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April 26th, 2008
Art on the Square

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The skies opened up Friday night, but by Saturday morning the visitors to Art on the Square were greeted with a palette of beautiful artistic works befitting the gorgeous weather that followed. A virtual tent city of vendors popped up all around the courthouse square filled with painting, drawings, jewelery, and much more.

Sponsored by the San Marcos Area Arts Council and Dormous Fantabulous, the event focused on showing off the artistic side of San Marcos. In addition, there was a Just for Fun Parade as well as the College Democrats rally and barbeque.


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0 thoughts on “Art on the Square

  1. Where are the photos of the 2008 Just for Fun Parade? How about the video taken? How is it that SMPD was not aware of a 30 year old tradition? And why was there no mention of the police blocking all lanes on CM Allen Parkway in an attempt to stop the parade?

  2. We are attempting to get statements and interviews related to the parade incident. Nobody from Newstreamz shot video, but we would post it up with the story if someone can make it available.

  3. It seems like a significant oversight on the part of the parade organizer, that she hadn’t called about parade permits “in a few years”.

    I’m not sure that I want to have any of my tax money spent on the police keeping track of groups who we *expect* to have parades or events and planning around those expectations, when no permits are requested and no plans are communicated to the police.

    Yeah, it would have been nice if the police had remembered and accommodated the parade, like they did (it seems) for the last “few years”, but the reality is, if the organizer was on top of things, the parade would have happened, as evidenced by the last 30 years of parades.

  4. Video was being shot by Dave Numan, who I saw aiming his shoulder-mounted NEWSTREAMZ camera directly at the policeman that had pulled in front of the parade to block it. Dave also shot a good deal of footage before the parade was launched, and proably has some decent footage of participants.

    The Just For Fun Parade was placed on a “permanent parade list” for the city of San Marcos a few years ago. Prior to that list each parade organizer had to cal in to confirm the status of the event. The organizers were told by the city they didn’t have to call in anymore. That’s what I heard.

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