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February 25th, 2008
Editorial: Bobcats make San Marcos relevant in this year’s presidential election


It is a tribute to the students of Texas State University that Senator Obama has chosen to spend valuable time in San Marcos, Texas on campus prior to the all-important March 4th Texas primaries. This Wednesday, February 27th he has scheduled a “Stand for Change” rally in Sewell Park. To choose this location for such an historic event, at the headwaters of the San Marcos River is symbolic. This symbolism is something of which San Marcos should be exceedingly proud.

Sewell Park captures the essence of our community; an outstanding University, a pristine environment, a continually renewing source of life from our river, and an equally continuing fountain of intellect graduating from Texas State University. The location is also where, reportedly, Lyndon Baines Johnson announced his first and ultimately successful candidacy for Congress. Our community, through our river and our ever changing student body, is a constant source of energy and change; a resounding theme of the Obama campaign.

Senator Obama’s campaign seems to have also recognized the power of this student vote in our community and within Hays County and wants to benefit from this phenomenon. Chris Jones, completing his first term of office as a San Marcos City Councilmember, is evidence of the voting power of Texas State University students.

San Marcos citizens should take this unique opportunity to view one of the leading candidates for the Presidency of the United States of America during this rally. This face-to-face opportunity to see and experience a candidate for the highest office in our land is, for many, a once in a lifetime experience.

The power of the Texas State University student vote has not only made Texas but, more importantly for us, has made San Marcos relevant in this year’s presidential election.

Go Bobcats !!

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0 thoughts on “Editorial: Bobcats make San Marcos relevant in this year’s presidential election

  1. Being new to San Marcos, all this attention from Presidential campaigns is a bit surprising. I don’t think I’ve seen this kind of string of appearances (Senator Kennedy, Chelsea Clinton, and Senator Obama all within a week) even in Houston.

  2. I believe these appearances are indeed bellwether events for the San Marcos community. We are a heretofore relatively unknown jewel. San Marcos can become renowned as a really neat place to live.

  3. It’s a great time to be a democrat and a Texas State Student! I am so proud of everything we have done these past two weeks.

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  5. I take my hat off to the College Democrats. They are working hard to expose the Texas State campus to the wonderful Democratic Presidential candidates. I also think it speaks to their talent that they can organize these events while still maintaining a full course load. College Democrats keep up the outstanding work!

  6. The driving force behind Obama’s campaign has been change, but he has been clear that the change will only come from bringing all groups (Democrat, Republican, old, young, black, white) together. We all need to work together, to take pride and an active interest in our country.

    The same message could be applied to San Marcos. It would be great if some of that energy for change, unity and a sense of community and teamwork would infect our city.

  7. That is a large part of the reason behind the launch of Newstreamz. I see it happening in all the great threads like this and see it continuing as Newstreamz becomes a source of information exchange. Good stuff.

  8. Except Clinton is just as tied to the (non)scandal of Rezko as Obama is. She recieved money from 3 out of the 5 co-defendants. As did Shrub. Obama has given away all or nearly all of the money connected to Rezko. There’s even a picture of Rezko visiting with then president Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary. Give it a rest.

    Additionally the whole NAFTAgate thing was mistakenly(?) tied to Obama. It was a CLINTON operative that told the Canadians not to worry about the US renegotiating NAFTA. At worst, they both did it, so Clinton hasn’t got a leg to stand on. If the media would do it’s job with investigative journalism, these lies wouldn’t make it as far as they do.

  9. So the fact that she’s cherrypicking her issues and lying about what actually happened are irrelevant? Spoken like a true Clintonmitront. What’s that old adage about people in glass houses? Why won’t she release her taxes? The thing is I don’t dislike her. I think she is a historic candidate and will make a far better president than McBush. I just think Obama is better, and her behavior reminds me why I had problems with Bill Clinton. She’s willing to do anything to win, including split the Democratic party, which is not something we can afford.

  10. To be honest I would have voted for Edwards but he didn’t show to be a strong leader and that was obvious in the numbers. Clinton does show she has the ability to be a strong leader. I work in a successful sales position and Obama speaks like a salesman, he even has words that sound familiar like those of Anthony Robbins(one of the best motivational speakers). Hope, Change…..
    This country does not need to be split and I don’t think she has to concede to Obama, try putting the shoe on the foot maybe he’s splitting the democratic party.

  11. I don’t know about either of them splitting the Democratic party.

    To me, it seems like Obama is saying that he wants to get as many Democrats, Independents, Republicans and everyone else behind him to work together and change things.

    Hillary seems to want to motivate more of the Democratic base to get behind her, so that she will have the support to change things *in spite of* everyone else. She doesn’t even want my vote.

    That’s what has been dividing the country for longer than I can remember and that’s what leaves me with one clear choice.

  12. How is Obama splitting the party? He’s drawing in tons of new voters. He’s drawing in independents. He’s even getting Republicans to consider him. He’s not doing it by pulling the party to the middle, quite the contrary, he’s pulling to the left. He’s growing the party. For the first time since RFK, young people are actually excited about a candidate, and not feeling like the old guard of the Democratic party is putting up yet another boring candidate. Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry… all very smart people, and by all rights they should have beaten their Republican competitors, but they were boring. How do you think Shrub won twice? He played the regular guy thing up to the hilt. Do you remember how we had to defend Clinton for his pandering? How Gore couldn’t even use him to campaign for him, because he was seen as dead weight? Do you really think the Republicans aren’t going to bring up all the old Clinton scandals to recreate the shroud of doubt around her? I’ll bet they’ve even got one or two in reserve. Obama has more legislative experience than Clinton, he doesn’t have the baggage, and he’s the first candidate in 40 years who is actually inspiring people to get involved. Look at the voter turnout. Clinton is the anger vote of the old guard Democrats. Obama is a new direction for everyone who is fed up with politics as usual.

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