. Ivan Romero Padilla
13. Rachel Riley
14. Siara Sanchez
15. Bradley Smith
16. Kenneth Smith
17. Sarah Tunnell
18. Clarisa Velasquez
19. Joshua Anzaldua
20. Josh Burns
21. Samantha Chagolla
22. Jeff Esparza
23. Desiree Garcia
24. Jesus Garcia
25. Reymundo DeLeon
26. Vanessa Estrada
27. Pesciliana Gonzales
28. Victoria Lopez
29. Frank Oliver
30. Gwendolyn Mendoza
31. Stephanie Perez
32. Nikki Rodriguez
33. Valerie Graves
34. Ashley Hebert
35. Deana Pinales
36. Oscie Townsend
37. Abraham Villalpando
38. Hussnain Muhammed
39. Lee Garcia
40. Alyssa Sanchez
41. Ashley Foster
42. Jerrod Young

PRIDE High School had a total of 76 graduates for the 2007-2008 school year. The campus celebrated the graduation in March 2008 of the 1,000th student since its opening in 1989.

Public Information Officer – San Marcos CISD

Photo courtesy of Don Anders.

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  1. I know two people on from here, Stephanie Perez and Ariel Amaya, and I’m trying to contact them. If someone could help me please. I was a freshman and sophomore at San Marcos High School but moved and haven’t been able to talk to my school friends if someone could help me please. I hope they do remember me but I haven’t seen them for two years…

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