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April 30th, 2008
Teen pregancy in San Marcos brings spotlight

National attention turned to San Marcos this morning after Tuesday, Central Texas Medical Center was the location of the birth of a baby boy. This baby boy belonged to one of the members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado, Texas. The polygamist sect has been the subject of much international attention since the April 3rd raid on the ranch in which over 450 children were taken into protective custody by Texas Child Protective Services.

The children have been relocated to dozens of cities around the state in an effort to handle the sheer volume of cases.

The mother’s age has been a matter of some debate as reports have stated both that she is under eighteen and exactly eighteen. According to a hospital spokesman, both the child and mother are doing well.

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21 thoughts on “Teen pregancy in San Marcos brings spotlight

  1. Everyone is shocked by the Austrian, who kept his daughter and children trapped in a basement for 24 years. These LDS fanatics are not so different. Why aren’t these men being prosecuted? What they have done is nothing less than white slavery, torture, and rape in the name of religion. Where is the condemnation from the Mormon leadership and members? The people doing the Lord’s work are the CPS officers who got those kids out of there and the foster care system taking care of them! Every one of these male polygamists should undergo forced sterilization and 18-21 years in prison for each child’s life they destroyed.

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  3. Are you a member of the Associated Press? You know you can’t just steal their stories and reprint them verbatim.

  4. Rick, if you were less of a blowhard and more of a thinker, you would realize that you don’t know anything about what these people did or didn’t do.

  5. Surely you are defending these antisocial, women and child abusing fanatics. Much can be told by the way the women all look alike and speak as though they have been brain washed. Where are the “men” that are responsible for their many wives and children? Good people must not be silent and allow these criminals to continue enslaving women and children! My heart goes out to the women and children. They are the true victims. Polygamists everywhere, at least in the United States, should be put on notice that spousal abuse, incest, and child molestation will not be tolerated. Our government has known for years what has been going on in these evil places and is going on in other areas of the U.S.

  6. Sarah is sadly mistaken. I am sorry for her name calling. Either way facts are facts. These people are isolated, tortured and this is generational. There are hardly any teenage boys on this compound. Wonder why? Thank God Texas people will advocate for these children God blesss the people helping the victims. Please do your homework so we can all better educate ourselves.

  7. Not defending anyone. Just saying Rick is obviously just running his mouth. For example, the polygamists are not Mormons. They are a faction that broke off from the Mormons more than 100 years ago over this very issue.

    I see Newstreamz took down the AP story they published without permission. Why aren’t the transparency people informing readers how it happened?

  8. OK I have preacher here reading your stuff Sarah and you are WRONG. They do consider themselves Mormons. Also What? about the transparency people? Girl why do you care about an AP story landing here soooo much?

  9. Not sure who the transparency people are, but the story was posted inadvertently when the wrong one was forwarded. I do appreciate the heads-up, but think the conspiracy theory is a bit over-the-top.

    On the subject of FDLS vs LDS and the “Mormon” terminology – both groups DO consider themselves “Mormon,” although they are two entirely different groups with a commonality being The Book of Mormon. It is no different than other religions that use the same books.

  10. It is not an issue of whether FLDS members consider themselves Mormons; they do. It’s a question of what message Rick conveys by saying Mormons should stand up and condemn polygamy etc. (which LDS doctrine does). He clearly meant the Salt Lake City-based Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. Not FLDS.

  11. I am writing under the specific suggestion “Speak your mind.” I am glad to do that and thankful for the opportunity, even if Sarah wishes to call me names, ridicule one miniscule point, and suggest that I am stupid. I encourage her to speak her mind too. If this is one of the 20 or 30 Sarahs from the polygamist’s group, I pray she escapes this evil cult and gets professional help. If she is a Mormon, I ask her to condemn polygamy and the abuse of these women and children. What inside information does she know “about what these people did or didn’t do.” Did she hear that the children didn’t think there was an age too young to marry? Did she hear about the children without birth documents and knowledge of how old they were? How young is too young to marry, Sarah? What should be done with these men who have more than one wife? What is the difference between these polygamists and the Austrian man who imprisoned and raped his daughter for 24 years?
    Mormons are big on excommunication of all gay people and pretty much anyone who disagrees with them. Have all of these polygamists been excommunicated? I have not heard one word from their exalted saints and living prophets in Salt Lake City about these evil people claiming to be Mormons. As a Christian, I am incensed and embarassed that they have the nerve to claim they are Christians, much less Mormons.

  12. If you haven’t heard thing about it, perhaps you are content in your ignorance and content to make sweeping statements about evil than learning about that which you condemn. By the way, I am no expert on LDS. I found these sites by Googling “are Mormons polygamists?” and spending about 30 minutes understanding. You’ve spent at least that long trying to write noble-sounding comments to cloak your underlying lack of information in your misinformed opinions.

    Here’s LDS’ spokesperson in Newsweek.

    And here’s a report from an ABC affiliate on LDS’ public repudiation of FLDS.

    “For the third time this month, the LDS Church is reminding people that Mormons are not polygamists.

