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April 1st, 2008
Gold discovery opens up 'can of worms'

Texas Energy Commission

SAN MARCOS — Monday March 17th, John Oliver, a maintenance worker discovered what appeared to be a gold nugget near the water’s edge at San Marcos Springs . A few days later, the area is swarming with survey crews and lawyers.

Oliver’s nugget proved to be a combination of gold and quartz containing about ten ounces of gold. At over $1,000 per ounce, his find is worth nearly $10,000.

“I didn’t think it was worth anything until I felt the weight. I wasn’t thinking it was gold, just an interesting little rock,” Oliver said.

Whether or not Oliver will be allowed to keep the gold is a matter that is up for debate. Texas State University has already asserted their claim to the mineral rights in the area and have not commented on the piece found by Mr. Oliver.

The other big unknown? Is this a sign of a “mother lode” or an isolated find? After surveying is completed the plan is to drill sample cores in the most promising areas. Before the first drill bit touches down however, issues regarding the endangered and protected species in the area will have to be addressed.

Oh yeah…. one more thing…

April Fools (nothing in this story is true and all the names are made up)

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