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May 20th, 2008
Buda Man Leading Contributions for Orphans

Omarr Guerrero and others have picked up a challenge from their minister, Pastor John Church of Generations Church in Buda. Back in April, Pastor Church was preaching from Matthew 25 where Jesus told the story of the landlord who gave his servants money (talents) to use the best way they could. Pastor Church asked for volunteers. Fifteen people volunteered and the pastor gave each one $100. There were only the conditions that the volunteers act as stewards for the money to extend God’s work and they were to share with the congregation what they had done with the money in 90 days.

Omarr volunteered saying “I felt like I needed to step up” even though he had no idea what he could do. “There are so many worthy causes,” he said. Then he found out that Angela (aged 11) and Veronica (aged 8) Martinez had lost both of their parents. Their father died of a heart attack in December of last year and their mother died in January of this year from complications from diabetes.

Their aunt, Fidela Lopez, is taking care of them in her small home because the Martinez house has many problems. Omarr explained that the house has a weak foundation, a gas leak, damaged rook and bad plumbing. Omarr has organized a group of volunteers to fix the house so the sisters and their aunt can live in the children’s house. Guerrero is asking for donations of money or labor to help fix the house. Guerrero said, :100% of the donations will go to make the house livable.” Omarr is asking all who can to help. He admitted, “I am scared to death. I have never done anything like this before.

The Grey Rock Golf Club, the Onion Creek Country Club, Plum Creek, and Quail Creek Country Club have all donated a round of golf for 4  players to be raffled off on June 29th. Tickets are $10 and you can buy more than one ticket.

Please contact Omarr Guerrero at 512-627-4425 or at to help out.


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