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We have all heard Spring Break disaster stories. Losing passports, getting arrested, crazy nights on the beach, and waking up in another state. There are even television programs dedicated to Spring Break disasters.

But not all students end up in a pickle, but rather a bikini on the beach or even the library.

Texas State University students enjoy their Spring Break just the same as every other college kid in the United States. Easy access to Mexico and the beach make San Marcos a prime starting point for cheap Spring Break getaways.

Texas State University has a DWI awareness program they run the week before Spring Break every year to warn students of the dangers of drinking irresponsibly.

Sgt. Daniel Benitez of the University Police Department said everyone wants Spring Breakers to have fun, but be safe. “People get themselves into situations where they become a victim. Unfortunately, alcohol becomes the decision maker,” Benitez said

Benitez said most people come back safe and sound, but in his 11 years with UPD he has seen some Spring Break deaths at the university.

“We see lots of underage drinkers. It is common for students to come back with citations for public intoxication, minor in possession, or a DWI,” said Benitez.

Benitez said Spring Break is also somewhat of break for university employees and professors. With so many students out of town, it makes for quiet campus patrolling.

“It’s our time to play catch-up. Campus is dead. The only students still here are the ones that are studying for midterms next week. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have some catching up to do!”

If you are hitting the books, or even the beach this Spring Break, Sgt. Benitez wants students to be prepared for different types of difficult situations.

“You never know what will happen. People end up in situations all the time that they just can’t get out of,” said Benitez.

Here is what some Texas State students I caught up with are planning on doing for their Spring Break ’08.

Name: Drew Surprenant
Age: 21
Classification: Junior
School: Texas State University

What are you doing for Spring Break ’08?: For Spring Break 2008, I am working to save up for next semester and getting ready to promote things on campus for the next couple of weeks. I will be going down to South Padre for the last weekend with friends to have a good time.

What is your favorite Spring Break memory?: My favorite spring break memory was I went down to South Padre last year with a couple of work buddies and had the time of my life. The memory itself was when my friend decided to play beach dodge ball and got hit directly in the head. I spent the first night of my spring break with my buddy in the emergency room. He had a concussion. After that, the rest of the week was a blast!

Name: Stefanie Hicks
Age: 21
Classification: Senior
School: Texas State University

What are you doing for Spring Break ’08: I don’t have any big plans. I am taking time to relax! I am student teaching right now and am just enjoying having free time! I am thinking about going to a spa… I could go for a massage right about now!

Favorite Spring Break memory: My favorite spring break was skiing in Riudoso, New Mexico!

Name: Ronda Ross
Age: 22
School: Texas State University
Classification: Senior

What are you doing for Spring Break ’08?: I am so excited for this year because I am going to Colorado! I have been skiing before, but this year I am going to learn how to snowboard! I am kind of nervous, but very excited!

What is your favorite Spring Break memory?: Probably when I went to Padre Island my freshmen year of college… I was with my best friends and they made it interesting, to say the least. When we showed up, the house we rented out had people already partying there! Some kids broke into it and when we showed up there were people everywhere! It was so crazy we had to call the cops on them just to get into OUR cabin!

Name: Jon Smith
Age: 21
School: Texas State University
Classification: Senior

What are you doing for Spring Break ’08?: This year I am just working. I got a job in the oil field doing pipe repairs. I went home to spend some time with my family.

What is your favorite Spring Break memory?: Going to Mexico and South Padre my freshmen year of college with three of my best friends. The most memorable thing that year was the biggest recorded beach riot at Coca Cola Beach… we were right in the middle of it! There was like a hundred people sent to the hospital! It was crazy.

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