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March 19th, 2008
Pak Mail and The Peanut Hotline Go Green

 by Judy Johnson

Pak Mail centers around the country have joined the Peanut Hotline, a packaging peanuts reuse program created in 1991 by the Plastic Loose Fill Council. “Our customers can now drop off unwanted plastic peanuts at our store where we will recycle and reuse them. Together we will be making a significant contribution to working to keep our planet green,” said Judy Johnson, owner of Pak Mail of San Marcos.

Recycling as become more than just a trendy, passing phase. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the popularity-and necessity-of recycling everyday materials has grown dramatically in the past 20 years. The EPA reports that today, Americans recycle 32.5 percent of their waste. This number is almost double what it was 15 years ago, proving that consumers are understanding the value of recycling materials more than ever before.

The Peanut Hotline, the most successful packing reuse program in the county, directs consumers to the nearest location that accepts plastic loose fill containers for reuse. The program has referred over 1 million consumers to local businesses near them that help to further the recycling cause.Pak Mail centers all around the country are now part of a national database of drop-off sites giving consumers a place to take packing peanuts for reuse.

For more information regarding Pak Mail’s loose recycling or additional Pak Mail services, call (512) 392-3420 or email www.paknshiptx.comTo contact the Peanut Hotline, call (800) 828-2214 or

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0 thoughts on “Pak Mail and The Peanut Hotline Go Green

  1. It’s great to see these examples of environmentally helpful business practices. And, on the subject of packing peanuts, companies can also utilize the new kind of peanuts that are totally biodegradable. I’m pretty sure those are getting into mainstream circulation (the U-Haul in Plano had them so we were able to use that kind when we packed up to move to San Marcos a few months ago).

  2. Yeah, the problem with the biodegradable ones is that because they dissolve in water… I sit around wetting them to watch them dissolve and end up with no packing material. 🙂

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