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March 19th, 2008
The muddy waters



Playing in the rain was not a likely option for IH35 corridor residents who witnessed the muddy water falling from the sky Tuesday night. Those caught out in the dirty downpour suffered stained clothing and difficult driving conditions.

The rains stretched from San Antonio all the way to Austin, leaving behind a messy trail. The rain began in San Marcos around 8:30 p.m. and lasted for about two hours.

Meteorologist Mark Lenz of the National Weather Service said a low-pressure area blown up from Del Rio caused the rain. The fires in Mexico and the high winds on Monday and Tuesday also worked as contributing factors. Lenz said the dirt was most likely blown into the air from west Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. The NWS also noted that the dirty rain did not pose a health risk.

Corridor residents might not recall seeing this type of rain before, but Lenz said it happens quite often.
“It’s usually not this noticeable. This particular rain was really widespread,” said Lenz.

Shortly after the muddy rain stopped falling, the clean rain came through washing away much of the dirt and ash that was left behind.


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