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May 2nd, 2008
Prather headed to Iraq for Army infantry tour

Managing Editor

Jude Prather, the Texas State University student who narrowly lost a San Marcos city council race in November, has been recalled to the U.S. Army for combat duty in Iraq.

Reassigned to the 100th Infantry Batallion, Prather, 25, will report to Fort Benning, Ga. on Aug. 3 for a 15-month tour. He joined the army in 2003 and was discharged to ready reserve status in 2005.

“We all knew I could be recalled for active duty. This is how the army puts boots on the ground and it’s what I signed up for,” Prather said.

In his bid for the place 2 council seat, Prather received 1,303 votes to incumbent Gaylord Bose’s 1,306. He conceded the loss after a recount did not change the results.

During the campaign, political opponents like Camille Phillips, the Council of Neighborhood Associations president, suggested in a series of public forums that Prather had not been honorably discharged from the army despite her being offered an opportunity to review Prather’s military records.

Disclosure: Prather is a good friend and I advised his city council campaign.

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10 thoughts on “Prather headed to Iraq for Army infantry tour

  1. My best wishes to Jude. Stay safe and return home. Cheap shot on Camille, Brad. She did not do what you accuse her of. Let go of the last election would you.

  2. She did EXACTLY what I accused of her of doing and this would be a good time to apologize. The truth hurts but it doesn’t make it any less the truth because it makes Camille look like the person she is or has become. Nothing about Free Speech is cheap and Jude knows that better than any of us.

  3. Just because she questioned the details of his military service history does not mean she suggested that he was dishonoably discharged. You and Jude made his military service the centerpiece of his campaign bio. The public has a right to ask questions of political candidates. What did the repeated insuations of alleged corruption by Bose at his workplace or inaccurate claims of what he said comparing students and prisoners tell us?

  4. Indeed, I heard Ms. Phillips question Jude’s military service and discharge more than one during that election campaign It is not a matter of being sore losers – but was perhaps more the fact of Ms. Phillips unfortunately being misinformed and the the fact that she was perhaps guilty of blindly listening to rumors and trusting them.

    Let’s keep a watchful eye on the rumors that may or MAY NOT be true during this current election year – and not be “duped” by them…

    Remember that it is time to change America.

  5. Why would you run for City Council knowing full well there is a War going on and at any moment you could get called for a year plus duty leaving your job and City witha missing place on the Council.

  6. I recall some dirty politics on both sides of that campaign. Actually, significantly more than SOME.

    I wish Jude and all of our troops the best, but I agree that it is time to put that disgraceful display behind us.

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