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April 9th, 2008
Editorial: Bill Peterson

By Bill Peterson

The so-called Court of Public Opinion rarely makes its findings as clear as District Judge Robert Pfeuffer late last month in the matter of Nick Ramus vs. Hays County.

We’ll see how the Court of Pubic Opinion reacts to this one, because public opinion has a unique opportunity to express itself in November.

Ramus is a San Marcos caterer and restaurateur who has fought the county for years over his septic permit. A two-acre property on Old Bastrop Highway, which Ramus hopes to open as Texas Heritage Kitchen, was platted in 1977 with a 1,400-gallon septic system. When the county tightened its septic regulations under new development regulations in 1997, Ramus argued that his On-Site Septic Facility (OSSF) permit should be grandfathered under the old regulations.

In 2005, the county granted Ramus his permit. But the new court revoked that permit in April 2007. The revocation raised eyebrows, considering that it was a pet issue of County Judge Liz Sumter’s political allies. Precinct 1 Commissioner Debbie Ingalsbe (D-San Marcos) and Precinct 4 Commissioner Karen Ford (D-Dripping Springs) voted with Sumter in a 3-2 decision.

Meanwhile, the two minority commissioners were fierce in their opposition. Precinct 3 Commissioner Will Conley (R-San Marcos) called the revocation “un-American,” while Precinct 2 Commissioner Jeff Barton (D-Kyle) said he believed the county put itself on shaky legal ground.

The matter further rankled Barton when a constituent of his, Florinda Martinez, needed a variance in February so she could install a septic system on her residential property, which hadn’t been properly platted. As if to argue for consistency with their vote on Ramus, the same court majority voted to decline the variance for Martinez. An exasperated Barton complained that the court sold out a little old lady over politics.

Last June, Ramus sued the county, arguing that commissioners acted illegally by revoking his permit. On March 26, Pfeuffer issued his ruling in a one-page letter to the attorneys for both sides, granting the summary judgment for Ramus.

The county, which already has spent a mountain on legal fees, could appeal. But now it is an overtly political issue. Ramus filed in early January, without opposition, to run for Ingalsbe’s seat on the Republican ticket. Ramus will certainly campaign against Ingalsbe on the basis of her vote that the district court over-turned.

But even if Ramus is right on this one, according to the district court, it remains to be seen how the Court of Public Opinion will respond through the course of this campaign. Ingalsbe is a three-term commissioner with a stable political organization. Ramus is a relative unknown.

The district court has spoken. Perhaps, an appellate court will speak on the matter later. And, perhaps, the Court of Public Opinion, speaking through election results, won’t agree with either one.

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85 thoughts on “Editorial: Bill Peterson

  1. This court case is an embarrassment to the citizens of Hays County!!! It is absolutely absurd to see the judge and her cronies buck the rules of Hays County to serve their own political interests. It is too bad it comes out of the pockets of the honest and hard working citizens of Hays County.

  2. The link worked for me. O’Dell writes well but I’d like to see a link to the regulation that requires 24 acres for a commercial septic system in Hays County. That just doesn’t sound right.

  3. Well, it’s a slow night I guess so I’ve spent some time surfing around on this Nick Ramus story. Man, what a goldmine. I recommend for Nick’s side of the story. Google Ramus, Nick hays county for some of the other stuff. This is all going on right over by the new high school on Old Bastrop Hwy.

  4. Charles O’Dell touts “To read a factual account of this issue go to”

    Not one of his so called facts are factual. Charles O’Dell and Carolynn Logan had a perfect opportunity to bring their so called facts to court. They could have brought their witnesses, pictures, captured conversations that supported their case. They even touted to the judge in court about their facts. The judge interruped their volatile verbal ejaculations. The judge required that their turbid protestations be supported by evidence.

    No evidence was forthcoming by their attornies that support their wild and viscious accusations verbally ejaculated in court, given to the county district attorney, ranted to TCEQ or made on their website.

    They have been weighed and measured and their claims were found to be without merit or proof. By the way, it came out in court when asked how much money the county has spent trying to run me out of business. Not including court costs that run into $150,000 range, the county has spent $500,000 in services, labor to put me out of business.

  5. That’s ok, it’s just county money, it doesn’t belong to anyone. It’s $500,000 out of our pocket to support the commissioner Ingalsbe campaign against you.

  6. well hell if we where worried about money we should have voted for somebody else. Everyone knows that our County Judgette Ms. Sumnter or whatever the @#$@&Y%$@Y& she calls herself today, needs to pay off her supporters and take care of her needs like O’dell and Logan. So if you dont like it TOUGH. Either run her off or quit complaining. She is the Judge and if you dont beleive me just as………………………. sorry you have to finish the ending.

  7. I’ve done a bit more snooping around. Seems that Odell’s claim that it would take 24 acres for Ramus to have his system is wrong. It’s more complicated than that but it would be much less acreage. Ramus was not convicted of the nuisance charge. Corrective measures were taken by Ramus and charges were dropped on appeal. At this point I dont find Odell believable.

  8. OK Snoopy, tell us how to calculate required acreage according the our Hays County OSSF Rules, and post your calculations. Be sure to cite the relevant OSSF Rules.

    Of course Ramus was convicted and the charges weren’t dropped. Public records show that the appeal was dropped after Ramus agreed to clean up his property and pay the fine. If the charge were dropped why did he pay the fine?

  9. You first Chuck. You claimed 24 acres. I’ve seen a fair number of septic served commercial properties (including restaurants) and developed a few myself and the 24 acre number didn’t pass the smell test (so to speak).

    If the charges were dropped is that a conviction?

  10. There Ramus goes again with his diatribes and outlandish embellishments. Read the pleadings and evidence that Ramus says isn’t there. You will quickly find nothing inaccurate in my statement. Let’s take it from the top:

    “The judge interruped (sic) their volatile verbal ejaculations.” Only four individuals spoke at the hearing: Judge Pfeuffer and three attorneys. The court transcript confirms this. Ramus makes up his facts. We rely on official documents.

    Ramus was a cook at Texas State until he was fired in 2000. This is easy to verify, although it wasn’t particularly relevant to this case. His pleading and the allegations in the pleading are on file in at the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas Austin Division Clerk’s office for Civil Action No: A O2CA O58 JN. This is the suit Ramus filed claiming age and race discrimination. He has a history of calling people racists.

    The March 14, 2002 official citation for a residential system failing on his property based on the fact that sewage was surfacing is exhibit A-4 to the Intervenor’s Motion for Summary Judgment. This citation was for Ramus’ address but was made out to Juanita Camereno, who is Ramus’ friend (girl-friend, live-in, common-law-wife?).

    The fact that Ramus filed his first application for a commercial permit in 2002, over five years after the 1997 rules were adopted is part of Ramus’ evidence, and a copy of that first application is attached to the deposition that Ramus’ attorney put in the record.

    Ramus’ commercial size septic system requires 24 acres under the 1997 rules (These rules can be found online at the Hays County web site.). Table III to the state septic rules (30 TAC § 285.91(3)), says that a restaurant should have 35 gallons per day per seat as a baseline estimate for a restaurant disposal system.

    Ramus asked for 100 seats and two seatings per day. That calculates to 7000 g/p/d.

    Hays County Environmental Health Department (EHD) simply accepted Ramus’ reports of “similar restaurants” that grossly underestimates the requirement at 1400 g/p/d.

    EHD also failed to make the proper calculations for Mandola’s restaurant, and now Mandola is spending a fortune pumping and hauling the waste off the property until they can get a properly sized system installed.

    Under Hays County rule 10.1(a)(3)(B) a commercial business is required to have one acre for each 350 g/p/d of disposal capacity. You can do the math, but even the lowball Ramus estimate requires four acres, not including the one acre required for his existing residential system.

    The other objections such as not having an offset for the power line, and the fact that Ramus doesn’t even own the property, are right there for anyone interested in facts to read.

    The letter from EHD revoking the permit in January of 2007, due to problems with the system and before Ramus ever used it, is Exhibit A-7 to Intervenor’s Motion for Summary Judgment.

