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May 30th, 2008
From San Marcos CISD: Six flags over Bowie


(1) A road sign points the way to each destination; (2) Teachers Moon Hernandez and Linda Bishop discuss lesson plans and student art; (3) Elyssa Caldera and Yazari Saldivar crush grapes with their feet in Italy; (4) Teacher Celina Stover prepares a food to enhance the cultural experience; (5) Sign warns visitors they are approaching the Black Forest of Germany. (6) A Maasai warrior wears his tribes face mask and dances
to the music of Africa. (7) Kindergartener Jazlie Rodriguez admires her sand pyramid she made in Egypt.

From the San Marcos school district

Bowie Elementary School recently observed their annual Six Flags Over Bowie event that celebrates the culture of six international countries. Featured countries this year were Egypt, Mexico, Kenya, Italy, Germany, and China.

The global adventure began in the campus front office where the staff were dressed as airline attendants, and the room was decorated like an airport waiting area, complete with a baggage check. Then visitors made their ways through elaborately decorated hallways featuring each country.

Teachers and support staff were costumed in native dress, and classroom instruction incorporated the
culture of the selected nations. The food, music, history, art, and unique characteristics of the countries were featured throughout the two-day event. Parents were invited to join the geography lessons during one evening session.

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