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January 31st, 2008
» Chucky O'Dell's Latest Nonsensical Rant | Why isn’t this being reported?

EDITOR’s NOTE: Mean-spirited Dripping Springs-area curmudgeon CHARLES O’DELL is a retired grocer, a self-styled community activist and an erudite expert on economics, law, real estate development, environmental protection, urban planning, philosophy, acquatic biology, government, politics, fashion and oratory. Bravely battling a terminal case of Napoleonic Syndrome, O’Dell typically traffics in convoluted conspiracy theories like this one. Newstreamz runs his screeds for entertainment value and as a cautionary tale against growing bitter and batshit crazy in old age.


Hays County Precinct 2 Commissioner Jeff Barton was caught red-handed at commissioners’ court using false and misleading information in his effort to gain approval for a septic system variance.

Barton’s motion failed 3 – 2 after HaysCAN President Charles O’Dell presented evidence showing most of the information Barton provided to the court was false and apparently intended to mislead court members. Only Barton and Precinct 3 Commissioner Will Conley voted for Barton’s motion.

Barton failed to include backup materials to support his claims of property location, ownership, previous county actions or current site conditions. Instead, he provided false information along with serious omissions that would mislead the court and prevent deliberation based on true facts. For a detailed account of Barton’s false information and omissions go to and click on Press Room.

Barton and Conley have both championed Nick Ramus of Precinct 1 who has a law suit pending against commissioners’ court for refusing to permit an illegal commercial septic system. Convincing the court to grant Barton’s variance request would have invited further litigation since the County does not have the legal authority to ignore or waive its rules except in very extreme circumstances that don’t apply here.

In Tuesday’s commissioners meeting, Judge Liz Sumter asked Environmental Health Department staff members Tom Pope, Sandy Irvin and Jerry Borcherding for details about the project for which Barton was seeking a variance, and all of them became blind, deaf and dumb in defense of Commissioner Barton and themselves.

Tom Pope, as the county’s Environmental Health Department Program Manager, three years earlier denied unspecified “development permits” for this property but told Judge Sumter, that he “had never visited the site.” Department employee Sandy Irvin, who reviews subdivision plats for the county, admitted to meeting in Commissioner Barton’s Kyle office on this matter, but said she didn’t know any details either.

Borcherding, whose Road and Bridge Department was recently merged with retired Allen Walther’s Environmental Health Department through the efforts of Commissioner Barton, couldn’t help Judge Sumter with any details either.

Barton would not address the evidence presented against his false claims and instead began a diversionary description of family relations and need for public policy.

In an effort to save face, Barton only made matters worse by making a motion to approve a septic system for the property despite all EHD staff just having told Judge Sumter they didn’t know if the home had a septic system. The Martinez family has lived in their home for the past eight years. They have a septic system, and Barton and staff knew that.

If Barton deliberately put false information on the commissioners’ court agenda, as it appears he did, then I believe his actions warrant an investigation.

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0 thoughts on “» Chucky O'Dell's Latest Nonsensical Rant | Why isn’t this being reported?

  1. Charles O’Dell of Hays Can’t once again presents false and misleading information in an effort to paint Commissioner Barton as some kind of devil. Commissioner Barton was just trying to represent the constituents of his precinct and help them in a difficult situation to get basic services that all the rest of us enjoy every day. I don’t understand what is so wrong about that. From time to time, people get tied down by rules intended for another purpose all together. We actually need legislators who know the difference between applying rules strictly and indiscriminately and those who have compassion for their fellow human beings.

    As far as documents go concerning misleading the court and backroom deals, I found it odd that O’Dell didn’t mention another website:
    If you want to read more about O’Dell’s role in such shenanigans, check it out.

  2. Charles O’Dell sent the following correspondence to Lila Knight who forwarded me a copy…

    Alleging that I presented false and misleading information is a serious public claim and I insist that you identify precisely what false information, misleading information, and/or false and misleading information I presented referenced in the above quote.

    I clearly demonstrated, relying solely on public records, that Commissioner Barton.presented false and misleading information to the commissioners’ court.

    Your unsubstantiated claim against me attacks my veracity, intentions, and personal and public reputation. I insist that you document for me the basis of your claim that I presented false and misleading information. We may disagree about issues and events, but when I use public documents to support my claims and you charge me with presenting false information you go over the line.

    Failure to substantiate your public claim will constitute grounds for slander and libel of me, and I will not let that go uncontested.

    Nothing short of reasonable proof of your claim or a retraction will satisfy me.

    Charles O’Dell, Ph.D.

  3. Charles, for one, out of many you gave County District Attorney a three page list of false allegations about me which your allegations include drug dealer. You can see the document and many others at Secondly, when I didn’t khow who you were you attempted to eject me from County Offices, specifically Judge Sumter’s office in front of her secretary Jimmie. You told me that you ran the Commissioner’s Court and that, “I had no rights being there!”

    Thirdly you are angry with Commissioner Barton because on the August 14, 2007 Commissioner’s Court meeting he told you that you lied to the whole court when you dishonored county officials and employees with false allegations.

  4. Hmm…O’dell must have a pretty serious glass jaw. This guy has apparently made a pretend career out of dishing out lies and half-truths.

    Implying that he would file a lawsuit against someone for engaging in political discourse and responding in kind to his accusations, using his exact wording, further demonstrates the contradiction that is Charles O’dell.

    Seriously, this guy is the self-appointed superhero of Hays County – the self righteous defender of free speech and open government. Yet, when he engages in unquestionably political rhetoric against government officials, he would rather such a conversation be one-sided with him being the only one doing the talking, so much so, that he would stoop to implicit threats of litigation in an attempt to suppress opposing viewpoints. Surely, this is NOT the path to THE good government that Hays CAN misrepresents as its mission.

    What is even more silly, is that he hasn’t figured out that his big mouth has made him a public figure. As such, he enjoys the same lack of protection from slander and libel as the politicians and government officials that he slanders and libels, all of the time hiding by the 1st Amendment’s protections of political speech. Nevertheless, Lila Knight engaged in neither slander nor libel against O’dell.

    As for the merits of his allegations against Commissioner Barton, my personal experience with Barton is enough for me to know that O’dell is just full of …. well…. stuff. Each and every interaction that I have had with Jeff Barton has proven beyond any doubt that he is motivated solely to help the people of Hays County. He has always worked with me and others regardless of political party to improve conditions in our communities.

    One has to wonder what motivates a guy like O’dell. Ego? Narcissism? My guess is both, with a little bit of meanness and crazy sprinkled in the mix.

    Todd Webster

  5. Every word of Charles O’Dell’s rant are rank and odious lies. I believe Charles O’Dell has lost his mind. The septic tank at issue is legal. The process of working with Hays Environmental Health Department started in 1996 when I first asked for permission to build my catering business. The actual permit process took 3 years and 9 revisions to satisfy the EHD. The Septic System cost is close to $100,000 and the effluent is 99.5% pure water when it is finished being treated as per county requirements. I have never been denied any development permits. Charles O’Dell famously attempts to ruin Tom Pope by putting lies in Tom’s mouth as he is attempting to ruin Barton and myself. Ruining honest people is Charles O’Dell’s favorite game. I do feel sorry for all those people that are suckered by him.

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