    A copy of Ramus’ conviction for Public Nuisance was attached as exhibit A-5 to Intervenor’s Objections and Reply. Ramus’ plea sheet claiming to be indigent is included, along with county tax records showing Ramus has paid property taxes on his “million dollar” property as if it were worth less than one twentieth that amount is also attached to that document as Exhibit A-2.

    The Martinez variance is similarly easy to confirm. The EHD citation based on the neighbor’s complaint about raw sewage running across the property is available from the Hays County EHD, and the lack of any proposed alternative system in the variance request, as required by the rules, is obvious from the public record of the hearings.

    It is all well and good for Ramus to spout off about a lack of evidence, but to lie about the public record and the filings in a public forum is just more of the same from this guy. Check the public records and then decide who is telling the truth.

  11. Snoopy says: “It’s more complicated than that but it would be much less acreage.”

    More than two acres?

    Snoopy says: “If the charges were dropped is that a conviction?”

    Go argue with Judge Rodriquez and the jury who convicted Ramus, and the Hays County Court Clerk who produced the official court conviction document.

  12. Charles O’Dell can’t get anything right. You lost in court for the same reasons you will lose overall. You attack people with lies. Nobody has the time to constantly check your erroneous facts. All we have to do is realize once that your words cannot be trusted on even the smallest of accusations. I was always Executive Chef at Chartwells, I was hired as Executive Chef by Professional Food Services Management in 1982 which was bought out by Chartwells. Produce your proof I was fired in 2000. You can’t because I was not fired. If you can’t get the smallest fact correct how wrong are your biggest facts?

  13. I find it odd that TCEQ, the Texas Agency that gives authority to counties for their effluence activities found under internal audit with the Hays Environmental Health Department no errors or discrepencies in the Hays EHD activities. They also looked over my file with a fine toothed comb and found no irregularities, problems or wrong doing. In a letter to Debbie Ingalsbe the Legal Department explained to Debbie in 2006 that my system was built properly and in accordance with Hays County Regulations. Sumter and Ford were appraised of this decision by TCEQ legal department and yet they still went ahead in closed session along with Ingalsbe, without notice to me or my attorney that they would decide to revoke my legal septic permit under their decision that my system did not follow the codes as they saw fit. It is this decision by Sumter, Ford and Ingalsbe to revoke my permit that the District Court saw fit to overturn unequivically. Still Charles O’Dell if flashing the same arguments that failed to bring them success in court onto the public forum.

    What is even worse is that Ingalsbe, Ford and Sumter chose the fiction of Charles O’Dell over the decisions of their own EHD staff, the staff at TCEQ and legal counsel to allow my permit. Maybe they are just smarter than the rest of us or maybe we are just not making steps to fall into line with their arguments?

  14. I still think it is interesting that Hays County will spend $500,000 on this issue!!! I think it is a huge waste of county funds. We have larger issues in this county like ROADS! It again seems as if the personal agendas of a few are dictating the use of our tax dollars!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. One of the first rules of credible posting is to cite your source. I identify specific official documents from which I obtain my information. No other poster has done this.

    Remember the first rule of credible positing.

    Ramus claims he wasn’t fired from Chartwell’s Inc.

    On page 5 of his federal court complaint (A 02CA 058 JN), one of two reliefs he requested was, “Re-instate wages lost.” Can Ramus explain to us the conditions under which he lost wages?

    Ramus writes, “They (TCEQ) also looked over my file with a fine toothed comb and found no irregularities, problems or wrong doing.” Which specific TCEQ document is he referencing? Did he receive a letter to that effect from TCEQ? Will Ramus identify his source document so others can check his credibility?

    Ramus has claimed (in official documents) that he is Caucasian, Native American and Hispanic. For example, he is Caucasian for his divorce, but Native American in his Chartwell’s suit. His ancestry seems to change according to his circumstances.

    Ramus and Susan Delgado have both made outlandish and unsubstantiated statements. Can either identify the official document or county source that substantiates a claim the county has spent $500,000 on this issue?

    Why should anyone believe what is posted if the source isn’t identified?

    I have identified the official documents substantiating what I post. No one else has. Why not?

    The first rule of credible posting is to identify your source.

  16. For God’s sake O’Dell. Time to switch to decaf or something.

    First off I didn’t know there was an Emily Post section regarding the etiquette of posting on the internet…the home of unsubstantiated claim. If you expected something different then you deserve the disappointment that is bound to be yours. However, the county has spent a great deal of time and money (I am very interested in the exact amount) regarding one septic permit. As a dedicated public watchdog perhaps you can provide those figures. You file FOIA requests over dang near everything else so one more should not be too much of a burden.

    Furthermore, why such a vindictive and petty attitude towards Nick Ramus? You seem to got way out of your way to drag his name through the mud. By all appearances you take a measure of delight in attempting to humiliate him (questioning his heritage, posting personal information, personal attacks, etc) over one septic permit. Granted, you are somewhat spunky in your zealous pursuit of this case, but this is bordering on obsession…and a very ugly one at that.

    You strike me as an unpleasant little man O’Dell, unpleasant and bitter, again, over one septic permit. The man is just trying to earn a living, yet you insist on being a bully, and an unbelievably ineffective one at that. I’m just trying to figure out why. What did this man do to you personally that deserves this level of vehemence? Did he run over your dog? Pour sugar in your gas tank?

    What is your stake in this? Could it be that Ramus is running against Debbie Ingalsbe and if she lost you would lose a good pal on the court? I mean if I stood to lose a friend like that in such a position of authority I’d be a little miffed too.

    Come on O’Dell. Inquiring minds would like to know.

  17. First off Sean, do you need to keep your identity secret? Why not post your full name like others have? Are you really Ramus posting under a fictitious name or just someone who doesn’t want to be accountable for what you post? I understand more about your post than you might expect.

    And don’t try your cheap tricks on me. I requested that Ramus provide a source for his outrageous and unsubstantiated claim about how much the county has spent on defending its health and safety authority, and you try to avoid the issue by asking me to provide the information that Ramus should provide to support his claim.

    Nick Ramus is running for public office in Hays County and inquiring minds want to know if what he says in public is true. He is simply being asked to document his public claims. How is that being petty or vindictive? Just another diversion tactic. It won’t work.

    According to official documents our organization has obtained through open records, Ramus hasn’t told the truth, and we have identified those documents. Further, we have offered to post them online. Ramus won’t even identify any documents to substantiate his public claims. What’s Ramus hiding?

    If Ramus cannot stand public scrutiny regarding his telling the truth then why should anyone vote for him? All anyone on this thread knows about Ramus has been documented by me. Ramus has only offered claims that he refuses to document, and only engages in banter and evasion.

    Documented Facts:
    – Ramus was Caucasian when he divorced his wife.
    – Ramus was Native American when he sued his employer.
    – Ramus hasn’t posted how much acreage his commercial septic system requires under the law. We did and provided the source and calculations.
    – Ramus won’t identify any document to substantiate his claim that TCEQ reviewed his Hays County Environmental Health Department file and found nothing lacking.
    – Ramus is a convicted public nuisance.
    – Hays County Sheriff’s Department removed dying animals from the Ramus two acres on behalf of the Humane Society

    Has anyone driven by the infamous two acres for the proposed Texas Heritage Kitchens? Would you take your spouse to eat there if it were operating?

    Why doesn’t Ramus post his sources?

  18. I drove by expecting the worst but I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. It’s no Taj Mahal but it ain’t no scrap yard either. I figured the neighbor must be using this septic issue to run off some type of junk dealer but really doesn’t look that bad. Part of the risk of living in the unincorporated county is that pretty much anything can go in next to you. That’s why I moved away from Don Nellie’s fish camp. I’d love to know the real reason this neighbor (and O’Dell) are so energized against Ramus. It’s got to be more than what we’re hearing.

  19. Hey, way to not answer anything!

    My name actually is Sean. My last name has nothing to do with any of this. I’m not Nick Ramus. I don’t know Nick Ramus nor have I ever met him. I’m just another citizen of Hays County. I have been for many years. The questions speak for themselves. Just answer them. They aren’t that scary are they?

