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May 21st, 2008
Comal River litter recovery

New Braunfels – The owners of Corner Tubes in New Braunfels, Texas, have contracted with a private diving service to remove underwater litter along a 9,471 foot stretch of the Comal River. The litter recovery project will be conducted in two stages.”Initially the divers will remove all underwater debris from the river,” stated Joe Breads, co-owner of Corner Tubes. “We will remove bottles, cans, plastic or anything that’s below the water line. This will be a time consuming effort and will take a few days to complete.”

Once the initial phase is concluded, Breads said Corner Tubes will pay for and participate in a weekly maintenance program.

“The maintenance phase is very important,” Breads stated. “It’s one thing to get the river clean, but another to make sure that it stays that way. We will return on a weekly basis to make sure that the river stays clean.”

According to Breads, the maintenance program will continue through Labor Day. Concurrent with the routine cleaning, Corner Tubes will contract for additional dives after major holiday weekends to address the increase in river usage.

The first phase of the program will begin May 2008 and will include the area from the recreational beginning of the Comal to its confluence with the Guadalupe River.

“This effort was born out of our commitment to the environment, the citizens of New Braunfels, and water enthusiasts throughout Texas,” Breads stated. “A cleanup of this scope is unprecedented on the Comal River and we’re involved because we want to promote awareness among water recreation enthusiasts both in New Braunfels and across Texas.”

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  1. I currently work on the Comal River and would like to say that the dive team did an excellent job cleaning out the river bed prior to Memorial Day weekend. This is a great initiative and I commend the people at Corner Tubes for their investment on this project. As this article states, the maintenance part of this project will prove to be very important for the continued success of this initiative.

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