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A Texas State University football assistant coach who allegedly drove the wrong way down Interstate 35 as he fled from police has been indicted for evading arrest.

Cornerbacks coach Greg Walls was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated early in the morning of Aug. 3. Suspended with pay, he missed the Bobcat’s fall camp before being reinstated before the start of the season.

“He’s a great coach and a great man. He just made a series of bad decisions,” head coach Brad Wright told the San Marcos daily at the time.

Earlier this month, Walls was indicted by a Hays County grand jury on a state jail felony charge of evading arrest and detention.

San Marcos police patrol officer Daniel Castillo told the University Star in a story published in today’s print edition that Walls drove at least three miles the wrong way on the interstate during a chase that started on Wonder World Drive. Castillo said Walls, driving an unregistered, “brand new” 2007 Ford F-150, was rammed by his cruiser through a Pursuit Intervention Technique, or PIT, maneuver before being pinned against the retaining wall.

The pursuit reached speeds of 55 mph, Castillo said. When arrested, Walls was visibly impaired but refused a breathalyzer test, the officer told the newspaper.

Neither prosecutors nor Walls attorney, Billy McNabb, commented, the newspaper stated. Walls faces hearings in February on both charges, court records show.


This story originally said that Walls was placed on unpaid suspension. It was paid.


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14 thoughts on “Texas State coach accused of fleeing police while driving wrong way on I-35

  1. Way to go Brad. How about you steal another story from The University Star and try to pass it off as your own reporting.
    Have you seen the indictment or talked to police? I doubt it.
    By the way, the coach was suspened in August WITH PAY. You should try doing your own reporting next time or read the story you steal from a bit more carefully.

    Second hand reporting isn’t becoming of anyone.

  2. The article makes clear that the reporting is coming from the University Star. If I were going to try to “pass off” reporting as my own, I wouldn’t flag the source. Twice. As in: “San Marcos police patrol officer Daniel Castillo told the University Star in a story published in today’s print edition that Walls drove at least three miles the wrong way on the interstate during a chase that started on Wonder World Drive.”

  3. Yup. You attribute your main source for the facts in the story in the fifth graf. Good job. A little bit lower and the attribution would have been in the last graf.
    Way to be forthcoming in non-sourcing a story.
    Again, that was a good way to make it seem like you heard about this before The Star dropped it today.
    Questions you failed to answer in your response:
    Have you looked at the indictment or made phone calls to police?
    New question:
    Have you checked court records to see if he does have court dates in February or is that something you got from The Star story, too, and forgot to attribute?

    The following actions are the responsible thing to do before you byline a story and tag it as yours. You should have just posted The Star’s story if you were going to take all their details.

  4. The main facts about the alleged incident came from reporting the San Marcos Daily Record did when I worked there. I might add that I found out about the story initially and passed it off to Bart Isley who as I remember may have caught wind already and “broke” it. So I have as much claim to it as anyone.

    Interestingly, the Star article you talk about said that Teis “acknowledged” the suspension today as if it had not been printed in the Record back in August. Unfortunately, the Star is not online currently so I could not link to the article.

    Having said all that, I do appreciate your enthusiasm for quality journalism.

  5. Yes. The main facts came from the Daily Record. You must currenlty be drinking or are completely drunk, either of which wouldn’t surprise anyone in town.
    Let’s see: The Daily Record, in two five inch stories, reported in August that Greg Walls was arrested for “driving while impaired.”
    That’s it. Oh yeah, they reported that he was reinstated.
    Those “main facts” came from a university press release issued in August, not some kind of nifty reporting by the Daily Record.
    If you saw the press release you would know that the Daily Record did no independent reporting on this story when the guy was arrested back in August.
    But you’re right. Those are amazing details that don’t compare to what was released in today’s University Star.
    Notice how the Daily Record had nothing about the specifics of what allegedly took place that night like the mentioning that the guy was driving in the wrong direction or that the guy was fleeing from police while doing so.
    You should be as proud of that two-bit reporting your former paper did in August on this guy as you should with your current story, which is totally and completely sourced from another newspaper in town.
    Congrats on being able to read a newspaper and report their news. You should be proud as budding journalist.