    Is this how you operate? Someone throws something back at you and this is the best you can do? Quite disappointing. Once again, what’s your stake in all this? What do you have to gain or lose? Why are you taking one septic permit so personally? You might call them cheap tricks but to me, and probably a great many others, it’s a perfectly valid question.

    And what is it about my post that you claim to “understand”? There wasn’t a lot of subtext to it. I asked what your stake in all this was, why are you so passionate? I believe I also called you unpleasant and an ineffective bully (something I stand by even more now)and that’s a pretty straightforward opinion as well.

    And it is petty and vindictive to engage in the kind of smear and sleaze you seem to delight in. What does his race have to do with a septic tank? What does his employment history have to do with a septic tank? I thought the issue was a septic tank, and while many of your “arguments” doubtless belong in one, the issue fails to match the passion you seem to have.

    Unless, of course, you have other interests. I’m not saying you do, mind you. I don’t know you either. I just know what I see and I might “understand” more than you give me credit. However, if you’re this invested in a septic tank perhaps you need a hobby.

    Just answer the questions O’Dell. If you can’t explain your stake in this or why you are taking it so personally, then I can’t think of a single reason to take you or anything you say seriously.

  20. Hey Phil H,
    When you were visiting the Ramus site did you see his “million dollar” property that he swore in court documents he owned? No Taj Mahal you posted.

    So who do you believe, Ramus who just says its so or the Hays County Appraisal District?

    Let me make this easy for you.

    Go to:

    Click on PropertyID Search (on the left side)

    Enter: R14459 in the box.

    You should see THK PROPERTIES LLC with an appraisal value of $58,890

    Now click on the blue underlined R14459 to see all the details of the Ramus “million dollar” property located at 2511 S Old Bastrop Hwy, San Marcos, Texas 78666

    Ramus transferred his two acre property to THK Properties LLC, a limited liability corporation of which he supposedly owns 70%.

    You wrote: “I’d love to know the real reason this neighbor (and O’Dell) are so energized against Ramus.”

    OK, it’s about two issues. The first issue is whether Hays County can and will enforce state public health and safety codes it adopted to protect all of our citizens. According to state law, Ramus doesn’t have enough land for a second septic system. He already has a residential septic for his mobile home that THK Properties LLC owns.

    The second issue has to do with his campaign for county commissioner. It’s about character and integrity.

    Ramus claimed to be indigent in a court pleading filed in January of 2005, and then sworn under oath that close to $1,000,000 is invested in this “restaurant”. Of course this is relevant to his integrity and should be aired and discussed.

    Ramus has called his neighbor a racist on his website and in the newspapers. The neighbor lives downstream and at immediate risk from Ramus undersized septic system on too little acreage. It’s incredible that now I am being accused of the very tactic Ramus uses against his retired neighbor without any concern or repercussion. Indeed, since we don’t know what “race” Ramus is, it’s difficult to imagine how he could be discriminated against on that basis.

    The nuisance conviction, and Mr. Ramus proclivity to sue his employer, and then the County, is also of concern and important to his qualifications to be part of the County’s OSSF permitting function.

    If you still don’t get it that Ramus is a charade then go to:

    and click on March 16, 2008 on the left side. Read a Clear and Present Danger.

  21. Hey Phil H,
    When you were visiting the Ramus site did you see his “million dollar” property that he swore in court documents he owned? No Taj Mahal you posted.
    So who do you believe, Ramus who just says its so or the Hays County Appraisal District?
    Let me make this easy for you.
    Go to:
    Click on PropertyID Search (on the left side)
    Enter: R14459 in the box.
    You should see THK PROPERTIES LLC with an appraisal value of $58,890
    Now click on the blue underlined R14459 to see all the details of the Ramus “million dollar” property located at 2511 S Old Bastrop Hwy, San Marcos, Texas 78666
    Ramus transferred his two acre property to THK Properties LLC, a limited liability corporation of which he supposedly owns 70%.
    You wrote: “I’d love to know the real reason this neighbor (and O’Dell) are so energized against Ramus.”
    OK, it’s about two issues. The first issue is whether Hays County can and will enforce state public health and safety codes it adopted to protect all of our citizens. According to state law, Ramus doesn’t have enough land for a second septic system. He already has a residential septic for his mobile home that THK Properties LLC owns.
    The second issue has to do with his campaign for county commissioner. It’s about character and integrity. Ramus claimed to be indigent in a court pleading filed in January of 2005, and then sworn under oath that close to $1,000,000 is invested in this “restaurant”. Of course this is relevant to his integrity and should be aired and discussed.
    Ramus has called his neighbor a racist on his website and in the newspapers. The neighbor lives downstream and at immediate risk from Ramus undersized septic system on too little acreage. It’s incredible that now I am being accused of the very tactic Ramus uses against his retired neighbor without any concern or repercussion. Indeed, since we don’t know what “race” Ramus is, it’s difficult to imagine how he could be discriminated against on that basis. The nuisance conviction, and Mr. Ramus proclivity to sue his employer, and then the County, is also of concern and important to his qualifications to be part of the County’s OSSF permitting function.
    If you still don’t get it that Ramus is a charade then go to:
    and click on March 16, 2008 on the left. Read a Clear and Present Danger.

  22. I don’t know the context where Ramus claimed to have a “$1,000,000” property but a property owner seldom agrees with the appraisal district on the value of a property. As for Ramus running for office, you were all over him before he announced. Now if I was the neighbor I might be concerned about Ramus opening a beer joint or a busy restaurant and that’s a valid fear but why not just say so?

  23. Oh my – haven’t had this much fun reading a blog in a long time. My grandson introduced me to blogs and they are wonderful and entertaining.

    I have not met Mr.O’Dell nor do I wish to. Just from reading this thread it appears that Mr. O’Dell is a highly educated “nut case”. I don’t remember electing him to any position of oversight?

    I do look forward to future threads where he is exposed for his malicious attacks on innocents while defending me from the evils of developers. My goodness what a Herculean task he has taken upon himself.

    I will not be following the links provided by Mr. O’Dell because – who cares? I got the giggles when thinking of all his time squandered on this Don Quixote quest. I am so glad that Mr. Ramus won in court and is allowed to pursue his dream. I do not reside in his district but would certainly vote for him if I could.

    Thank you to all the contributors for the entertainment – cheaper than an afternoon at the movies.

    This internet business is wonderful.


  24. Hey Chuck,

    Looks like more and more people are starting to see you for who and what you are. Keep it up. The more you say the more you expose your transparent your need for attention and propensity to engage in libel.

    What is becoming tremendously clear is your paranoia. Isn’t this the third time you have accused another blogger of being someone other than who they purport to be. That’s some nutty stuff your throwing out there for the whole world to see. Face it, there are a lot more people out there that can see through your bs than what you apparently are capable of believing.

    As for your assertions about Ramus and the septic tank saga, all I can think to say is SCOREBOARD! Ramus won in court. The County Judge and you along with her LOST. I guess you will have to think twice before your next attempt to use your influence over a public official to intimidate and harass a private citizen.

    BTW – your website is pretty pathetic. Nevertheless, I’m sure that creating a forum to have a one-sided conversation on these matters during the election is what you intended. It sort of reminds me of Kyle Klips but with improved grammar. Hmmm.

    Todd Webster

  25. I’m not going to re-read all this again, because unlike some of the other posters, I don’t really find it particularly entertaining.

    I will say that Mr. O’Dell appears to be posting specific data points with citations and links to many of them. On the other side, I see little more than personal attacks.

    I have no idea who is right, because the issue does not concern me enough to go look any of this stuff up. I know who sounds more credible though.

    If I were one of the folks on the side of Mr. Ramus, I’d post more facts and fewer attacks.

    Honestly, has anyone been swayed since high school by comments like “SCOREBOARD”?

    Also, people posting multiple comments under multiple handles is far from unprecedented or even uncommon in online forums and suspecting this might be happening is far from nutty.

    What is amazing to me, is that this issue has been brought up on this site over and over again and it wasn’t until this article and the subsequent comments that I was even able to discern what was going on.

    Maybe I am just slow, but I suspect that there are many of us who have been seeing this pop up here and there and scratching our heads, thinking WTF?

