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The featured speaker for Sunday’s 2nd Annual Earthday Festival, at the Aquarena Center in San Marcos, was supposed to be US Congressman Lloyd Doggett, but he was unable to attend due to a cycling accident. Reportedly, the Congressman and his wife were cycling Sunday morning in Austin when the incident occurred. Doggett was in surgery Sunday afternoon, but the extent of his injuries have not been made public.

The Democratic Congressman has been a long supporter of environmental issues, including cycling. For his work protecting the environment, Doggett was honored in 2006 by the Texas League of Conservation Voters with its inaugural Environmental Champion Award.

By Chris Doelle

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0 thoughts on “Congressman Doggett sidelined by cycling accident

  1. Oh no! Congressman Doggett is a wonderful man with a wonderful heart the size of Texas. God bless him and his family at this time!
    I cannot go ride my bike on my own road, and I am never going to vote for another road project that doesn’t include bike lanes.
    As San Marcos grows, let us do so thoughtfully. Bicycles are a marvelous mode of transportation and exercise. I hope and pray a tragedy was averted in this incident.

  2. What’s up with this not being reported anywhere else? Hello, Statesman? Good job Chris! We need more info though.

  3. As a cyclist and environmentalist, I appreciate congressman Doggett’s support, and hope that San Marcos will eventually be more bikeable. Get better soon!

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