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San Marcos is selected as one of thirteen stops for Global Visitors

June 4, 2008: Humanity’s Team San Marcos is announcing the arrival of touring members from the International Unconditional Love Tour team. The group will be giving an event on the Hays County Courthouse lawn on Tuesday, June 10th from 9 am to 12 noon and Texas State University at Sewell Park from 2 pm to 6 pm. The activities will include free hugs, laughter yoga, meditation, singing, and dancing. It is a free “feel good” experience and the public is invited.

The Unconditional Love Tour is all about love, joy, laughter and peace. It is your opportunity to express yourself in a place, where judgment and resentment does not exist – only the experience of unconditional love. Love is the only force in the universe that can heal a world that is wounded. Love has amazing powers far beyond our wildest imaginations.

Come play with us in San Marcos where we will laugh together, hug, touch, and dance with each other. We will be a beautiful example for our children showing that mankind can live in peace and without fear. Be ONE with humanity in loving expression of who you really are.

We believe that we are all one. That is what we mean with oneness. It means to me that you are also me, in another totally unique version. So I cannot lie to you, steal from you, or hit you, for I would be doing those exact things to myself. What I can do is allow you to express yourself in total freedom and joy. Accept that your truth is as important to me as my truth, even when they are not the same. And give you the space to be yourself without any hiding because you know that you are loved unconditionally.

The Hays County Commissioner’s Court will be presenting a proclamation on Tuesday, June 10th proclaiming June 10th as the Unconditional Love Day in San Marcos. Randall Wood, the local Humanity’s Team Coordinator and United States Country Coordinator invites you to join the group and practice love, joy, and world peace. You may contact Randall at 512-665-5512.

Humanity’s Team San Marcos

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