    It doesn’t help that my introduction to Mr. O’Dell was a writer from this site dedicating an article to the idea that he is “bat-shit crazy” or something along those lines.

    I’m here for news. More facts and less emotion, please.

  26. Thanks Bill Peterson for taking the time to actually explain the issues in a clear and coherent voice and initiating the first (somewhat) meaningful dialog I have seen on the subject.

  27. One of the more compelling features of this new media, as we shift away from newspapers, is the instant feedback. The vendor (Newstreamz) gets to know instantly what the customer wants. If this little Ramus/O’Dell soap opera is bringing hits it seems incumbent upon the vendor to follow up. That said, what I’d like to have is some follow-up on the pages O’Dell is citing. I’ve heard it said that he depends on us not having the energy or time to surf the web or trudge down to the courthouse or file an FOI because the docs don’t really say exactly what he claims. Maybe O’dell would just save us the trouble and post .pdf docs on his site so we could all read for ourselves. It does seem pretty clear though that Ramus has prevailed in court. I don’t know Judge Pfueffer but I trust him more than I trust RAmus or O’Dell.

    And for the record, I’ve never posted under any other name. I don’t know of another site like this that requires your name. I know it keeps it civil but it also reduces participation. I think I prefer anonymous but moderated.

  28. Those of us who have watched O’Dell’s use of his so-called facts and documents aren’t impressed by them. He showed up in Commissioners Court one week with a photograph of the WRONG house to prove to the Court that they shouldn’t issue a variance for a septic permit to F. Martinez. Facts and figures can be used in a deceptive way. Besides, isn’t this a blog? Where people state their opinions on a subject?

    I find it sad that O’Dell’s activism is so often corrupted by what appears to be elitism. His fear of septic systems and Ramus prevented a poor working family here in Kyle from obtaining a much-needed variance to get a permit to install a septic. They worked hard to build their own home, with their own hands. When it came time to put in the septic system, they couldn’t get a permit because O’Dell blocked it with his so-called facts. Only they were the wrong facts. Now they will have to pay additional money to get the property subdivided before they can get the septic installed. Meanwhile, the family continues to live apart with friends and relatives.

    They are a poor, working class Hispanic family. They have never claimed, to my knowledge, to be Native American or Caucasian. But they did have a real need for an exception to the rules. But you need to clear exceptions to the rules with O’Dell before you go asking the Commissioners.

    Now, this really isn’t O’Dell’s fault. It is the fault of the Commissioners who listen to him. Because they make the decisions. Or at least they should.

    I guess if O’Dell could just show a little compassion now and then, I might be able to believe he really cared about something other than himself. But I just haven’t seen it yet. It’s always about O’Dell and his opinion, and whether he is right or wrong. And trust me, in his mind, he is ALWAYS right. That’s just not healthy.

    I keep a Nietsche quote on my mirror to remind myself of the consequences of becoming too overtaken with my latest quest:
    The man who fights too long against dragons, becomes a dragon himself.

    I also keep another reminder from an anonymous source: We are who we protect, who we stand up for.
    Does this make O’Dell a septic tank?

  29. Hi Todd,

    After getting the Kyle City Council to waste $20,000 of taxpayer money to intimidate the Kyle Klips citizens, I thought you had resigned from city council and moved to Ohio to be with your wife and children, and to care for your father.

    What are you doing posting on the rag website? Did Commissioner Jeff Barton put you up to it?

    Did you get your job back in Gov. Perry’s office?

    You need to get back to work. As president of HaysCAN (a non-profit government watchdog group) it’s my job to inform the public and sometimes it requires dealing with bad faith posters like most of those here.


    Good to hear from you.

  30. Where do you get the figure of $20,000 O’Dell? Can you document that?

    At least the money the Kyle City Council spent got some results. The Texas Ethics Commission ruled that the publishers of Kyle Klips violated State Election Laws. Check out the final ruling at:

    It’s certainly more than what the county taxpayers got for the Ramus case.

    And campaigns in Kyle since then in Kyle have been fair and run on the up and up.

    FYI. It’s rumored Todd Webster will be running in the future for the position of County Judge. But I wouldn’t worry too much, I think we’re swinging back to becoming a Democratic County again.

  31. The Bartonistas are here! The Bartonistas are here!

    Hi Lila,

    Who sent you, Bob or Jeff Barton?

    You tell a hearth warming story but you leave out some important details.

    Commissioner Barton misled his court colleagues with the skimpy agenda backup and tried to make then believe he was just representing his constituents.

    Turns out they live in Precinct 1 and Barton had to go looking for someone he could use to help the Ramus case which he supports, at the expense of restricting county authority to protect the public health and safety. I just blew the whistle on him.

    But I’m not asking anyone to take my word as you are. Readers can go to the Hays County government website and see a video of the proceedings for themselves.

    Select 2008 and then January 29, 2008. Once loaded slide the view bar at the bottom to about 25 minutes, sit back and enjoy the show.

    Am I the only one who recognizes that the posters have come to the aid of Ramus who is running for commissioners’ court but he needs to post here under at least three other handles? Is that any qualification for public office?

    Nice hearing from you Lila. I would have suggested that you were “in bed” with the Barton’s but I’m concerned that you would not understand my meaning and embarrass yourself again.

  32. Charles are you saying that because my mother’s nickname was Hattie that I posted under the nom de plume Hattie McCoy? My generation knew my mother’s name as Harriet. Sorry to disappoint you but I have only used my own name to post on this website. Another wasted effort on your part Charles, more of your conspiracy mindset?

    We used facts that came out in court where they are properly vetted. Because of those facts I won my case and Charles lost his.

    Charles, you are beating a dead horse? Don’t you think it’s time for you to try and bully someone else?

    Ted Marchut, if you would like to discuss the legal issues of my case I would not seek such facts on an opinion website. Never seek facts from Charles O’Dell because he can’t get the simplest detail correct.

    You can go to my website and get alot of facts, we have the documentation to back up those facts but this is not the forum for such facts.

    Charles O’Dell, Carolynn Logan, Judge Sumter, Commissioners Debbie Ingalsbe and Karen Ford lost in District Court where the facts of both sides of the case were presented weighed and measured without emotional bias by Judge Pfeuffer.

  33. I’m sorry.

    I thought this was Newstreamz, not fictionstreamz.

    I have enough websites to visit already, despite how impartial “stophayspowergrab” sounds.

    Thanks, though.

    I will look to other threads for facts. Fortunately, as I stated before, this issue does not concern me. If it concerns others, they should stick to facts, if their goal is to convince people to support their position.

    If that is not the goal, then by all means, continue with the exercise. Obviously some are entertained.

  34. Hold your horese! This is not in the least entertaining for me. I have stood up, fought for and won my civil rights to operate my business and develop my property under the rules and regulations of the State of Texas and Hays County. Newstreamz blog is the court of public opinion not a court of law. I won my csse in District Court. You can contact my attorney and pay for his time to get all of our documents that pertained to winning our case to you so that you can have the same documents that Judge Pfeuffer had at his disposal in order to understand his judgement this case.

    I fought against slander, libel and the miscarraige of justice coming from the other side. I did not go through all of this for anyone’s entertainment value. I did it for my rights and for the rights of all Hays County citizens. If I did not fight and win this case the rights of every citizen in Hays County would now be held at the vageries and arbitrary whim of Commissioner’s Court and the likes of Charles O’Dell, Judge Sumter, Commissioners Debbie Ingalsbe and Karen Ford.

    Both Commissioners Barton and Conly Deserve Medals for staunchly standing up to Charles O’Dell and Judge Sumter in this and other cases under threat of smear campaigns by O’Dell and Sumter’s political hacks.

  35. Nick, the “entertaining” comment was for those who have posted nothing but bait here and who have even commented on how “fun” and “entertaining” this is.

    I don’t need to go anywhere or pay anyone. If someone wants to convince me, they can use facts and cite their sources. If they don’t want to convince me, they can post insults and bait.

    If, by some chance, I wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and think “My God, what really happened with that whole septic tank thing?”, then I will go dig up the facts myself.

    That day has not come and I don’t expect that it will.

    So again I say, if there are people on here hoping to convince people to support their position, they should use facts and cite their sources.

