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On Thursday, May 15th San Marcos CISD hosted its Student Technology Fair. Students, along with their teachers, presented table talks on current technologies that are being used in the classroom. The Technology Fair gave the students a forum to demonstrate the activities and skills they have acquired or are learning. Parents and community members alike witnessed that SMCISD students have the skills necessary to make good academic use of technology. The goal of the Technology Fair was to provide the community and parents with an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the technologies and services that are available within the district. It was also to showcase work being done by teachers and students. The focus of the event was not on the technologies themselves, but rather on the use of the technologies to support teaching and learning.

Well over 600 hundred people attended this year’s Tech Fair. Parents, students, community members, teachers, and school board members were able to view over 70 different presentations. Presentations included everything from student produced videos to iPods, Dance Mats, interactive white boards and videoconferencing. The San Marcos CISD school librarians showcased the many technologies that will allow students to access library resources from home via the Internet.

This year’s Tech Fair was a success, and plans for next year’s event are already being planned. The district will expand the event to include a film festival in 2009. Next year’s Technology Fair will again be held in the San Marcos High School. The wide hallways and spacious areas at San Marcos High School made for a festive environment. The wireless network also allowed more freedom for using technology at the Tech Fair. Teachers were not tied to a wire coming out of the wall.

The use of technology in SMCISD schools has had a positive influence on the students and teachers. Technology helps teachers to target specific student needs. The use of technology has improved student behavior, improved attendance rates, improved school to home connections. The students are engaged and love using technology to complete their work. Teachers love using technology as one more tool in their toolbox to teach their students.

The district is constantly working to stay current with today’s technology to meet the demands of today’s world and prepare students for their future.

For more information about SMCISD’s Tech Fair, contact Stonecipher at (512) 393-6900 or email her at

By Ronda Stonecipher
SMCISD Coordinator of Instructional Technology

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SMCISD students wore tee shirts with the Tech Fair logo proclaiming “Technology on Fire” and wore red plastic firefighter hats while they demonstrated the latest instructional technology for the classroom.

The San Marcos Fire Department parked a fire truck at the entrance to the Tech Fair and demonstrated the latest technology available to them in fighting fires and promoting fire safety.

Photos by: Iris Campbell

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