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March 11th, 2008
Letter to the Editor: County to pay out to wronged restaurant owner?


Word from inside the Nick Ramus lawsuit has it that the county is preparing to offer the catering business owner a deal over the illegal withdrawal of his septic permit. There will be another commissioners’ court executive session on the matter Tuesday, March 11.

Readers will probably remember that a three-member majority of Judge Liz Sumter and Commissioners Karen Ford and Debbie Ingalsbe arbitrarily withdrew Chef Ramus’s legal septic permit a year ago at the urging of Sumter supporters Carolyn Logan and Charles O’Dell. The case was initiated months ago but has been drawn out past the primary elections in a successful effort to protect Commissioner Ingalsbe in her reelection against a Democrat opponent in precinct one. After he commenced the legal action, Mr. Ramus filed to run against her in November. Purportedly, the county will offer to pay to connect Mr. Ramus’s property to the sewer line the city of San Marcos ran to serve the new San Marcos High School, which is directly behind his property. They will also pay to connect Carolyn Logan’s property to the same line.

First, why should the taxpayers’ cover the latter expense when Ms. Logan, Mr. Ramus’s neighbor, is the person who started and constantly fueled this entire fiasco? There has been no mention of an offer to admit wrongdoing on the part of the Sumter, Ford, and Ingalsbe. Above his legal fees and some punitive damages, perhaps Mr. Ramus should demand a public admission of guilt from the three commissioners and an apology. How about a quarter page ad to that effect in every newspaper and the equivalent in every established electronic news source in the county? Paid for, of course, by the guilty parties, not the county taxpayers. It is very important that the wrongdoers not be allowed to skate on this misuse of governmental power.
Jim Green
San Marcos

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0 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: County to pay out to wronged restaurant owner?

  1. I agree. I wish more people were aware of Judge Sumter’s misuse of power to appease one of her biggest political supporters, Charles O’Dell.

    Judge Sumter is wasting tax payers dollars that approach six digits for Hays county. This seems like alot of money that could go toward improving the roads here in San Marcos or improving our infrastructue.

    I personally will campaign against Judge Sumter when her term is over. In my opinion, we will be spending years to undo the damage that ‘Slick Liz and her gals,’ are doing to this county.

  2. I thought this matter was going to court. In fact, I thought it went to court today, the 13th. Sounds to me like somebody is long on hearsay (if not out and out rumor) and very short on the facts. Is there anyway to step up the credibility of this site?

  3. I concur. There needs to be more due diligence on the relationship between the County Judge and that clown.

    On another note, there is a RUMOR floating around that she brings her dogs to the office and that county staff have been walking her dogs for her. There was story about her dogs in one of the local newspapers but no mention of who was taking them out during the day. Hopefully the rumor isn’t true but if it is, it would constitute a serious breach of public trust and a misuse of taxpayer funds. I would be very interested if someone could verify this or shoot this down.

  4. “Don”, allowing comments like these and letters to the editor is our investment in maintaining credibility. I do not know of anything included in this letter that is inaccurate although I do not necessarily subscribe to the underlying opinion of the case involved. Your ability to call into question specifics of its truthfulness is what we do to “step up” the credibility of the site. Can you point out anything in particular or shall we leave it at a generalization?

  5. I agree with Tabor. As far as I know, the suit was heard in court today. There wasn’t a settlement. What is inaccurate in the letter? Jeeze. Just read the suit. It has to do with whether or not the revocation was illegal. The letter says it was illegal. No. Read the suit. That’s what the suit is about — was it or was it not illegal.

    There’s only one thing that I like more than the Hays county approach to the law and that’s the half-baked approach to reporting on it.

  6. It’s not reporting. It’s a letter to the editor. If you don’t know the difference, I don’t see any need to discuss anything of substance with you further 🙂 Probably a little bit too much heavy lifting for people with opinions but no facts. I will say hi when I see you out, however, to be polite.

  7. It may be left up to a court to determine whether or not the revocation of a septic permit was legal or not. And our opinions may or may not matter.

    Although my opinion certainly matters when it costs us $$$$.

