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San Marcos DISD students currently in grades 8-12 and their parents are invited to participate in a series of workshops to help families prepare for college. The first meeting was March 25, 2008, and addressed the “How’s’ and Why’s of Getting into College” as part of college preparation. The second part of the series will be Tuesday, April 29, 2008 on the subject of “Funding College.” Guest speakers will be Grace Delgadillo, San Marcos High School Career Counselor, and Byron Kerr, a Texas State University Financial Aid Counselor. All workshops are from 6:00-8:30 pm in the SMHS cafeteria. Pizza and childcare are provided.

The third part of the series will be May 20, 2008, and will cover “College Life.”

The term First Generation is used for students whose parents did not graduate from a four year college, and the workshops’ slogans are “To Desire is to Achieve: Querer es Poder.”

All workshops are free to the public, and more information is available by calling 512-245-3838. The series are sponsored by Texas State University, P-16 Council, Upward Bound, Talent Search, and San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District.

Public Information Officer

Pictured above: Grace Delgadillo, SMHS Career Counselor

By Iris Campbell

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0 thoughts on “First Generation Pre-College Dialogue Series Continues at SMHS

  1. This sounds like an excellent program. I hope the turnout is strong, but I suspect you may have to do some of this during regular school hours, to reach more students.

    We had programs like this when I was in high school. They covered everything from figuring out admission requirements and deadlines (plus early admission) for various schools, to picking schools, filling out applications and who accepted the general application, to how to write essays, to how to interview, to the types of financial aid, to how and when to take the PSATs and SATs and how to prepare and how many times to take them and on and on and on.

    My perception was that it had many benefits and I know it helped me tremendously. Both of my parents went to college and I still got a ton of help from these classes. I can only imagine if neither of my parents had gone to college. There is just so much to know, I would not be surprised if college seems completely out of reach for many and this is just not the case.

    Thanks to everyone involved in this program.

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