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May 1st, 2008
Kyle launches ‘CodeRed’ alert system


The City of Kyle has officially launched its Code Red Emergency Alert System by sending an introductory message to every phone in Kyle. The system is designed to be able to deliver emergency messages to Kyle residents in the case of an emergency.

“We have a very specific need to be able to deliver important information to our citizens in a timely manner,” said Kyle City Manager Tom Mattis. “This system allows us to create custom messages and deliver them to our entire city, or to specific areas or even groups of people, within a very short time period.”

The CodeRed system uses phone numbers and addresses stored in the City’s utility data base to create a user friendly, internet-based interface to place calls quickly and efficiently in cases of emergency. Kyle residents can also access the system to enter other phone numbers should they want to be notified on their cell phones or at work should a message be sent to their home number.

“The CodeRed System is very user-friendly and easy for an individual to update his or her information,” said Kyle Director of Communications Jerry Hendrix. “We want to be sure to deliver these important messages to each targeted resident, and we want to be able to reach you where you want to be reached.”

To update your information, simply go to the City of Kyle web site ( and click on the CodeRed icon. From there just follow the instructions to update your information.

The system can also be used to deliver other public service announcements to citizens.

“We want our citizens to be as informed as possible,” Mattis said. “This system will put the City in the drivers seat when it comes to getting important information to our public. We no longer need to depend of other media sources to get information in the homes of Kyle citizens.”

The CodeRed System is entirely internet-based and has redundant servers across the country. This ensures that the system will be available and can be activated from anywhere with an Internet connection. Even in the event that an Internet connection is unavailable, the system can be activated by phone, if necessary.

The CodeRed system will cost the City $10,000 for a bank of 30,000 minutes worth of phone calls. The bank of minutes can be updated as needed so there is never any chance that the City will run out of minutes at an inopportune time.

“It is very important that every resident take advantage to the opportunity to add a secondary phone to their account information on the web site,” said Mattis. “This will make the system even more effective and beneficial for everyone.”

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