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June 6th, 2008
Newstreamz Video Update launches

We started with print – added audio interviews and now – the first ever Newstreamz Video Update. Initially, we will put up a new Video Update every other week, but that will quickly move to weekly and then several per week. This is just the latest segment in our goal of providing you the absolute best coverage of the San Marcos area.

This production is the result of a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. I want to thank the staff and community participants for their efforts and support.
Chris Doelle

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0 thoughts on “Newstreamz Video Update launches

  1. The video is awesome. Great job!!!! My only suggestion is to run the community calendar a little slower. Thanks for providing the community with FREE news. We just relocated from Houston and nothing like this is available there. San Marcos is very lucky to have this amazing resource. Just a little biased since I have a football playing freshman, but more Rattler football please!!!

  2. Initially, we are shooting for every other week or maybe even once a week. Things will be speeding up quickly though and the ultimate goal is to create a daily newscast.

  3. What a great idea and addition to Newstreamz! I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for all of the upcoming updates. Great job!

  4. Not bad at all.

    The announcer sounds like the guy from the old Superfriend’s cartoon – “Meanwhile, back at the Newstreamz headquarters…”

    The volume levels were a little uneven, but I just shut the door to my office and didn’t worry about it.

    Over all I liked it. It is definitely cool to watch San Marcos news and as you might guess, I really liked the sales tax story.

  5. Also, I’m not sure everyone is going to understand where all of the parking is for the river, or where to get out and all that. Maybe in the comments section, you can post links to photos, maps, etc for each story. That would help with Machel’s comment about the calendar going by too fast.

    You’re not limited to the same constraints that television news people are. Why not combine the mediums by providing supporting links and documentation right there with the video?

  6. Ted,

    Haha – I got the same impression on the announcer voice. Too funny.

    On the parking etc – you must be a mind reader. This was simply out test show – we are working on a lot of the tweaks that you and others have mentioned. We are working right now on a comprehensive piece to cover those questions.

    Thanks for the feedback – we will use it to make everything about the video, audio and text better.

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