    In response to continuing worldwide media coverage of the FLDS sect in Texas, the LDS Church is again drawing a distinction between what it believes and what the FLDS believe.”

    LDS has no more need to excommunicate members of a different church than, say, a Baptist church has the need to say some Episcopalian seen dancing or something is not a Baptist. LDS has excommunicated hundreds if not thousands of polygamists who CLAIM to be members of LDS, not a sect that considers itself the heir to the Mormon tradition.

  13. Unfortunately, June, these are different cases. I got this off of Yahoo. There’s a lot more, but I thought that in the interest of space and copyright, I’d just give a little bit. I never intended to call anyone a derogatory name and typed LDS rather than FLDS. It is time now, more than ever, to stand up and speak out for equality and love. People who are accoustomed to less than equality need our protection, love, and support.
    By WILLIAM J. KOLE, Associated Press Writer
    Wed Apr 30, 3:22 PM ET
    VIENNA, Austria – Police say Josef Fritzl left a lot of human wreckage in his wake: the daughter he imprisoned and raped for 24 years, the seven children he fathered with her and the wife whose life he shattered.


    Yet, for an atrocity that has stunned the world, he may wind up serving just 15 years in prison if charged, tried and convicted.

  14. I pray for Sarah. I cannot believe she has the audacity to throw spit balls at someone who clearly wants to stand up for the vitcims of this religious sect. Thank you Rick for your comments and concerns and for getting things out there to help better educate us.

  15. What is he doing to stand up for anyone? He’s spouting off in a blog. I try to make sure when I say something, it means something. Keep in mind that I’ve only deconstructed a single one of Rick’s claims. My point is that he should be humble, not all fiery with indignation at something he saw on the TV and doesn’t truly know anything about.

  16. Because you’ve done such a good job with that Sarah…
    You still seem like you are defending this cult. They are a cult, Warren Jeffes just didn’t convince them to drink the cool-aid. People need to be more willing to call out these cults for what they are. Just like species, societies can evolve, and we shouldn’t accept the subjugation and abuse of women and children, just because it is in someones “religious” believes. I’m sick of people hiding behind religion. Religion is not a reason to stop thinking. If you do, you’ve missed the point.

  17. The truth will come out. Several times now, Sarah has speculated on what I know or don’t know and how I did or didn’t learn it. Sarah has no idea who I am, where I’ve been, what I have seen/heard, or not seen/heard. She refuses to answer direct questions and seems bent on defending a practice with Bible verses that is extremely reprehensible to me and my beliefs of how we should treat one another and function as a society. After the holocaust, many Germans said, “We didn’t know.” I think they should have known, and indeed, many did. Who said that for evil to thrive, good people just need to do nothing? Sarah has already judged me as being “ignorant,” “a blowhard,” not “humble” and “obviously just running his mouth.” I venture to say that Miss Sarah has never heard my voice and is not really wanting to. What Sarah has failed to do is show any sympathy for the underaged mothers, women, and children brought up and isolated in this abusive “arrangement” or sect. There are some things and lifestyles that should not be tolerated when children’s safety and well being are concerned. It is up to everyone, you, me, Sarah, LDS, FLDS, AARP, and the Pope to speak out against these polygmists sects that treat women and children like slaves or property.

  18. This is exactly what I read into Sarahs comments and speculations. I happen to trust the people that do know Rick and from this I believe Rick has more insight into this and from his writings also understand he does care about the victims. I wish Sarah had something more to say then what she did.

  19. CASA Representative Eloise Hudson states that while the Eldorado FLDS polygamist case “has kind of been an eye-opening experience for Texans…we see this every day,” in an article by Ashley Landis in today’s S.M. Record. CASA has helped over 200 abused children in a four county-wide area and needs 550 more volunteers, which means there are 550 kids in our area who need court appointed advocates.
    Eye-opening indeed; heart breaking, too! Because CASA work is so highly confidential, we rarely hear about the wonderful and necessary work they do. We must find more ways to publicize this praiseworthy group and their need for volunteers. Cattycornered from CASA offices is the Hays County Justice Center, where today camera crews documented the guilty verdict of a heinous child abuser. It causes me to ask if situations and people are getting worse, or are we getting better at exposing the truth?
    The children’s mother, Sarah Amaya is in the Hays County Jail awaiting trial. This Sarah surely must have a sad story, but must also be held accountable for the abuse of her children by her own jury, just as Cesar Mojica was. I will not presume to know her story. The article said his lawyers argued that he was “incapable of realizing his conduct was wrong,” presumably because he had a history of abuse and was drunk most of the time. If that were accepted as a defense, could anyone be held accountable for anything?
    That brings us to the children. How many people knew something was wrong with Cesar, Sarah, the polygamists, or the Austrian Josef Fritzl and said or did nothing? How well do they sleep at night? They do not need me to hold a mirror up to them, but they must also take some responsibility. What is it about those who are so extremely judgmental, especially the religious fundamentalists? Interesting how much the Christian and Moslem Fundamentalists have in common. They both treat women and children like property and feel justified in hating, if not killing, gays, lesbians, and transgender people. Interesting also how silent Sarah and the many others who have read these communications are. Your silence speaks volumes.

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