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April 23rd, 2008
School Board Elections – David T. Castillo

David T. Castillo, high school teacher and coach, is running for election to the SMCISD school board for single member district one (1).

Castillo, a resident of the school district for ten years, has been teaching and coaching for at Del Valle High School for the last two years. Castillo has over twenty years of experience in education having taught and coached in the Giddings. Prarie Lea, and San Marcos school districts.

Castillo graduated from San Marcos High School in 1983 and graduated from Texas State University with a B.S. in Education in 1988.

For purposes of full disclosure, Castillo has numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins in school but has no relatives employed by our school district.

Castillo is running for school board because he is “very concerned about the drop out rate.” He is also concerned about “teacher morale and teacher retention” since we have a significant teacher turnover rate. Said Castillo, “I feel our community deserves better.”

The single biggest problem facing our school district for Castillo is “the drop out rate.” To handle the problem, Castillo “would hold everyone accountable – teachers, administrators. parents. we need to monitor our kids. we have too many kids not showing up for school.”

Castillo acknowledged that there is a perception that neighboring schools are better than ours. Castillo says that many times we are compared to districts with whom we should not be compared. To deal with the perception, Castillo said that “we need to hire the most qualified teachers. We need to concentrate on who is being hired.”

On the relationship between academics and sports, Castillo points out that “many kids wouldn’t be in school if they weren’t in athletics.” Castillo added that “I am a big fan of all extra-curricular activities.”

To deal with student growth in our district, Castillo says “we need to monitor every student and need to get them ready for the technology world.” The best way to deal with academic achievement differences, Says Castillo, is “to find out who are the students who are not performing well. We need to do a variety of things – numerous programs are needed.”

If Castillo could do one thing for our school district, it would be to open lines of communication among the school board, superintendent’s office, teachers and staff members.

Castillo says that the most critical part of the educational process in our community is “to get the parents to participate and be active in their children’s education. We need to educate the parents about education. We need to work to get them more active in their children’s education.”

In conclusion, Castillo said “our community is ready for change” and has a high level of excitement.” He hopes to be a part of that change.

School Board election early voting runs from April 28 to May 6. Election day is May 10. Please click here to get full information on times, dates, and places for early voting and election day voting for SMCISD school board elections.

The San Marcos Area League of Women Voters is holding a school board candidates debate on April 28.


Audio interview with David T. Castillo


To read about the rest of the District 1 nominees click their name:
Lee “Barry” Davis
Joe Castillo

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  3. Mr. Castillo, thanks for your willingness to run for such an important office within our community. Also, thanks for taking time from your campaign and work to visit with Newstreamz in an effort to let voters know your position on the current issues facing our school district and your vision for its future. Good luck in your campaign.

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