  36. The question that might wake you up should be “My God, who controls our county government?” Like you Ted, I don’t have a dog in the hunt either but I’m getting enough info from other sources to wonder if all the O’Dell citations would pan out. I’m tied to this desk though and can’t go check it out. The links provided don’t really get you to the good stuff.

  37. Indeed, I might.

    Unfortunately, this thread and the ones before it have left me wondering if there was some way that both sides could lose, and go away.

    I too am tied to my desk and to wade through all the bullshit, just to come to the end and have one person who does have a dog in the fight tell me to look elsewhere for facts and to pay his lawyer for answers to questions that I am not even asking, but merely observing because I thought that both parties, as evidenced by their incessant posting on the issue, were concerned about what I thought…

    Well, what a glorious waste of my fucking time.

  38. On the bright side, the folks at Newstreamz should get a Nobel Prize for proving that anonymity is not what makes people online assholes.

    Myself included.

  39. Now you’re getting real! Maybe Scott G or one of his reporters will run those traps for us and we can know once and for all.

  40. That would be great, but it would be even more interesting to see something on the bigger conspiracy theory about the county.

    Show us a pattern of a small collection of individuals influencing the county to move in ways that do not benefit the larger population.

    Because, if it is only about a septic tank…

  41. Hi Nick,
    So your facts are true and public records are misleading?

    Your fact: You have a $1,000,000 property and $100,000 septic system

    Official appraisal records: Your property is valued at $58,800

    Your fact: You have a $1,000,000 property and $100,000 septic system

    Court records: You claimed to be indigent when convicted of being a public nuisance.

    There are two Hattie McCoy in Texas and both live in Houston, Texas
    One is 51 years old. One is 78 years old. I know at least one of them is posting on this site.

    I’m looking at a Certificate of Live Birth for Nickolas George Ramus and it says Mother’s Maiden Name: Hattie Mary Howard. I suppose that really isn’t your mother.

    The district court went against all previous case law in ruling the county cannot void your septic permit even though it isn’t in compliance with state laws. There was no arguing of facts in court and no order has been signed by the judge.

    Finally, you posted:
    ‘If I did not fight and win this case the rights of every citizen in Hays County would now be held at the vageries (sic) and arbitrary whim of Commissioner’s Court…’

    The reason this crazy district court ruling that defies all previous case law must be appealed by commissioners’ court is for just the opposite of your claim.

    What the judge ruled is that the county cannot exercise its governmental functions, and that places ALL citizens in jeopardy of folks just like you and those in government who support you for political reasons.

    Appellate courts were established for exactly the kind of ruling you got that defies established case law, common sense and the structure of our society.

  42. I don’t care if it’s a small collection or a whole town, I only care that they move in ways that are consistent with the laws. Plus I don’t want the court’s time being taken up or my taxes being wasted on frivolous matters.

  43. “There are two Hattie McCoy in Texas and both live in Houston, Texas
    One is 51 years old. One is 78 years old. I know at least one of them is posting on this site.”

    Mr. O’Dell you never cease to amaze me – you are correct and my Grandson lives in Dripping Springs and is an attorney in Austin. I also spend a lot of time on his ranch, am a painter and purple is my favorite color. So what?

    I do not know Mr. Ramus or any of the other contributors to this blog. I apologize to Mr. Ramus and did not intend to depreciate his plight when I expressed enjoyment from reading this thread. His response caused me instant regret for lack of sympathy. Mr. O’Dell’s response on the other hand caused me disgust.

    I still hold the opinion that Mr. O’Dell is a nut and his research on my identity which I did not hide just confirms it.

    My Grandson advises me that is not a good practice to post under true identity and that most people use a alias – now I understand the reason for such a practice.

    His comment “Nuts have been known to cause harm” contains wisdom I intend to follow in future.


    Hilda Guntherhaden – ha

  44. Lord Have Mercy.

    My Grandson just called to inform me that this afternoon Mr. O’Dell went to court and the results are in :

    Charles O’Dell Guilty . . . $500 Fine . . . Violated Dripping Springs Sign Ordnance while protesting at the entrance to Belterra subdivision . . . Hays County Court at Law . . . Visiting Judge Moore.

    Does this mean he is a convicted criminal? Does this alter his credibility?

    Nope just a nut doing what nuts do best – annoying good people.

  45. Mr. Ramus and EHD were irresponsible and the system left behind ignored the law and is therefore dangerous. And the only one likely to get hurt is the neighbor who has to protect her livestock from the very likely contamination that will run on to her property. Anyone want to volunteer to clean it up?

  46. Ummm.

    From what I can glean from the article, he was protesting an application with TCEQ to dump wastewater effluent in Bear Creek.

    It also says that Hays County and the city of Dripping Springs are also opposed to the application.

    The violation?

    It sounds like he had some hand-held signs, but not enough hands, and so he stuck a sign in the ground and he was fined accordingly.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see a “criminal escapade”; just more bait and insults.

  47. Charles O’Dell– KUDOS to you. I’m a 24 year old stay at home mom & I don’t know ANY of you (but you all seem to know each other well) & my only background on this issue has been what I’ve read posted here & in other alternative news ‘zines. & I have to say– the only person here who IS sounding credible is O’Dell. His anger, while unproductive, obviously stems from not only the personal attacks that were waged on him FIRST, but also by the inability for anyone here to distinguish fact from biased fiction. Many questioned why this entire thing is even of importance– well, I can say personally, I don’t want to be dining at a restaurant with an over flowing septic tank into the kitchen, nor do I want another failed business littering this town with it’s tackiness when the cost of fixing something you should have done right the first time drives Mr. Ramus’s business endeavour bankrupt. I commend our city officials for their forethought. This isn’t a witch hunt, or a small city government’s conspiracy– it’s a regulation issue & a group of people with too much time on their hands who are making a big deal out of nothing. Charles O’Dell directed each & every one of you who continues to argue this to where those regulations are laid out, but for some reason not one person has commented on that.


  48. Nice try Charles. I am holding a copy of the passenger log from the Mayflower where it lists your great, great, great uncle, Julius Kennedy. You have to be more careful with the names you use to post.

  49. Due to public demand we will be posting public records and public documents gained under the FOIA to support our contentions.

    The desigh and capacity of our septic system has not been challenged by the county at any time. The ability of our septic system to remediate safely the effluence stipulated by the EHD has never been under question by the county.

    Charles O’Dell’s claims that his and the county’s fight with us has never been based upon the design and competence of our system. Charles is again lying and eggagerating, stretching his interpretation of the facts to suit his argument which was not the legal argument of the County for its action.

    If you read the county’s reasons for county’s actions against us your will see that the Commissioner’s Court earlier agreed that our system desig, construction and implementation met all county codes, inspections and regulations.

    The County argued against is based upon density issues and the rules and regulations pertaining to density issues such as how many effluence gallons may be produced on an acre of land. It is just that simple. The county applied the old rules to our land because it was platted under the old rules in 1977. The new rules devised in 1997 was designed in large part by the same people that oversaw my design work and system development. They knew the law because they in large part wrote it. In the new law they stated that all land platted prior to 1984 are held to the pre-1997 rules.

    There are at least one hundred other restaurants and businesses that have my same profile including the Stadium in Dripping Springs that was granted their Restaurant and Bar septic permit on less land then mine and under the current court.

    My system, even though one of a hundred systems has been under attack because Charrles O’Dell, Carolynn Logan and Elizabeth Sumter are big buddies. Carolynn Logan is my neighbor.

    This issue has ong ceased to be about rules, regulations and laws when the current commissioners court majority broke with the law, the Texas Open Neetings act and convened secret sessions for two weeks to decide how they were going to stop my business for Carol Logan. They are required by law to post public notice of any proposed action against landowners prior to taking action and they failed to do so. They attempted to get this by the public unnoticed. Well, that has failed miserably.

    Judge Sumter is attempting to get rid of her opponents on the commissioners court. She is after Conley as his term is up for re-election. One of her politico’s, Steve Klempfer is running against Conley with the hopes of closing the door on an open and free Commisioners Court. Her next target in Barton because he too refuses to vote her way. Luckily we have a chance to end Sumters reign of terror, lies and corruption by voting Conley back into office.

