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April 3rd, 2008
Auditions for OLIVER!

The San Marcos Performing Arts Association (SMPAA) and the San Marcos High School (SMHS) announce auditions for OLIVER! on April 19 at the new SMHS Fine Arts Theater. Callbacks will be April 26. Auditions are open to everyone within commuting distance. They also need dancers, actors, stage crew, technicians, and a trained white bulldog with a black spot. For more information call (512) 353-8122.

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  1. I forgot to mention that the rehearsals will begin the first week of June, and four performances are set for July 11-13.
    To be successful, this must be a true community effort. SMPAA is dedicated to providing opportunities for you, your children, and your neighbors. We need sponsors, too. This Community Theater business is not cheap. We are offering ad space in the upcoming musical OKLAHOMA! (May 29-31) and OLIVER! If you or your business can help us put forth the quality product that I know we can, please call me.
    SMPAA has produced “Summer in the Park” with the help of SMPARD, the San Marcos Arts Commission, local businesses, and the community for the past 21 years. We have a very special summer concert series to unveil soon.

  2. It disappoints me that almost a week has passed and not one person has bothered to express some “Comments” of support here for our efforts to have a San Marcos Summer Community Theater.
    Unfortunately, the SMHS production of OKLAHOMA! is cancelled. We will graduate San Marcos kids who will not have the experience of being in a high school musical.
    The two high school musicals that I was in more than 30 years ago helped shape me and many others. We owe ourselves and future generations the benefits and confidence that high school and community theater brings.
    Please join me in helping make OLIVER! successful. Spread the word about auditions, bring your children and grandchildren to audition, volunteer, donate, and bring your friends to the July 11-13 performances.
    How about leaving a message or “Comment” of support? What did being in a musical do for you?

  3. I was not able to find much of anything in the way of information about the organization, events calendar, photos, ticket information, sponsorship information, etc.

    It is unfortunate that there is not more interest, but I suspect that there could be, with some work. Perhaps there could be some collaborative marketing with the university, or similar groups like the Wimberley Players.

    I’d be happy to register a domain and get a website up and running for you, complete with professional design work. After that, I am happy to offer whatever assistance I can.

  4. Thank you, Ted. All help is welcome! Please check out our website at and provide us with feedback.
    Everyone who can should get their tickets to the Wimberley Players “The Mouse Trap” this coming weekend.
    They have excellent theater going on there and are often sold out. I’d like to go see it just to see Scott Wades set.

  5. These kinds of things help foster vibrancy in the community. Plus, they can bring together people from a variety of perspectives together (diversity with unity).

  6. Actually the Wimberley Playhouse is doing “Deathtrap.”
    TSU is also doing Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” at the new SMHS theater this weekend. Where can we go to get what, where, and how much? This could be the place. I’ll see about adding them to the calendar.

  7. I’m very excited about the production of Oliver! you are putting on. I think it sounds like a wonderful project. What would you like people to bring to the audition? 16-32 bars of a song and a resume? Would you like people to sing from the show? Should we prepare a monologue? I am interested in more detailed information.

    Thank you!

  8. Thanks for your interest and support, Lori. We will be very flexible at auditions and will have an accompanist. We will accept audition songs, whether from the show or not. Anyone not having a prepared song may be asked to sing a familiar song like “Happy Birthday” or “The National Anthem.” More specific material may be provided and requested for callbacks on April 26. One should always wear comfortable clothing and shoes, not sandels or barefoot. Parents need to accompany their underage children and sign release and commitment forms. If you have a recent picture, great. More information is available at our website

  9. Am delighted over the upcoming production of OLIVER….
    a great opportunity for experience for a lot of our
    children. Can still see Fagin and those little

  10. If girls are experienced will you have them play boy parts? Because I have been in many productions (two high school musicals, main parts in 12 church musicals and 5 school perfomances) and I am very interested in the orphan parts. (I am only 12 so I can play anything young)Thanks!

  11. Remember Oliver auditions are at 10 a.m. this Saturday, April 19! Although the director and choreographer will make the casting decisions, girls are regularly cast as part of Fagin’s crew. There’s even a mention by Nancy about getting started young in Fagin’s pickpockets. Your experience speaks well of your church and school. We are working hard to get our website back up at for more information. Thank you for your interest! Tell your friends.

