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May 6th, 2008
Brad Rollins’ Blog: Heavy traffic

Two weeks after our “soft launch,” the San Marcos Mercury has passed the other Web site in’s rankings of web traffic. Alexa uses a formula no one quite understands to weigh visitors and depth of visit to come up with a Web site’s rank in the entire World Wide Web. So basically it’s good for knowing how one Web site is performing compared to another.

According to these numbers, Newstreams fell to 538,743rd in its traffic ranking and the San Marcos Mercury rose to 439,109th (where 1st is the best). For us, that translates to 180,000 hits since April 21, an average of 8,500 hits a day. Pretty good, I think, for two weeks into the news war.

» Our traffic summary on

» Their traffic summary on

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4 thoughts on “Brad Rollins’ Blog: Heavy traffic

  1. Maybe it’s because they’ve been caught stealing copyrighted content TWICE in the last week. The first time Chris said the full text of an AP story had been ‘inadvertently’ posted. The second time he just took down the photo and wrote a bunch of fake comments so the one I wrote calling him out wouldn’t show up. I think this Houston crew thinks San Marcos people are stupid.

  2. What gets me is how my colleague, Dr. Mihalkanin, who is supposed to be an academic can tolerate working there given these breaches. Either he’s been kept in the dark or he does not realize the damage he’s doing to his reputation working for a real estate developer’s shill.

  3. As a former student of Dr. Mihalkanin, and one that genuinely respects and admires him, I whole-heartedly believe that Dr. M has no knowledge of the shameless acts of Chris and Newscreams. If informed, I am certain that he would distance himself from the group.

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