    If I am voted into Precinct One as Commissioner then Sumter’s reign of terror will be over because we will then have a majority vote of conscience for the people of Hays County and Charles O’Dell loose reign of the Commissioners Court will be ended.

    This is all politics and dirty politics when it comes to O’Dell and his entourage that came in on Sumter’s hem.

  50. Ted can you really not follow the thread? Honestly? Charles O’Dell begins the baiting and name calling with innumerable false claims. One of the claims he makes he states that I was convicted of the crime of public nuisance. It just so happened that I appealed the charges. The prosecuter knew that he would lose under appeal, why. Because the court did not allow a crucial piece of evidence which would show that the stored mobile homes, (purchased to be warehouses on another property,) in question could not be seen from the road in front of my house. The rule being that they had to be seen within 300 ft of a county road. I had placed a 10 ft privacy fence in front of my property so the stored mobile homes could not be seen within the rule of law.

    Getting an appeal heard on a misdemeanor is extremely rare there has to be some wrong doing of the court or new evidence. I asked for the appeal myself in writing stating that the photographs of the privacy fence proving the distance that the mobile homes was beyond the limit of the statute. That was accepted by the higher court and a new trial was set.

    In the meantime we located a site for the warehouses and moved the mobile homes rebuilt to be warehouses to their new location. Before the new trial the assistant proscecutor told me they were going to drop the case as the mobile homes were no longer stored on the property. They asked me to pay the court costs which I has previously agreed to and they dropped the charges.

    Charles has made so many specious attacks upon me based upon this simple case which was dropped that someone decided to see if Charles O’Dell was calling the Kettle Black and sure enough. Charles too had a court issue of the same sort he was using to villify my mame with, only he WAS convicted and had to pay a $500 fine.

    Let me put it too you plain. Charles O’Dell is a fatuous liar. Charles O’Dell, Carolynn Logan, Debbie Ingalsbe presented District Attorney Sherri Tibbe, three pages of false, outlandish accusations that if they were true with supporting evidence could have meant me fighting a legal battle and a life behind bars for me. This is no laughing matter. It just so happens that they were only allegations without a shred of proof or supporting documents or witnessee. It goes to show everyone that Charles O’Dell is a very dangerous sort of whacko. These people desire to seriously hurt innoocent people when they stand in their way to get what they want!

    As it is they have caused the county to spend at least $500,000 of county money attempting to put me out of business because they have Sumter, Ford and Ingalsbe willing to act on their false allegations even against the advise of their staff and legal department.

    Once this whole story becomes public knowledge Sumter, Ford and Ingalsbe will have to face the electorate and answer for their spending a fortune for the riddiculous rants of Charles O’Dell and Carolynn Logan trying to ruin a small businessman’s livelihood and reputation.

  51. Nick,

    I don’t recall saying that you were guilty of “criminal escapades”; only that O’Dell was not, in response to the ridiculous post by June.

    I said it was “more insults and baiting”.

    “More” indicates that there were previous insults and baiting.

    As for whether I can follow the whole thread; yeah, if I prop my eyes open with toothpicks to stay awake.

  52. JK, you are mistaken and who can blame you. The design, construction and efficiency or efficacy of our septic system is not in question by the county. Charles O’Dell makes those accusations knowing full well that our design and system meet all county and state codes. The water that gets pumped out to the field has been reduced to 97.5% pure water. The 97.5% pure water effluence is then evaporated by grasses and plants through normal plant consumption and evaporation. That is why the design is so expensive to build.

    I will repeat myself but the county’s actions against us was not for design or construction variances, the county agreed that our system will work as it has been designed to work. There will be no overflows. In fact it is doubtful that we will ever reach maximum design capacity. We will have to be full constantly to even reach design capacity. This is closely watched by our maintenance provider and the county under a rigorous inspection schedule.

    The shame in all of this is that Hays Environmental Health Department is under attack from Charles O’Dell, Sumter and Logan which is contrary to the facts. Hays County enjoys one of the finest EHD’s in the state and is a leader and is watched closely for its excellence.

    Charles O’Dell made widespread flase accusations against our EHD stating that it was corrupt. Charles O’Dell on his website even states that Hays EHD was corrupted and in an interview with the Wimberley View newspaper claimed that he had witnesses and evidence that I conspired with the EHD to put in an illegal septic system!

    Under the FOIA we received letters and memos where TCEQ came down to Hays EHD and gave an audit of all of Hays EHD activities and gave great scrutiny to my file in particular. The results of the audit showed that there were no discrpencies or wrong doing by the Hays EHD and no irregularities were found in my file.

    Debbie Ingalsbe wrote to TCEQ and requested a ruling on Hays EHD handling of my system. TCEQ legal department investigated and wrote their response to Debbie Ingalsbe stating that in their opinion all proper rules and regulations of the State and of Hays County were properly followed in my septic system and its application process. We will als0 put this letter up on our website so that those with an interest will view it.

    Even after the confirmations from TCEQ legal department Debbie Ingalsbe and Judge Sumter continued to support various accusations of O’Dell and Logan. There was the famous incident that Charles O’Dell made famous by writing to TCEQ that my system was built with stollen equipment that did not pan out. This is why after seeking a legal way to remove my permit from January without success, Sumter decided to illegally remove my septic permit.

    This is why the county’s actions failed. Because they acted illegally. Even Barton stated in Haysfree Press in an interview that he thought the county was on shaky legal ground.

    Now we have Charles O’Dell inventing reasons, causes and blame stating that the court acted against the county policing septic permits and that he continues to issue forth the red herring that this is about the law. It is about the county breaking its own laws and then twisting it around that it somehow is doing something right when it is doing wrong.

    All of Charles O’Dell’s antics are nothing but a smokescreen to confuse the people of Hays County from seeing the wrong doing of Sumter, Ford and Ingalsbe.

  53. hahaha OK Ted. I get you. I pray though that you never, ever experience the heavy hand of wrongful government where your rights are concerned. Not like what I have experienced with Sumter, Ford and Ingalsbe. Thank the lord that Charles O’Dell has no political title because from his garage office Charles can offen and can crank out trouble and insanity to try the most patient of people.

  54. Actually, I am in the middle of a battle to undo the damage of wrongful government and have been dealing with it for seven years now. Others over here have dealt with it even longer.

    I’m just bothered by the tone and the fact-to-insult ratio.

    I understand that you feel O’Dell started it and maybe elsewhere, he did. On this site, the first insult I saw was from an employee of the site, in the intro to something O’Dell wrote.

    So, I guess I had made my mind up to a degree, before I had heard any facts (and I still haven’t heard many).

    Shame on me, but shame on everyone else too, especially the people who run this site and started the conversation out on the obnoxious note everyone has been singing to ever since.

  55. So Charles, you cannot back up your false statements. I wasn’t fired in 2000. I was Executive Chef at TSU for 20 years and you failed to prove otherwise. Juanita Camareno lived in her own house at the time of the so called nuisance charge and so the charge was on her not me. We were are friends and business partners and family so your attempts at making a noble relationship lurid again fails. It never happened that the Humane Society nor the Sheriffs Department ever had to pick up dead animals at my property.

    Let’s face it you are becoming simply a nuisance factor yourself making all these false claims and false accusations to prove a point that you already lost in court. Usually when people lose so completely as you have they slink away from the mess they made and do not seek to continue to falsely champion their failures with more false allegations and ludicrous incendiary commentary. Haven’t you have cost the county and me and my partners enough money on your pretentions. You are ruining the reputations of Sumter, Ingalsbe and Ford although they have to be complicit with you in their own wasting of their political careers by tossing in their hats with you.

  56. Ted, this site is meant to be a forum for the people of San Marcos, and with discourse comes disagreement.

    Bill Peterson is NOT an employee of the site, he has been paid as a stringer, true – but to imply that his opinions in any way reflect “the people who run this site” is a mis categorization.

    This was clearly marked as an opinion piece. ANYONE in the city is invited to submit an opinion piece.

    Don’t condemn the forum when someone says something you disagree with – even if your only disagreement is with the ‘tone’ of the speaker.

