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June 5th, 2008
Hays CISD Channel:
District improves
preliminary TAKS scores

From Hays CISD

The most recent preliminary scores on Hays CISD students’ Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) show all campuses are moving in the right direction: up.

All student “subgroups” in the district made gains this year in the reading/ELA portion of the TAKS, and preliminary results show the district is recognized or exemplary in this subject.

“Eight campuses had reading passing rates in the 90 percent range,” said John Thornell, Hays CISD Executive Director of Assessment. “The highest gain occurred in the economically disadvantaged subgroup.”

The district’s commended rate is 33 percent of all students tested, a four percent gain over last year.

The writing portion tells a similar story. Eight campuses have passing rates in the 90 percent range.

“The campus that made the largest gain in writing this year was Tom Green Elementary School, with seven percent,” Thornell said.

The district’s commended rate for writing is 27 percent.

The passing rate for math is 76 percent, a four percent gain over last year.

“All accountability subgroups showed gains from 4-5 percent in math,” Thornell said. “Nine of our 16 campuses had math passing rates in the recognized range for all students.”

The district commended rate for math is 22 percent, which is a three percent gain over last year. Dahlstrom Middle School achieved the highest gain in commended passing rate, he said.

Students showed an increase of seven percent in passing the science portion of the TAKS.

“All campuses, except for two showed gains in science this year, ranging from 1 percent to 22 percent, which occurred at Hemphill Elementary School,” Thornell said. “Noteworthy is the 71 percent of economically disadvantaged students at Hemphill that passed science this year.”

Three campuses — Buda Elementary, Elm Grove Elementary and Negley Elementary — report commended rates in science of greater than 50 percent.

In Social Studies, all campuses but two scored in the 90 percent range.

“The district commended rate in social studies is 37 percent this year which is a gain of three percent over last year,” Thornell said. “Our middle schools really shined in social studies this year.”

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