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May 6th, 2008
Student Suspended for Bringing Gun to Campus

The San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District suspended a 12-year old Hernandez Intermediate School student Tuesday, May 6, after an assistant principal discovered a 38-caliber handgun in the child’s backpack.

An alert teacher became suspicious about a crowd of students surrounding the backpack about 2:15 p.m. Tuesday. She confiscated the backpack and gave it to Assistant Principal Ricardo Soliz.

Soliz took the boy into a room with another teacher, and upon searching the backpack, discovered the handgun. San Marcos Police Sgt. Bob Klett, supervisor of school resource officers (SROs) for the district, responded to the school along with SRO Richard Prado and Juvenile Investigator Gean Tucker. Klett later found that the boy had two bullets in his pocket. The gun was not loaded.

The youth, a sixth grade student at Hernandez, faces expulsion for a year for carrying a weapon on school property. He also faces third degree felony charges for bringing the weapon to school. The boy has been detained at the Hays County Juvenile Detention Center in San Marcos.

According to Hernandez Principal Sandra Reyes, school officials will send letters home to parents of all Hernandez Intermediate students on Wednesday. The school resource officers will meet with students and staff at Hernandez early Wednesday to discuss safety rules and procedures. The district plans to have the SROs meet with staff and students at other campuses in the near future.

“Our school district takes circumstances such as these very seriously,” said Dr. Patty Shafer, School Superintendent. “We are grateful for our alert staff and the quick response from San Marcos Police Department’s school resource officers.”

San Marcos police and school officials are continuing their investigation of the incident.

Communications Director – City of San Marcos

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0 thoughts on “Student Suspended for Bringing Gun to Campus

  1. How incredibly scary for this to happen. Please understand that parents need to be responsible for their minor children. We have a reputation around this town of letting the authorities handle our children’s behaviors like it is a crime things such as boys and God forbid girls fighting in school should be addressed only by the principal parents and students involved. Things such as cursing should be addressed with writing five hundred times on the board, “I will not curse in class.” We need to let the authorities off the hook. While they may have time to deal with disorderly students I do not believe it to be necessary. This child bringing a gun to school is CRIME. Let us not have the reputation of police and juveniles having such a close relationship in this manner. Let our kids trust the police to protect them and not punish them when our schools and their our parents should be doing this.

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