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February 12th, 2008
Sumter pencils Kyle into listening tour

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Maybe she’s responsibly answering a public outcry, and maybe she’s just a glutton for punishment, but Hays County Judge Liz Sumter finally has scheduled a town meeting in Kyle after initially overlooking the county’s second-largest and fastest-growing city.

Sumter will appear at Kyle City Hall on Sunday, Feb. 24, from 2-4 p.m.

The judge originally left Kyle off her February tour, which included Buda, Dripping Springs, Wimberley and San Marcos. Kylites raised their hackles over the omission, prompting Sumter to squeeze Hays County’s fastest growing city into her busy schedule.

Sumter appeared Monday night near Buda, where area residents peppered her with demands to work quickly on FM 1626. Sumter might expect to hear similar exhortations from Kyle residents about Interstate-35, now that the state’s latest proposal for financing state road improvements in Hays County include a re-routing of SH 150 and the transformation of I-35 access roads to one-way.

Kyle City Manager Tom Mattis announced Sumter’s visit to town at Thursday night’s Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce (KACC) Ambassador Bash, where the city unveiled its economic development plan. About 200 people attended the Thursday meeting.

By the time Sumter appears in Kyle, it’s possible the situation regarding I-35 could change. Precinct 2 Commissioner Jeff Barton placed an item on today’s commissioners court agenda calling for “Discussion and possible action regarding Hays County’s Pass Through Financing Agreement with the state of Texas, whether to proceed, and options to finance the county’s share of the agreement.”

An additional item, placed by Sumter, calls for discussion and possible action to amend the transportation advisory board’s charge.

On Monday, Sumter will hear from a hometown crowd at the Wimberley Community Center on Ranch Road 12 at River Road. On Feb. 18, the judge finishes the series at the San Marcos Activity Center, 501 E. Hopkins St. All of the forums are scheduled for 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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  1. Nothing and no one has any effect upon Judge Sumter’s thinking or her behavior. Judge Sumter will attempt to sweet talk and mollify her detractors onto a position favorable to her while doing exactly what she pleases even while staring you in the face. Only after a while you must be deaf, dumb and blind not to see her coming.

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