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May is Bike Month and the San Marcos bike culture is alive and well. Wednesday, May 7th at 7PM cyclists from all around will gather for another round of Alleycat Racing. This incarnation has been dubbed, “ALLEYCRUNK.” “Crunk” is a term originally applied to a style of hip-hop music developed in Los Angeles, but has since come to mean roughly “having a good time.”

Local cyclist and event organizer, Silas Parker explains, “The winner of the previous Alleycat has to plan the next event and it fell on me this time around.”

The race is more like a scavenger hunt on wheels as participants will gather at The Hub bicycle shop at 7PM where they will be given their instructions. Racers can expect to have to make 7-9 stops along the way with specific tasks at each location. Past Alleycat races have included stops at local bars, landmarks, and even obscure points in and around the downtown area. The person finishing everything on their list and arriving at the final destination first, is the winner.

The winner should take about 45 minutes to complete the race, with the rest of the racers coming in over the next 30 minutes or so.

“It’s a celebration of pure unbridled San Marcos debauchery,” added Parker of the races, which take place a couple of times each year.

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