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Google has announced a service that keeps track of all your medical history. According to, the main goal behind Google Health is organizing your medical records into one place so that patients and doctors can have easy access. Ultimately the service should help prevent cases of drug interactions caused by lack of information, as well as better diagnose illness by being able to chart symptoms over a long period of time.

This kind of technology is already being used on a smaller scale according to Clay Destefano, Public Relations President at Central Texas Medical Center, “People are enjoying using this system. It is a great way to keep up with immunizations and a good place for you to put this kind of health information.”

People outside the health profession aren’t so eager to participate in this new technology. Texas State University student Cody Cheves is one of many who are apprehensive. “[Google Health] seems to be one of those things that could be good but there is a high potential for abuse.” Local San Marcos resident Fets Benavides agrees, “I don’t think this is necessary, I think they will just use it to sell pharmaceuticals. I think the plan is: Do you feel like you have a headache?…yes…click…here are five pharmaceuticals to help.”

Destefano defends the system for its many benefits. “When people visit the doctor they are usually under a lot of stress and not as clear headed when they fill out forms for the doctor. The program is designed to build as you go, at home, when you are not under stress.” As for the potential for abuse by Google and other companies Destefano said “The records are not kept by a physician or a lab like ours, it is a personal health record and in that context it is a great thing.”


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