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February 29th, 2008
Video: Obama rallies San Marcos with riverside speech during campaign swing


As many as 20,000 people by one Secret Service agent’s estimate attended Barack Obama’s rally this week on the banks of the San Marcos River. Newstreamz videographer C.J. Morgan filed this report from the scene.


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riverside speech during campaign swing

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15 thoughts on “Video: Obama rallies San Marcos with riverside speech during campaign swing

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  2. Inspired? Issues? All he says is “Hope” and “Change”. We, The Ron Paul Revolution, counted. Change was said 26 times, Hope 18 times. He only spoke for 45 minutes (even counting the times he just stood there silent).

    How can someone be inspired by a Liberal Senator that haven’t been through an entire term? He voted “YES” on the Patriot Act, talked about doing a Preemptive Nuclear Attack on Pakistan. He gets money from Global Lobbyists and takes credit for things that are already in place.

    If All Barack Hussein Obama has is “Hope” and “Change” then I HOPE his supporters CHANGE their minds.

    And, If everyone that voted for Obama voted for Ron Paul, the Wars will be OVER!

  3. Arguing with a Ron Paul supporter is like arguing with a zombie, but here goes… Getting out of Iraq is about the only sensible thing that Ron Paul says. The rest of it is nutter talk. Conservatism has worked out really well. Nixon? Reagan? (as much as the Republicans idolize him, he was BAD for the country. Among other things, he dismantled mental health care, environmental regulations and drove the national debt up to record levels. But you are too young to remember that… Even modern neocons who use him as their mantra wouldn’t vote for him now) Bush I and II? Sorry. I think it should be clear that the only thing conservatives care about is their friends in multinational corporations, and they’ve marketed it in such a way that millions of people actually vote AGAINST their self interests. Ron Paul takes money from Stormfront. Ron Paul want to dismantle the federal government. That’ll work out really well. Do you like clean water? Thank a liberal. Do you like clean air? Thank a liberal. Do you like the protection of workers rights? Thank a liberal. Do you like having a minimum wage? (Because I know you’ve worked an minimum wage job) Thank a liberal. Do you like having safe cars to drive? Again, thank a liberal.

    Is there a reason you chose to add Obama’s middle name? Do you think that people are too stupid and racist to see that his middle name doesn’t mean anything. Or are you one of the stupid and racist people who believe it BushCo. says we should be afraid of brown people with funny names. No wonder the rest of the world hates us…

  4. im glad i played rock band instead, obama is more in touch with reality than that fool ron paul, his lude psychotic supporters are a great representation of him

  5. the only thing ive ever seen obama take a stance on is “i am not george bush”, great, this is the guy i want for president

  6. Hey, not all Ron Paul supporters are extremists. I supported (not past tense, which I’ll explain alter) him because he was the best Republican choice, in my opinion. I’ve been rooting for Obama since I first heard of him. I want him to get the Democratic nomination. But in the last election, I voted with my heart and it didn’t help much. So I decided to vote smart. If you have a decent Republican and a decent Democrat, then no matter what you’ll have a decent president nominated. At this level of politics, there’s no way you can go through without any dirt getting on you. It’s how you have to play the game. I don’t like Hillary because she has too much on her. I like Obama because he has the least amount on him. But its now mathematically impossible for Ron Paul to get the Republican nomination. Voting for him now would be almost a wasted vote. So that is why I say I was supporting him. I like what he stands for. Despite his own personal views, which I differ with, he wouldn’t let that effect his own choices for this country. But I could vote for him, or I could vote for Obama and help to make sure he gets more delegates than Hillary. If Obama nabs Texas, he nabs the nomination. Yes he says change a great deal, but who doesn’t want change? After all, if you want something else different than Bush, then you obviously want change. All of the other candidates just find different ways of saying “change.”

    So from a Ron Paul Supporter, lets all remember…we’re not liberals. We’re not conservatives. We’re not Democrats, Independents, or Republicans. We’re people. We all want whats best for one another. I believe a vote for Ron Paul could do that. I also believe one for Obama can do so as well. On March 4th, I’ll be voting Obama. I can only hope others will, too. But if someone else believes otherwise, then that shouldn’t let a rift be drawn between us.

  7. do you like the freedoms that you have? thank a republican

    take any class on public speaking….”UM…UM…Um…” watch the debate

  8. its typical…liberals wine and complain…not a bad thing…republicans make change happen

    for better or worse…do you appreciate what you have?

    that is the question that matters? do you understand the cost of the freedoms that you have?

