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June 9th, 2008
From Hays CISD: Cornerstones laid for two new schools

From Hays CISD

Members of the Grande Lodge of Texas Masons conducted the symbolic “leveling” of the cornerstones of Blanco Vista Elementary School and Camino Real Elementary School at the end of last month, one more step as those schools ready for opening in August.

During the ceremony, Masons verify with a square, level and plumb, that the “craftsmen have done their duty.”

“I find this cornerstone well formed, true and trusty and may this undertaking be conducted and completed by the craftsmen according to the Grand Plan, in peace, love and harmony,” said Archie Scott, a Mason from Austin.

The ceremony dates back hundreds of years. George Washington was a Freemason and Masons “leveled” the cornerstone of the Texas Capitol in 1885.

“The cornerstone reminds us that if we are to build any lasting structure, it must rest upon a firm foundation and one that is truly set,” according to the ceremony readings. “When properly prepared by the tools of operative masonry, the cornerstone is perfectly square.”

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