  57. I’m talking about a previous article, posted by Brad, who was an employee at the time, to which he added an intro calling Mr. O’Dell “batshit crazy”.

    I stand by my condemnation in that regard.

  58. It is obvious from my prior posts that I don’t appreciate Odell’s obvious sense of self importance and the way he uses his organization to attack people, politicians and individual citizen’s alike, it is probably going too far to say he is a criminal for losing a First Amendment challenge to a city ordinance.

    While, I do understand the distaste for the tone of the arguments sometimes expressed in this forum, I think Odell’s tactics and rhetoric have much to do with it. Nobody should be surprised that people respond to him in anger and out of frustration. I suspect he loves every minute of it.

    As someone who has been on the receiving end of his organization’s bullying and “guilty until your proven innocent” drive-by shooting style political rhetoric, it takes remarkable restraint to keep the dialogue at a high level. What this forum provides is a way of responding to Odell’s multiple and personal attacks on public officials and citizens that occur routinely on many different fronts, attacks which are typically much more aggressive than what usually appears on this website. Sometimes sharp dialogue is appropriate given that Odell is a practioner of practical politics.

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H. L. Mencken

  59. Is there something more entertaining in this lovely
    community of San Marcos than this Ramus discussion?
    I think it is being overdone ! How about a new
    topic to kick around?

  60. Mary G. Weaver, If you think it is overdone then you haven’t yet understood the waywardness of Sumter’s court agenda. I was recently told by our attorney that Bass the County’s attorney in this case said the county will appeal the decision against them which is heavily weighted by law in our favor. This means another $100,000 + of your property tax money will be spent by Sumter on a lost cause that never had any real reason nor profit for the county except for Sumter to pay off her political debt to her friends Carolynn Logan and Charles O’Dell. This case could end up costing the county in the millions if civil action is taken against the county. The Stadium in Dripping Springs is the latest restaurant/bar business to be accepted by the county under the same rules that I gained my permits. Only the county didn’t fight the Statium’s business because there isn’t a Charles O’Dell or Carolynn Logan that can nudge Judge Sumter, Karen Ford and Debbie Ingalsbe into taking illegal actions against them.

    My actions were simple, I asked the court to stop or injunct the county from taking illegal actions against our property rights. The court agreed with us and told the county to stop taking illegal actions against our property rights. This is the entire merits of the case.

    The Judge Sumter and two Commisioners, Ford and Ingalsbe disagree with the courts decision and they still want to take illegal actions against our property rights.

  61. Would someone let Judge Sumnterperp’s secretary know to wake up so she can go tell her boss what the people think. PLEASE!!!!

  62. Nick Ramus, who is running for Pct. 1 Hays County commissioner posted on this thread April 17 the following:

    “Not including court costs that run into $150,000 range, the county has spent $500,000 in services, labor to put me out of business.”

    I knew this was another one of his chronic lies so I made an open record request for legal costs charged to the county for Ramus’ suit against the county. The facts are in.

    The first fact is this:

    Ramus in NOT IN BUSINESS, and never has been, well, maybe monkey business.

    As for the outrageous claim he made in his April 17 post about the county’s legal cost, this is what I discovered.

    The county provided records that show outside counsel Robert Bass billed the county for the bulk of his work, including 8 hours of depositions, a total of $20,729.14. This is for the period of July – Sept. 07.

    Let’s make a generous assumption that Bass spent the same amount of time leading up to the April 08 hearing. That would make a total cost to the county of $41,000,a far cry from the outlandish $150,000 claimed by Ramus. This is what Ramus does on a regular basis, make BS claims he can’t substantiate.

    What his …”$500,000 in services, labor…” refers to is just another one of his shock lies. He won’t give any source for his claims. Just throw outrageous mud lies against the wall and some may stick.

    All county personnel are paid salaries so their time is a fixed cost to taxpayers no matter what salaried personnel do, or in the case of EHD personnel, don’t do.

    I believe the evidence on this thread alone demonstrates that Ramus is a pathological lier. Anyone who believes a word that Nick Ramus utters or writes should certainly not take calls from telemarketers who tell them they won the Canadian Lottery.

    Just friendly advice.

    What other wild lies do you have for me to counter Nick?

    This guy is running on the Republican ticket to become a county commissioner. That’s how absurd this has become.

  63. Mr. Odell,

    Has it ever occured to you that HC employees have to respond to all of the complaints, not just yours? While you are busy claiming all your requests for information you are clogging up the system with your BS claims. I have no interest in using tax payer money for “fixed costs” to research your obsessive claims.
    Although I understand legitimate uses of employee time, yours does not appear to be so. I wish that you would use your ‘watchdog’ skills in some other county. Maybe Austinites would appreciate you more. You do live in Austin don’t you?

    GIVE IT A REST!!!!!!

  64. Court records: You claimed to be indigent when convicted of being a public nuisance.

    There are two Hattie McCoy in Texas and both live in Houston, Texas
    One is 51 years old. One is 78 years old. I know at least one of them is posting on this site.

    I’m looking at a Certificate of Live Birth for Nickolas George Ramus and it says Mother’s Maiden Name: Hattie Mary Howard. I suppose that really isn’t your mother.


    I stumbled across this article today. I can’t believe I’m reading this. Mr. O’Dell is really scaring me. Is this real, or some kind of a joke?

  65. See, in order to fully understand the danger of the Elizabeth Sumter/Karen Ford/Debbie Ingalsbe trio. We must keep Commisioners Will Conly and Jeff Barton. When I am elected, we will change the court back to common sense business for the citizens of Hays County .

    Charles O’Dell has real sway over the decisions of the current court because Sumter/Ford/Ingalsbe usually vote together and Sumter listens to O’Dell. O’Dell even hosts her meetings of the court by educating the court on issues as Charles O’Dell sees them.

    The County may be required to pay our attorney fees as well. This decision has yet to be made and announced by the court. Our attorney was told by Bass that the county would appeal the case This could mean another $100,000 in attorney fees by the county.

    The actual attorney fees to date paid is already near $100,000 and I assumed Carolynn Logan’s, the intervenor’s, attorney fees to be near $50,000 near our own. There you have $150,000. The county will be required to pay for both attorney fees if the county appeals the case because their case is so outlandish and they will be held accountable to pay those fees. All of these legal events were unnecessarily started by the court under duress by Carolynn Logan and Charles O’Dell.

    What the county’s case means, what the county is fighting for legally, the right of county government to have new power over all citizens of Hays County and the State of Texas. Hays County is seeking that government will have arbitrary right to confiscate, revoke, remove any property right. They have asked the court to give them the power to revoke a septic permit because newly elected official, Judge Elizabeth Sumter wants to re-intrepret the density ordenances and the grandfathering clauses written into the 1997 ordinances that clearly exempts land platted prior to 1984. That is after all the investments, buiding, work and expensive septic system has been built by me and my partners, accordingly under county supervision, inspections and compliance. There is no part of the county claims in this case based upon nonperformance. In other words, the county agrees the septic system will do the job as designed and built.

    Charles, you continually misrepresnt the county’s case, you actually make the county’s case sound reasonable but you do not represent it truthfully. The county has wide ranging powers to officiate and police septic systems. What they don’t have is arbitrary power to remove a septic permit from your property rights after it has fulfilled all of the obligations required by statutes and fulfilled the inspection regimen required by state and county laws.

    When there is a problem with the septic system at any time or date, the county will shut the system down until repairs are made. It is a very well disciplined system in Hays County. Your attacks on EHD personnel and upon the Hays Environmental Health Department itself are frivolous, unfounded and totally without merit.

    Yes, the county employees have a fixed cost. When they are working on false claims to the exclusion of their other work then you are robbing them from their normal duties and that time still has to be made up, normal work done and paid for by county tax dollars.

    I have no need to lie, unlike you the facts support my case and it is not necessary for me run after you to correct all of your false allegations.

    As far as the appreciated value of my property, it does not reflect the catering kitchen. The county does not include my catering kitchen because due to you, Carolynn Logan and wayward thinking commissioners Karen Ford and Debbie Ingaslbe and County Judge Elizabeth Sumter, you are preventing it from opening for business. That prevents it from being on the tax rolls. This aggregiously prevents me from being a businessman.