    THANK A REPUBLICAN…or someone who stands behind what they believe, someone who doesnt change their view points in order to get a vote

  9. Obama… he is an idiot first of all. To me there really are no good candidates that are ahead this year, so I am voting for the lesser evil. Frankly, I would rather have Clinton in there than Obama. He obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about when he speaks of the war. I’m pretty sure terrorists were already in Iraq. Why in the world would they go in AFTER we attacked??? Makes no sense. He only is “woooing” people. His healthcare plan is a bunch of crap. Especially giving fines for people who don’t have health insurance. Since it is a right to have healthcare, does that give him the right to fine? Anyway, I feel sorry for our country if he wins. IF he wins, he will get in there and have four years to screw it up, then we will have to rebuild again. Don’t be a sucker and believe this nut job!

  10. I just want to know, who seriously buys into the BS campaign of Obama’s? Sure, he talks of hope and change, and while I’m all for it, it seems that he has no tangible plans to do any of it. His campaign focuses on how the average American, with no politcal power to do so, makes the changes. Does this mean that his plans once in the Whitehouse are to just sit on his hands (once yanking out of Iraq, of course)?

    Also, it makes me sick how he keeps trying to relate to the welfare-bound, with his “raised by single mom” speech. First off, he was raised by his grandparents, and secondly, how poor are you if you can afford to study abroad and get into the national political scene? Even more, how qualified is he for what the job of the President actually entails?

    Shouldn’t we, as informed citizens, vote for someone who is best qualified to be Commander in Chief? Shouldn’t we choose someone who will take a real stand to push for and pass legislation (once to their desk) that will boost our economy? Shouldn’t we vote for someone who not only says “change,” but has a tangible plan to do so?

    From everything I’ve heard from Sen. Obama, he doesn’t fit this bill. He skirts around direct questions on how he will actually bring this “change” we should “hope” for. It’s an insult to my intelligence! Why would I vote for someone who thinks that I’m not smart enough to see through this scam?

  11. In case you guys haven’t realized it, nobody cares what the “plan” is for any candidate. This year’s election process will forever change the future of politics. It’s not enough anymore to have a good plan. The people are overwhelmingly making the statement that they want someone with a personality, someone they can believe.

    Are the choices right or wrong? I don’t know. But both sides have made the same statement. The DNC and GOP will both have to listen. Both parties success depend on it.

    Personally, I say it’s about time.

  12. I sure as heck care what the “plan” is. Obama plans to index minimum wage to inflation. That’s inflationary in itself. If the baker pays his janitor more money, he raises the cost of the bread to cover it. The minimum wage issue is poppycock anyway because very few voters earn minimum wage and those that do don’t stay on it very long. It points out his mindset though and that is that the pool of people in poverty is static and can be eliminated. Obama also says he wants to give college kids $4000. From where? From me, that’s where. I happen to be saving for my kids college and I’m very much middle class. Lastly Obama wants me to buy healthcare for my pothead neighbor who won’t take a decent job with benefits because they drug test. Think of the disincentive nature of these types of government handouts. Each little strand of the government safetynet makes it easier for me to quit my job. Further Obama wants to increase the marginal tax rate, the capital gains tax rate and the dividend tax. The top 10% of wage earners already pay 75% of the government budget. No thanks democrats.

  13. I am agreeing with Ms. Sarah here. Obama makes a nice speech… But to say he is personally responsible for the incredible voter turnout and energizing the young voter is a stretch. Isn’t George W. Bush the reason for the wave of public participation in this election? People are pissed off! Unfortunately, it takes a crisis to get people off the couch and excited about the political process. And I care very much about “the plan”. Senator Clinton has what I want in a President, and we will need Senator Obama to run in 8 years when Hillary’s term has been served(yes, i am that optimistic)! Whatever happens, the Dems will take the White House and Congress in November, and that’s a good thing.

  14. I support Barck Obama and this video clip of Lisa Ling’s endorsement is an example of why:

    Lisa Ling is an amazing supporter, researcher, and journalist for women’s rights around the globe. She has been a special correspondent for the National Geographic and Oprah Show, and likely other events. She has covered international and national scenes of humanitarian need with an emphasis on women’s rights.
    Lisa Ling’s endorsement might do quite a bit in showing how believing in and advocating for women’s rights and supporting Obama are NOT contradictory, but are indeed logical and complementary.

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