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May 19th, 2008
Natural Fest animates Courthouse Square

A Texas Playboys reunion band more than satisfied its fans as it played Saturday on the courthouse square.Rudy Billings of Austin demonstrates the way they used to make letter openers.Bobby Jones of Boerne (left), son Dane Jones (center) and Tommy Dipple of Cedar Creek (right) await their next re-enactment at Natural Fest.Natalee Norwood of Lago Vista, representing the Spoiled Doves of Texas, brought a taste for the old days to Natural Fest.STAFF REPORT

The Hays County Courthouse Square buzzed with activity Saturday for Natural Fest, which drew hundreds of people through the day.

The main entertainment came from a reunion show by Still Swinging, the Brazos Valley Boys, Texas Playboys Reunion #1, Texas Playboys Reunion #2, Tribute to the Fiddle, and Al Dressen’s Super Swing Revue, with special guest Dixie Reel.

Spotted around the square also were various displays of old-time heritage, such as iron works, gun re-enactments by members of Terry’s Texas Rangers, and the antics of Spoiled Doves of Texas.

“We do everything without mechanics and no electrical,” said Natalee Norwood of Lago Vista, representing the Doves. “The kids love all this stuff.”

Later in the night, the Western Swing Hall of Fame show took place on the river, featuring Johnny Gimble and the Playboys II, with Herb Remington, Leon Rausch, Bob Boatright, Tommy Howser, Dick Gimble, Walter Lyons and Curly Hollingsworth. Elana James was to join Johnny Gimble for a fiddle set.

The 2008 Texas Hall of Fame inductees include Jim Gough, vocals and bass; Tommy Howser, drums; Maurice Anderson, steel guitar; Mancel Tierney, piano; Louis Tierney, fiddle/ sax; Billy Bowman, steel guitar; Buddy Ferguson, guitar; and Ora Oubre, bass and steel guitar.

The Hall of Fame Band featured the likes of Dayna Wills, Janet Lynn, Mary Ann Price, Bob Boatright, Danny Levin, Elana James, Neal Clausnitzer, Brent Wilson, Floyd Domino, Maurice Anderson, Paul Glasse, Leon Chambers, Rick McRae, Louise Rowe with special guests Johnny Cuviello, Casey Dickens and Skeeter Elkin.

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