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June 5th, 2008
Bill Peterson’s Blog:
Buda council abstains
in PEC board vote

The Buda City Council decided to abstain from casting its 58 votes in the election for Pedernales Electric Cooperative directors to be completed later this month.

The city council found itself with a clear conflict of interest because one of its members, Sandra Tenorio, is a candidate for the District 7 position, which pays about $40,000 per year.

Tenorio joined the council majority in voting to abstain.

In Kyle, City Manager Tom Mattis said Tuesday night that he isn’t sure how the city will proceed in casting its PEC votes. Mattis said he doesn’t even know for sure how many votes the city has.

Generally, cooperative members have one vote for electrical meter they run.

Kyle has no city council members running for the PEC board. However, Ron Barrera, who is a candidate to replace the departed Kyle Councilmember Mike Moore in an Aug. 9 special election, also is on the PEC ballot for District 7. Moore resigned from the Kyle council last month.

PEC members can vote by Internet or mail. The final election will take place at the PEC membership meeting on June 21 in Johnson City.

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2 thoughts on “Bill Peterson’s Blog:
Buda council abstains
in PEC board vote

  1. However, the city of Kyle does have a candidate, Lila Knight, on its Planning and Zoning Committee. She was appointed by Mayor Mike Gonzalez with council’s approval. Kyle should do the same and abstain from the vote to ensure there is not even a small impression of any bias.

  2. The Buda City Council really dropped the ball on this one. They had an opportunity to show leadership skills by following voting protocol for this kind of situtation and making the decision without the service of the conflicted members. Instead they threw away 58 good votes for all the districts, even those that they don’t live in. This is an important election, and instead of helping to elect qualified board members they ran from making a tough decision.

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