    But perhaps the real question is WHY is it necessary for the County to even be in court over this issue in the first place? Don’t we have more important issues to deal with here? Roads, parks, water, providing services to people…comprehensive master planning…

    If Judge Sumter and others on the Court would stop allowing Charles O’Dell to set the agenda for them, we could probably save the taxpayers of this County a lot of money – not to mention a whole heck of a lot of time in court (which means money paid to attorneys). O’Dell is not a watchdog, he’s a costdog. (Speaking of dogs, yes Todd…the Judge’s assistant walks her dogs for her several times a day. The rumor is true. They are very cute. But they do require being taken outside to do their business. I have witnessed the event myself. Odd that O’Dell has not objected to this. Bet he would be filing yet anorhter suit if Jeff Barton was having his secretary take care of his dogs!)

    We elected Judge Sumter and our Commissioners to represent us. Not Charles O’Dell. If he wants to set the agenda, maybe he ought to run for public office. But then, who would vote for him?

  8. The commissioners’ court majority did in fact make a half-baked offer to Mr. Ramus, and it was exactly as my source reported. There was no attempt to accommodate any of Mr. Ramus’s positions. He and his partner turned it down. And it is not as if there has been no corrective opposition to this legal folly. A bipartisan duo of Commissioners Will Conley and Jeff Barton have at every turn opposed the court majority on this matter.

    Yes, the case was argued before Judge Robert Pfeuffer for about three hours Thursday, March 13. He will probably render a judgment within the next few weeks.

    And yes again, the suit is about whether the three-member court majority had the authority to pull Mr. Ramus’s legally granted septic permit. I have followed the case since its inception, and it is my opinion that the court-majority’s actions were illegal. It appears Mr. Tabor may be of a different mind. And now that the light sensitive, pseudonymous MG2008 has impressed us with her ability to read but not to understand, let’s move on to other aspects of the case.

    Regardless of how Judge Pfeuffer rules, Mr. Ramus will retain the right to sue before a jury in civil court for recompense from the county for monetary damages to his business. If you doubt this legal scenario, think O. J. Simpson. Carolyn Logan and Charles O’Dell may face a day in court, as well. There is ample evidence that Ms. Logan and Mr. O’Dell may have libeled Mr. Ramus when they characterized him, among other things, as a drug dealer and a receiver of stolen goods.

    I would ask my friend Lila Knight not to dismiss the Ramus case as unimportant. We are dealing here with a gross misuse of government power, something that seems to be the modus operandi of the county judge. Liz Sumter and her two co-conspirators embarked on the attempted destruction of Mr. Ramus’s business at the urging of Ms. Logan and Mr. O’Dell, two very vocal political supporters of her and Ms. Ingalsbe. One only has to read the primary source evidence on Mr. Ramus’s website,,/ to understand the nefarious nature of their words and actions.

    Jim Green
    San Marcos

  9. Mr. Green is so right! And I do stand embarrasedly corrected, with egg all over my face.

    I will not even try to excuse myself for embarking on other “crimes and misdemeanors” of this Court and their Court Jester, as Mr. Green is so correct in pointing out the miscarriage of justice by certain members of this Commissioners Court against a private individual. It could just as easily have been anyone that could have been a target of this type of vindictive behavior.

    It is my hope that justice will prevail in this case.

    And thanks for mentioning the website. Anyone who has not checked it out, should read it. It is quite enlightening. If not disgusting.

    And thanks for correcting me Mr. Green. It’s always a pleasure to be set straight by a man with a critical, yet logical, intelligence.

  10. It’s about time the county is seeing the danger of the Sumter regime. This whole situation should have never happened in the first place and now, Sumter, Ford and Ingalsbe are going to cost this county even more money because of two self-interested puppeteers of the county government. The only two beacons of practical reasoning on that Court are Conley and Barton and in November, I will be doing my part to add Mr. Nick Ramus as the third.

  11. I just received word from my attorney that Hays County and Carolynn Logan both lost against us in the decision of the District Court Judge the counties actions against us and our septic permit were struck down without equivication or explanation. That is how far out of line the Commissioners Court went in regards to their authority and our rights.

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