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After the bars closed on Tuesday night Riverstone On The Square was vandalized and left with a large hole in their front window panel. Riverstone on the Square, managed by Riverstone Community Church, was surprised to see the damage but this wasn’t the first time a shop window was broken on the square recently. January 9th, the front window at ZMedia was broken out in a drunken brawl.

Dan Olson, Manager at Zmedia state “This always happens after the bars close, our window got hit last month. We need more police in the square after the bars close, this hard on small businesses. Each glass panel cost us 800 dollars to replace and it comes out of our pockets.”

The church which launched in January, 2005 has 65 member/partners and usually an attendance of 120-130 most services. In addition to services, the location is used for concerts and fraternity formals.

Jason Bollinger, Pastor, drove by early and saw the damage first.

Associate Pastor, Brian Guenther later said, “This is our first time hit by vandalism in San Marcos. I will have to turn this damage over to my landlord.”

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0 thoughts on “Vandals Hit Riverstone on the Square

  1. I would remind everyone to not associate the time of the unfortunate incident with the actual bar goers. There has been a large number of vandalism occurances around this town and especially around the square that is not the bar going college kids, but local punks with no parents and nothing better to do than destroy other peoples property. Just look at all of the grafiti. The reason it always happens after the bars close is because thats when nobody is around, including the cops. Again, I sympathise with the business and property owner, as I too have experienced vandalism. However, lets not always be so hasty to blame it on the bars.

  2. I didn’t see anyone blaming college kids.

    I think I see people crying “don’t blame the college kids” more than I see people actually blaming the college kids.

    All I saw was a comment that this always happens after the bars close and we need more police on the square after the bars close.

    You seem to agree.

  3. Ted,

    I am not “crying” about anything. However, I’m sure that you can agree that the assumption by most will be to blame the bar goers because that is what was mentioned. That was my only point. And you are right, it is just as unfair to blame locals. Who ever it was, lets just agree that their a bunch of lawless punks who deserve what karma will eventually give them.

  4. I don’t mean crying like “boo hoo”. I mean crying, like a battle cry.

    Most may blame the people in the bars and in the previous case cited, it was found to be people from the bars.

    Locals go to the bars too. My point is that I don’t see anyone blaming the students, so let’s not turn this into another overblown “us vs. them” nightmare.

  5. Ya. We surely have enough of those.. And this was never about the university or the town. I was taking up for the bars, not college kids. But ya, we don’t need anymore polarizing nightmares like those going on in the home rental scene these days. Agreed. And its been a pleasure blogging with you sir.

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