  12. With the OLIVER! Auditions tomorrow, Saturday, April 19, SMPAA and SMHS embark on a historic path of what I hope will be many years of summer community musicals.
    The auditions begin at 10 a.m. at the high school. For those who cannot make these auditions and/or the callbacks on the following Saturday,we are having an additional audition on Tuesday, April 22 at 6 p.m. Please call if you must audition at this time.
    I encourage those with stage management,lighting, sound, construction, or make-up experience to contact me or come to the auditions and complete the contact information.
    I also need as many people as possible to assist with the April 19th and 26th auditions. Let me know if you can help or have any questions.
    Rick Bowen

  13. It was gratifying to see the interested parents and
    young people who were present for the OLIVER auditions
    this past Saturday! And nice to have met and visited
    for a few moments with Rick Bowen who was gracious to
    explain the planning and thought that makes for a great
    production. My interest as an older adult was because
    both of my grown-up sons benefitted as children from
    having parts in musical productions. Thanks to
    everyone who is participating in this very worthwhile
    Mary G. Weaver

  14. I very glad to hear everybody is doing good. I just want to take a minute to say thank you mary for your loving and care. GOD BLESS YOU AND SCOTT . for all your support and help you both gave me .. TAKE CARE LOVE LOVE ,,

    Franz G.Barrios

  15. It’s not too late to audition for OLIVER!
    Almost 50 area residents of all ages auditioned at SMHS
    Saturday for the July production of OLIVER! Special thanks go to Director Sarah Fleming-Walker, SMHS Choir Director Helen Miers, Photographer Daniel Burge, and volunteers Frances Breihan, Sammy Belisle, Ted Marchut, Jennifer Renter, SMHS, parents and everyone auditioning.

    Area residents have one more chance to audition and/or
    volunteer before callbacks on April 26th. On Tuesday, April 22nd at 6 p.m., we will hold auditions once more in the SMHS Choir Room. Please call 353-8122 if you or your child would like to audition. We particularly need more extroverted 9 – 13 year old boys to audition. Depending on the results of these auditions, additional by-appointment auditions may be arranged for certain parts, including soloists, chorus, and dancers.

    There are numerous opportunities for others. Volunteer
    musicians need to contact SMHS Band Director Kelly Rushfelt, a.s.a.p. Those willing to volunteer with set building, lights, sound, stage, costumes, make-up, or hospitality experience and skills should also call 353-8122.

    Here are the quotes from some of the participants:

    How exciting it was to walk into the hall at the new high school and see the length and width full of adults and children wanting to try out for the Oliver production. It’s been way too long since San Marcos had theater productions of the community variety.
    Sammy M. Belisle – SMPAA Volunteer

    San Marcos has a wonderful opportunity to experience community theater once again with the help of the San Marcos High School and the new facility on their campus. Area wide interest in the production of Oliver is a true indication of the need and interest in this effort.
    Frances Breihan – SMPAA Volunteer

    Community theatre in San Marcos is such an exciting prospect! By bringing together many different skills and talents we will be building community.
    Theatre is also a great way for individuals to develop their skills, whether technical, acting, or singing in a local community. San Marcos is teaming with undiscovered talent! What a great way to show off this town to visiting friends and relatives.
    Lynne K. Kypuros – Parent

    This is my first audition. I am very nervous. I have butterflies. I think I want to call my Dad.
    Erin Zapata – Age 9
    Erin has been looking forward to this all week. I’m really glad San Marcos has this opportunity.
    Erin’s Mom

    In a time when so much seems to not be going in a positive direction and people’s spirits may be low, how wonderful to have this experience to bring people together for fun and unite our community.
    Karyn K. – Student

    San Marcos should have theaters to entertain people. Nadira Age 7

    Theater is fun! That’s all you need to know! A perfect reason! McCoy Genfan – Age 12

    I think this is important to do this play because people need to appreciate the arts more, because without the arts, there’s no video games, movies, plays, or music.
    Joshua Banbury – Student

    We finally will have a community theatre where the children of San Marcos can express themselves in the performing arts. Now we don’t have to travel to Lockhart or Austin to have a community theatre experience.
    Olga Rainosek – Parent

    Congratulations to the SMPAA. This beautiful theatre is long overdue to showcase all the wonderful talent that San Marcos has to offer.
    Karen Sheridan – Parent

    Community theater gives us the opportunity to see our friends, neighbors and acquaintances in a whole new dimension and expands our ability to cherish the diversity we all represent.
    Ruth H. Jasek – Parent

  16. Hello
    I am very much looking forward to seeing Oliver! I have been looking far and wide for info about Oklahoma!. I am sorry to see that it was cancelled. I thought I had missed it since I saw nothing more about it in the paper. Althoug I saw that the Os were listed in the “magic flute” bulletin I rely on the sm daily for most info. I found your website by accident. I assume you had nothing to do with cancelling Ok! but I wish you would let me know by email what happened to it and when it might be scheduled. thank you for your time

  17. I’m looking forward to Oliver! I am sorry that Ok.! was cancelled. I saw nothing about it in the paper and thought I had missed it since I saw nothing about it in the paper. I didn’t know what happened to it and only found your website by accident. Please contact me to let me know what happened to Ok! and if it will be rescheduled. Also, what is a reliable website to find info about scheduled events. Thank you for your time.

  18. Thank you for your interest in OLIVER! We still need volunteers for stage, construction, make-up, light, costume, and house crews. We will be getting out more publicity soon, but if you’d like to help, please call me at 353-8122.
    As to what happened to Oklahoma!? This was not a SMPAA production and the organizers decided that there simply wasn’t adequate time and commitment to produce it.
    We make every effort to keep our website updated. We have some links to other area websites that may announce other performances.

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