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June 3rd, 2008
From the city of Kyle: KPD issues crime alert

From the city of Kyle

According to Kyle police, jurisdictions across Texas typically experience a seasonal increase in reported crime during the summer months. These increases are often attributed to the school summer vacation period, a time when young people have less structure in their lives, more free time, stay out later at night, and have less parental supervision.

In our efforts to prevent crime and reduce victimization, the Kyle Police Department (KPD) requests that citizens keep a watchful eye out in their neighborhoods, and develop the habit of always locking their cars and homes to safeguard their valuables.

This police “Crime Alert” is being issued due to a recent increase of vehicle burglaries in Kyle for the month of May.

In April of this year, a total of four vehicles burglaries were reported to Kyle police. In May, that number increased to 13 burglaries. Over half of these crimes occurred in neighborhoods on the west side of Kyle while the vehicles were parked overnight in the resident’s driveway.

KPD Officer Robert Garza investigated a large portion of these crimes, and in talking to the owners, discovered that most cases involved a vehicle that had been left unlocked with the valuables being left in plain view. According to police, it appears that these offenses are simply crimes of opportunity.

In order to deter these crimes and apprehend the offenders, additional police personnel are being assigned overtime duties to patrol the west side neighborhoods of Hometown Kyle and Plum Creek. Officers assigned to this project will be in marked and unmarked vehicles, and be in uniform or in plain clothes.

Suspicious persons or vehicles found to be aimlessly traversing these neighborhoods in the middle of the night may expect to be greeted by a KPD officer. Also be reminded that the Kyle curfew ordinance prohibits people under the age of 17 from being out between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, and between 12:01 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Friday or Saturday.

This alert is intended as a public service message to keep Kyle citizens better informed in matters that may affect them.

The KPD encourages any citizen who sees or hears any suspicious activity in their neighborhood to give call our dispatch office at 268-3232 and allow us the opportunity to better safeguard your property.

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