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March 22nd, 2008
San Marcos Names New Economic Development Director


San Marcos – The San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce has hired Amy Madison, formerly of the City of Schertz and the City of Leon Valley as the new director for Economic Development – San Marcos. The City Council confirmed her appointment at its last meeting.

“We are excited to have Amy join our economic development team to carry on the excellent leadership of our EDSM Board and former Director Kim Moore and Interim Director Stephanie Garcia” said Mayor Susan Narvaiz. “Economic development is not only an extremely high priority of the City Council, but also of our citizens who have designated economic development and job creation as vital goals for the future of our city.”

Garcia, who has served as interim director since November, will pass the baton to Madison in early April.

“We interviewed numerous well qualified candidates from all over the country for this position” said Phyllis Snodgrass, President of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, contract administrator for the Economic Development San Marcos Program. “We were delighted to have such a talented pool of applicants to choose from and extremely pleased to have Amy join our team.”

“Amy’s experience in economic development, her strategic thinking, regional contacts and impressive work ethic made her the most dynamic candidate. We are thrilled to have someone of Amy’s caliber join the San Marcos team and can’t wait to work with her to continue the amazing economic expansion currently underway in this community” board Chairman Bruce Tifft said.

“I look forward to building on the tremendous progress that has already been made in positioning San Marcos as a dynamic force in Economic Development in the Austin-San Antonio corridor” said Madison. “We will continue to strengthen our business retention and recruitment efforts with an emphasis on attractive job opportunities that contribute to the quality of life in our community.”

Madison is a Certified Economic Development Director and a Texas Certified Public Manager. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Mass Communication/Public Relations and is skilled at developing new programs for organizations. She has over 20 years of public speaking and presentation experience.

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0 thoughts on “San Marcos Names New Economic Development Director

  1. Welcome to the community, Amy! Let’s consider ways to make the downtown square attractive to new cleantech companies (and other new types of organizations, too, especially those that will benefit from the flow of talent through Texas State University). With the upcoming changes in the downtown area (Hays County moving a number of people to the new facility, followed by other current tenants who will consider moving in order to stay near the Hays County offices and people they work with on a daily basis, along with reducing the fast paced drive through traffic), we have a unique opportunity to recast, reshape, recreate the downtown square into something really unique and special.

  2. In addition to attracting new business and revitalizing downtown, I would like to see efforts to get Philips Electronics and Dai Nippon, two very large, recent additions to the San Marcos community, to expand their operations.

    I’d also like to see efforts to ensure that Grande Communications stays here (and perhaps expands as well) after any sale.

  3. Another step in what appears to be a continuing line of positive moves for the San Marcos area. I look forward to more.

  4. I wonder if Mr. Marchut has been in Downtown San Marcos lately. If he had, he would notice that every builking on the square is occupied, and that former eyesores like the Too Bitter and First State Bank Buildings now house succesful restaurants and apartments. The reason we can not attract new businesses into downtown is because there is no place to put them. In sort, downtown San Marcos does not need to be revitilized, it has been revitilized

  5. Newstreamz is in one of those downtown spots and I am digging the whole vibe of the square. I still think something like a community theatre down there (ala Lockhart and many other small towns) would be great.

  6. Actually Larry, I have been downtown and there is plenty of work to be done. Revitalizing is more than just filling buildings and downtown is more than just the square.

  7. Also, as Mr. Harvey pointed out, some of the more active attorneys are likely to relocate when the court does. Those buildings will need to be filled as well.

  8. To all: I am the President of the Downtown Association and invite everyone to our meeting Tuesday, 25ht at 6:00pm. It is held in the Taproom Meeting Room and there will be free food available. I agree with Mr. Marchut in the fact that there will be buildings opening up in the near future. I also believe that the market will dictate what businesses come and go downtown. I hate to beat a dead horse, but any business with a significant number of employees won’t relocate downtown because of parking. I can also say that all of the people INVOLVED downtown on a regular basis want whats best for downtown and we are open to all suggestions. I know that some in the community think of current downtown as a thorn in the side of the city, but we are all pretty open minded induviduals and invite all opinions.

    Allen Shy

  9. As a side note, I’ve seen people working on the old hardware store just east of the square (I forget the streets, but behind Sean Patricks by a block). Any idea of what is going in?

  10. I am an attorney in downtown, thhe misspellings on my last post aside. I really do not think that many attorneys will be leaving. The old established ones like Scanio and Duvall and Kyle own their buildings. As for me, I like being downtown, and there will be little office space near the new court facilities, if and when it is built. Don’t get me wrong, downtown needs some work. However words have meaning. When I think of something needing revitilization, I think of something near death needing to be brought back to life. Downtown San Marcos is verhy much alive and thriving

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  12. I would like to say last year I power washed all the side walks around our building including curbs etc and the old rock wall around the brick house on San Antonio. While doing this of course I was thinking how much better it looked as well as the always question of “what if?”. I believe these little big things are a big help. While we aren’t SoCo down here I think keeping it clean makes a huge difference as well as plants and awnings. Second to None did a great job revitalizing their little store and the lil Antique shop across the street put flower boxes out. All these little efforts of bringing in business and beautifying this street at least I notice.

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