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March 18th, 2008
Woman might face deadly conduct charges for running ex-boyfriend, kids off road


A 28-year-old woman could face multiple counts of deadly conduct for trying to run her ex-boyfriend, his three children, and a nephew off the road Sunday evening.

San Marcos police Sgt. Fred Wisener said the 31-year-old male left Walmart around 5:45 p.m. Sunday where his estranged girlfriend watched him leave in a female friend’s car. She began a car chase to his residence down multiple San Marcos streets and attempted to run him off the road. Eventually, the woman collided with the back end of his car, causing minimal damage.

There were four children in the car at the time of the incident. Three of the children were his from a previous marriage, and the fourth was the man’s nephew.

The man called 911 when he returned home, but the woman fled by the time the police showed up at the residence. She later returned to his residence superficial cuts on her arms and threatened to commit suicide.

San Marcos police were called back to the residence with EMS and transported the woman to the hospital to receive a mental evaluation.

Wisener said the woman was not arrested and the case is still under investigation. The report was taken for five counts of deadly conduct, but the charges are still pending.

“We want to deal with the mental aspect of this case first, then we’ll deal with the criminal charges,” Wisener said.

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2 thoughts on “Woman might face deadly conduct charges for running ex-boyfriend, kids off road

  1. This woman is my soon to be ex-wife. I was on the phone with 911 while driving. I think she needs help, but i also think the sucide attempt was more of an attention, feel sorry for me attempt. this isn’t the 1st time she’s tried or attempted “killing” herself. She not only tried running us off the road, she cut infront of us several times, she jumped out of her car attacking the SUV we were in, she drove into on coming traffic lanes, not only endangering the lives of my children, nephew, and myself, but other innocent drivers! Cpl.Leonard took the official report.

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