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May 24th, 2008
From the city of San Marcos: Hernandez Day proclamation


Mayor Susan Narvaiz honors the future leaders of San Marcos by proclaiming “Maria Hernandez City Council Day” after 100 students at Hernandez Intermediate School took the reins of city government in role playing sessions as the city council, staff, business persons, and citizens. Led by Gifted and Talented Facilitator Brenda Butler, the students debated issues of zoning, economic development, preserving natural resources, taxation, and transportation. Students, L-R, Row 1: Maya Bernal, John Michael Cervantez, Adamina Gonzales, Elora Smith, Monet Moreau, Samantha Govea, Lindsey Burton, and Sabine Hahn: Row 2: Mikayla Moody, Derrik Robinson, Tushar Patel, Sara Jo Porterfield, Dakota Bonestele, Luke Johnson, Sage Cogar, Hunter McMain; Back row: Dr. Patty Shafer, Superintendent; Mayor Narvaiz, Council Member Kim Porterfield, Principal Sandra Reyes; Brenda Butler and Council Member John Thomaides.

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