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April 10th, 2008
Senate hopeful Rick Noriega stops in San Marcos

By Amanda Oskey

Democratic senate hopeful Rick Noriega addressed supporters in San Marcos on Wednesday evening. About 50 people joined the San Marcos Area Democrats to welcome Noriega at the Saltgrass Steakhouse.

Noriega sealed the democratic U.S. Senate nomination by winning a four-way democratic primary race without a runoff. He received about 56 percent of the vote in Hays County, and 51 percent overall.

“I really came here to say thank you,” said Noriega,

Republican John Cornyn carried the county’s vote in his election to senate in 2002. In this year’s March 4 primary, democrats turned out 2 to 1 to republicans to cast a ballot.

“Texans have had enough,” added Noriega, “We have not had representation in D.C. for the working families of Texas.”

Noriega addressed the questions of crowd including many regarding the Middle East. He said U.S. invasions and unilateral actions have complicated the region, and ultimately made us less safe.

Immigration was also a hot topic on the minds of supporters. Noriega said the current system is broken, but he’s not sure people want to fix it. “It’s about cheap labor and creating a political wedge by in-sighting fear and intolerance.”

When asked by the crowd, what can we do for your campaign? Noriega jokingly pulled out a contribution envelope, and laughed.

“We need the people,” he said, “Cornyn has the money, we have the hearts.”

For more information on Rick Noriega for Texas, visit

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0 thoughts on “Senate hopeful Rick Noriega stops in San Marcos

  1. I believe Rep. Noriega got 51 percent of the votes in the primary against three unknown challengers. Where did you get the information that it was 56 percent?


    It was supposed to say 56% in HAYS COUNTY. He did get 51% overall.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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