    We also have another property of 10 acres where our wharehouses are located that is also included in the costs. I am sure you are unaware that any modern kitchen facility has a dollar cost to build, they average at least a million dollars for even a moderate sized restauran. My kitchen is patterned after a small European hotel kitchen, with its own bakery, patisserie, boulangerie.

    As far as your claims against my credentials you can get a reprint of an article about me in the Washington Post the second week of January 1980. I was one of 17 Chefs brought from around the county to put on President Reagan’s inaugeral celebration. We fed 50,000 official inaugeral guests at “the Taste of America.”

    I am also registered in “Citations” 1992 Who’s Who in Rising Young Americans as Executive Chef.

    I was also the San Antonio/Austin President of La Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs. This organization was the original chef’s guild for the royal chefs of the King of France started in 1248. It was allowed to be re-instituted in 1950 by the highly sensitive French government over anything royal due to the Revolution. I have the diplomas to prove this.

    I also have a Bronze Star from an Austin Culinary Salon hosted the American Culinary Federation. I was a member of the American Culinary Federation and the Califonia Chefs Association for at least 20 years. I was inducted into that society in California as Chef de Cuisine in 1982.

    It is you Charles O’Dell who is the known liar, slanderer and libelist. You are no fact and all fiction! The more people get exposed to your lies, the sooner we will be free from giving any mention of you at all.

  66. Vanessa,
    Charles O’Dell keeps using that word indigent. Right now I live on fixed income Veterans Disability Pension. Charles O’Dell would rather you think that I was a bum rather than tell the truth that without being able to open my business which I have sunk my entire savings and retirement. Juana too my adopted family, friend and business partner and another friend and business partner too have invested a great deal of money. Only now are we free to complete our building and open our business.

    I have worked as an Executive Chef since 1980. I finished my formal chef education in 1976. I got a job offer in Switzerland. In Europe i worked in an ancient establishment and then opened the Plaza Hotel in Tiberias Israel on the Sea of Gallilee. I was trained in 5 Star and worked in 4 and 5 star establishments before I came to Texas. In Charles O’Dell’s formal statements he says I was only a part time cook at the university.

    When he posts a picture of my building he puts the large commercial garbage can in the foreground and makes up 50% of the picture. What a guy!

  67. OK Nick,

    Just one request. The same request everyone keeps making but you NEVER deliver. Not once. Get beyond the “trust me” BS and direct us to ANY documentation of your outrageous claims. Just post the documents on your web site to verify your claims.

    Would you like for me to post the link to your “10 acres where our wharehouses” (sic) are located in Guadalupe County with the three derelict mobile homes you had to move because of your public nuisance conviction?

    Here is a teaser:

    Property ID: M316001

    Situs: 2572 OLD SEGUIN RD

    XRef ID: 2G0147-0000-08400-5-06

    The property is in the name of your “partner”, John Phillip Owneby from California. You know, Phil spoke at commissioners court on your behalf. It’s on tape.

    Boy, Jimmy Johnson, from who Phil purchased the 10 acres, was POed that he and his wife were listed as owning your derelict mobile homes! If you like I can post more information and the Guadalupe County Tax Assessor contact to confirm my claim. We even have photos!

    Why not confirm your claims with documents?

    Hang in there Nick, and keep posting. Especially praising your buddies, Commissioners Conley and Barton. They love that!

    What a guy!

  68. Personal attacks again Charles! It seems that is all you can do. You can see my profile in Citations, 1992 “who’s Who of Rising Young Americans” if you like, there is a short synopsis of my accomplishments. That will have to do until I get my other information posted. You on the other hand have fooled many people before. But just wait your lies and corruption are being noted. I wonder how long you will remain Vice President of the Ethical Society of Austin when your flaggrant and nnedless lies are exposed.

    You have previously stated I was a cook and not a chef. I was a member of the American Culinary Federation paying dues of Executive Chef since 1982 until I was injured. You scoffed at my being injured like I was a layabout.

    You stated that I haven’t been registered to vote in Hays County in 25 years. Anyone can go to the Hays Elections Office and ask when I registered to vote in Hays County. I have been registered in Hays County since 1990 when I changed my residence to Hays County.

    You scoff and ridicule because I a receive Veterans Disability Pension, for that you call me indigent.

    I purchase used mobile homes to turn into warehouses to temporarily store items and you ridicule that. I attempt to get my business off the ground and you attempt and get the county to attempt to illegally remove my septic permit.

    I am working with the Texas Rehabilitation Commission to help get my business off the ground as a recovering disabled person and you wage an all out war of viscious lies, innuendo and personal assination and defamation.

    You give three pages of false allegations to Sherri Tibbe stating without cause or evidence that I am a drug dealer, I bring in illegal aliens and a whole host of lies and falsehoods.

    You find and call up my family in California and query them if I am who I say I am. But that does not satisfy you. You are a viscioius obsessed little man who has made your life a sad case of infamy.

    No Charles, it is you who you are ruining. That is what happens when you attempt to smear an inocent man.

  69. wow personal attacks on people. just surfing over this looks as if that is all some want to do. fine whatever, However this guy having trouble opening a restaruant because something couldn’t be grandfathered. How hard does someone need to fight for this. Sounds like a gerat place I would want to go! Good luck and I hope people don’t get in the way and complicate the matter. Otherwaise yall have fun with your insults to each other!

  70. Let me be clear about this post. Ramus is a chronic lier, but I made a mistake that needs to be corrected. It doesn’t change ANYTHING else about this lying fellow.

    I posted that Ramus hadn’t voted. That statement was incorrect. When Ramus posted that he had registered and voted I did what I typically do…I went to officials records. I should have done that BEFORE I posted.

    Here is what I found with regard to his voting record:

    He registered 11-06-90.
    He voted on 3-12-1996, 11-5-1996, 11-3-1998, 3-14-2000, 11-7-2000, 11-5-2002, 11-2-2004, 3-4-2008 and he voted early (5-1-08) for the upcoming election of 5-10-08.

    I posted incorrect information and for that I apologize and correct the record.

    This is the ONLY item for which I have posted incorrect information. I did so BECAUSE I failed to rely on public records. ALL of my other posts have relied on public records. Let that be a lesson to me. I have relied on public records except in this one instance. It bit me in the butt.

    It is important for public officials and those of us who proclaim to operate in the public interest to be honest, fair and accountable.

    I posted incorrect information. I corrected this single error and take full responsiblity for the error.

    This doesn’t change the fact that Ramus is a chronic lier who fails to support his outrageous claims with public records. My single mistake doesn’t validate Ramus’ chronic lies.

  71. I checked the public records. A person who lies is called a liar. Is everyone bored yet with this thread?

  72. Face it Charles, you have said many, many things that are out right lies. In the thread I also gave a source that is publicly available so everyone may see it, that I am an accomplished chef. Enough so to be recognized for the public deeds I have done. I was registered in the Who’s Who of 1992 because I helped get the chefs of San Antonio together to raise $80,000 for the home bound elderly Meals on Wheels program. I personallly raised the most money out of all the chefs.

    I also helped to produce President Ronald Reagan’s Inaugeral Celebration “Taste of America” 1980. I was one of 17 chefs that came from around he country to produce this event in Washington DC. We prepared food for 50,000 official Inaugeral Guests. I had a write up in the Washington Post in January of that year too remarking and posting my personal recipes used in the event. I have pictures of Chef Jean Lafont and I at the White House. I was Jean Lafont the Corporate Chef for Universal Restaurants in Dallas who brought be to Texas to Chef at Universal Restaurants. He was inspired by my abilities that he witnessed at President Reagan’s Inaugeral festivities.

    This is all you do. You are a professional liar who uses abuse to bully your way through Hays County Politics.

    Nobody has the time nor inclination nor need to address each one of your false claims. You are a proven professional liar. You prove it yourself. This is not a personal attack upon you, it is just how you have abused me publicly, with lies.

  73. Phil,

    I’m definitely bored with it.

    Never fear, there appear to be efforts to bring the fight to other threads, as though it might be more interesting there.

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