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May 16th, 2008
From Patrick Cox: ‘Dedicated to real reforms’

EDITOR’S NOTE: More than two dozen people are running for the board of the Pedernales Electric Cooperative after the member-owned utility’s mounting problems led its management to open up the nominating process. The San Marcos Mercury is printing correspondence and commentary in our new Pedernales Electric channel in the Community Blogs section.

Director candidates across the Pedernales Electric Cooperative service area have joined in a coalition based on their shared commitment to a set of principles. The coalition, named C. O. R. E. (for Conservation, Openness, Responsible management and Ethics), was established during the PEC Director nomination process.

The candidates have stated their belief that these principles can guide the PEC to greater business strength and restore member confidence in the Board and Management of the Cooperative.

This coalition commits to:

  • Promotion of polices that foster conservation and advance a reliance on renewable electricity generation,
  • Openness and transparency in the conduct of PEC business,
  • Effective oversight to assure that PEC management adheres to sound business management principles and practices, and
  • Promotion of ethical conduct by all PEC Board members, managers and employees.

C. O. R. E. candidates are:

  • District 3 Director – Kathy Scanlon – Former Chief Financial Officer and CPA
  • District 7 Director – Patrick Cox, PhD – Associate Director, The Center for American History, UT Austin
  • District 6 Advisory Director – Dr. Charles Tesar – International Consultant
  • District 5 Advisory Director – David Collins – Retired Management Consultant

Candidate biographies and position statements are available at:

“While our professional and business experiences are varied, we are united as candidates by the C.O.R.E. principles” commented District 3 candidate Scanlon.

Dr. Tesar, District 6 candidate observed, “I was drawn to the coalition by the shared commitment to Board reforms and sustainable energy. We share the belief that adoption of renewable sources of electricity is a key to affordable power in the future.”

“The C.O.R.E. coalition is dedicated to open, responsible management, and real reforms for the Cooperative. We are committed to a new vision to have the Pedernales Electric Cooperative become a national leader in conservation and renewable energy,” stated District 7 candidate Cox.

“Two factors are critical to keeping our electric rates as low as possible. We must promote effective conservation and increase our use of renewable energy. We must also assure that the Cooperative does not fall victim to a buy-out by an investor owner utility. The C. O. R. E. candidates’ capabilities will contribute greatly to both factors” added District 5 candidate Collins.

PEC officials have promised that the ballots will be mailed to the members on May 7th. On-line voting will begin on the 7th, as well. Mail-in and on-line voting ends on June 13th. Members can also cast their ballots during the first 2 ½ hours of the Annual Meeting, scheduled to begin at noon on June 21st in Johnson City.

Patrick Cox

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