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May 5th, 2008
"Pack It Up and Pass It On" recycling program

“Pack It Up and Pass It On” is the annual Texas State University-San Marcos recycling program that allows students to donate items they no longer need to benefit needy San Marcos residents. Last year, residence hall students filled five PODS with thousands of useful items that more than 1,000 clients from United Way of Hays County agencies selected from as they “shopped” for free in the LBJ Student Center Ballroom. Not only are these items recycled into the hands of folks that can use them, “Pack It Up and Pass It On” reduces the university’s waste stream.Volunteer opportunities
General Hall Collection – Help with collections from residence halls. Need at least 4 volunteers per day, May 7th, May 8th, May 9th and May 12th. Can work with your schedule, drive around with Kim Porterfield and Holly Lazenby, collect items, and deliver them to a nearby storage POD.

Sorting and Setup – Spend a few hours (or days) helping sort items in the ballroom. Daily, May 19th, May20th, and May 21st, 9am to 4pm. Fun in an “archaeological” kind of way. This can provide a good team building, bonding experiences for offices, organizations.

Shopping Day – May 22nd, 6am to noon, help with the free distribution. Need folks to take tickets, hand out bags, manage pick-up of large items, assist “shoppers,” help with evaluations, clean up.

The outcome of “Pack It Up and Pass It On” is great, since we divert so much from the waste stream and put those items into reuse right here in our local community. It’s a good way to recycle and reuse, plus get the university and community together.

Also, if you or your organization have items to donate for the distribution, you can bring them to the ballroom on May 19th thru 21st between 9am to 4pm. (No pick-up assistance is available.)

To be a part of the effort, contact or call Community Relations at (512) 245-9645.

Steve Harvey
Sustainable San Marcos

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0 thoughts on “"Pack It Up and Pass It On" recycling program

  1. Awesome.

    I’m assuming that non-students are allowed to donate and volunteer too, no?

    I hope so, because I’ll be turning in a time off request tomorrow, so I can pitch in.

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