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April 9th, 2008
Council to Consider Changing Trash Service to Once/ Week

City of San Marcos, Communications Director

The City Council will consider changing residential garbage service in San Marcos from twice to once a week and reducing rates slightly starting July 1 following renegotiation of the city’s contract with Texas Disposal Systems (TDS).

Rising fuel and equipment costs are contributing to the change in service, said Collette Jamison, Interim City Manager. “If we continue twice a week service, the rates would increase by more than 50%. We are making the change to keep costs down for our residents while still maintaining effective service.”

The City Council will consider amending the contract with TDS and reducing rates from $14.21 to $13.98 per month for once a week trash collection and curbside recycling at three meetings in April and May before the changes take effect.

In addition to the TDS rate, customers also will pay a $0.23 landfill reserve fee, a $0.55 recycling center fee and sales tax of $1.22. A public hearing and first reading of the rate ordinance will be held on Tuesday, April 15 during the Council’s 7 p.m. meeting at City Hall, 630 E. Hopkins. The Council is scheduled to consider the ordinance on second and third readings on May 6 and May 20.

A 98.2% increase in Diesel fuel prices, a 69% increase in the cost of new replacement trucks over five years, as well as city growth are contributing to the change in service.

Once approved by the City Council, the City of San Marcos will enter into a new contract with TDS effective July 1, 2008.

How will this change affect residents?

* Trash will be picked up one day per week from each home. The City will notify residents of their trash and recycling pick up days after new routes are established.

* Residents will continue to have one 95 gallon trash cart provided by TDS.

* If residents have more garbage than will fit into a 95 gallon trash cart, they may put bags of household trash next to their cart for pick up by TDS at no additional cost.

* Residents have the option of ordering additional 95 gallon carts for a monthly fee of $5 per extra cart.

Bulky Waste/Brush pick up

Residents will continue to have bulky waste/brush pick up twice per month at no additional charge. Bulky/brush pick up must be scheduled by calling 393-8026 no later than 2:30 p.m. the previous business day. Bulky waste includes furniture, appliances and other large items that won’t fit into the trash cart. Any appliance containing Freon must be tagged by a licensed technician indicating that the coolant has been removed. Brush includes yard waste in bags and tree limbs cut, bundled and tied in four foot lengths.

In addition, starting July 1, 2008, residents of San Marcos may take brush to the TDS landfill located at 3016 FM 1327, Buda, TX 78610 by producing a City of San Marcos utility bill showing that trash is paid.

Free brush disposal will be limited to once a month and a maximum of five yards of brush per visit. No commercial vehicles will be allowed to dump brush.


Recycling will continue to be collected once per week at the curb.

Items that can be recycled include:

* Glass – Clear, brown, green glass food or beverage containers. Please remove lids, rinse, and drain completely. No ceramics, drinking glasses, light bulbs, plates, mirrors, auto glass, tempered glass, crystal or any other non-food or beverage container.

* Paper – Newspapers, magazines and junk mail. Place magazines and junk mail in a paper bag. Please do not put newspaper out on rainy days. Wet paper will not be picked up. Also, no cardboard, phone books or other types of paper, please.

* Plastic – Clear and cloudy soft drink/water bottles and milk jugs. Please remove caps and rings, rinse, drain, and flatten to reduce space. No plastic wrap, bleach, fabric softener, cooking oil, motor oil, anti-freeze containers or colored juice bottles.

* Metal – Aluminum and tin cans only. Please rinse, drain and flatten if possible. No foil, pie tins, siding, aerosol cans or scrap metal.

Residents may also take recyclables to the Green Guy Recycling Center, 937 Highway 80. Recycling services for businesses and multifamily apartments will be evaluated with a new recycle center contract currently under review.

Educational Program for schools

An education program will be provided to San Marcos elementary and middle school students to include educational tours of the TDS facilities. The programs will cover topics such as the landfill process, the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling and the “zero” waste plan.

Schools choosing to participate in contests may be rewarded with a tour of the TDS facility or by having trees donated by TDS from their tree farm.

More information can be obtained by calling the Department of Public Works at 393-8036.

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0 thoughts on “Council to Consider Changing Trash Service to Once/ Week

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  2. Agreed. Switch it to once a week, and up the green waste collection to weekly, without having to call in first. Most people don’t even know we have green waste collection…

  3. Wouldn’t increasing green waste (I’m assuming this is brush) pickups to weekly, without calling in (meaning that the entire route is driven weekly) more than offset any savings realized by reducing trash pick up to once a week?

    Once a week is fine for trash pickup and twice a month, when called, is fine for the bulk/brush.

  4. come to find out half the stuff that I recycle isnt even recyclable. I wonder why they dont pick up our carboard boxes, guess the laundry detergent containers, aerosol cans and everything else are getting thrown away eventually. This recycling service is a joke, we have the old man and woman come by and pick up our cans once a week. Maybe we should start charging them for our recycling fee

  5. I still think we’d come out ahead with weekly green waste pickup, at least in the spring and fall, cut it back to twice monthly in the summer and winter, maybe. We’d also be keeping a lot of stuff out of the landfills, that doesn’t need to go in the landfills. A lot of people don’t use the green waste collection, because it is (slightly) inconvenient to call, and it isn’t advertised or pushed at all by the city. I would say most people don’t know about it. For me, with my trash day on Monday, I have to call by Friday 2pm. I haven’t even thought about doing the yardwork by then… I know, a weak excuse, but one that will keep a substantial number of people from using the service…

    As for the recycling, aluminum and other cans, glass, #1 ad #2 plastics, office paper, and junk mail. That’s all. (I can’t even get a straight answer about newspaper out of the city). When in doubt throw it out. I know it sounds backwards, but if they find one thing like a greasy pizza box, they throw out everything around it because it might be contaminated with grease. You do more harm than good by putting that in the recycling bin. Green Guy will take most of the stuff the city doesn’t (corrugated cardboard, batteries, used motor oil, other metals, plastics other than #1 or #2 which have a smaller neck than base (so that their machine can deal with them)) Paperboard, like cereal boxes, is a gray area. I’ve been told by people there to put it in with the paper and by others, with the cardboard.

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