    As a reporter, you have claim to any story that breaks in town. That’s not the issue. The issue is whether you use that power responsibly and source your own damn stories.
    And you’re right: I do appreciate quality journalism, which is why I don’t get my news from this Web site.

  6. At this point who cares how the news source is posted, I sure did get the point “that the Daily Star” was the original news source. In what context, I don’t think it really matters. It doesn’t seem like Newstreamz or this Brad Rollins was taking credit for the story, they are just reporting it. I really like this web site and this is where I have been getting my daily dose of San Marcos News, especially since I’m not a student and wouldn’t know to go to the Daily Star to get current news. The Newstreamz web site is doing a good job, keep up the good work!

  7. It is interesting that for so long we claim we lack sources of news and now the argument seems to have shifted to complaining about attribution of sources. San Marcos is changing for the better. Messrs. Black and Rollins, keep up the discourse. That assumes Mr. Black reads Newstreamz again.

  8. “It doesn’t seem like Newstreamz or this Brad Rollins was taking credit for the story, they are just reporting it.”

    It seems like you missed the point, Sheryl. NewStreamz, to a certain degree, should be congratulated for reporting this and other pieces of local news that matter to people in San Marcos. Kudoos for that.
    But the manner in which Brad Rollins choose to report this story is exactly what’s being debated. He did not do the basic things any reporter would do — like making a trip to the courthouse or making phone calls to police — to ensure that the story is accurate for people like you and me, i.e. the readers.
    In fact, there was a blaring inaccuracy in Brad Rollins’ second paragraph until it was mentioned via a post and changed by Rollins. Had he made phone calls and done actual reporting, that inaccuracy could have been prevented and you, as a reader, would have had the correct story before he had to make changes to it.
    At what point do you as a reader go back and say:”I wonder how many other stories on this Web site are completely sourced from other newspapers. And I wonder how much independent reporting is actually going on here?

    As a Bobcat sports enthusiast and one-time contributer to Bobcat Fans magazine, I take every story reported on Bobcat athletics very seriously. If we had to talk to coaches and players to get the same story, so should Brad Rollins. As for the University Star, I’m tired of having to mention the campus paper in these postings as a way for people to realize that no real reporting took place on this Web site for this story. The University Star misses the boat on enough big sport stories for me not to have the highest opinion of that publication in the first place. But boy, when you take someone else’s stuff and try to pass it off as yours, like you actually did the reporting, then there is a problem that strikes at the core of this Web site’s credibility as a news source.
    And that’s what’s being debated here.

  9. Actually Mr. Black, Brad Rollins knew about the story the next day because I told him about it. How did I know? Well, I was at the football camp for women that night, which is a great event to participate in and I always enjoy. At the event, this coach was drinking and hitting on everyone there. Then, the guy went to the same bar as we did after the football camp, where he met up with some girls at the bar. The next day, we all found out about him getting arrested because a friend with connections asked if we knew him and if we were hanging out with him the night before. Then they told us what happened. Mr. Rollins looked into the story and passed it on. This is still a small community and everyone always finds everything out anyway. This story happened last summer and it’s old news with an update of what happened. Guess what…most of the community already knew what happened without the report. Mr. Rollins does the research, reports truthfully and breaks most of the stories in this area because he is also part of the community. Who are you? I’m so glad you decided to contribute to the bobcats Fans magazine….once…. Way to go, I can see you are a true contributor to the San Marcos community.

  10. Wow.

    I guess I can keep looking for someplace where people can respectfully disagree.

    It didn’t take long for both sides to get down in the mud. What a shame.

  11. How about spending all this time and energy on a more newsworthy issue instead of “shooting the testosterone” all over the place?

    Brad, I think next time you could highlight the source PRIOR to the news article.

    Robert, I think if you step back a bit and look at it more rationally you can see that Brad didn’t consciously “plagurize” or “steal” the story.

    Now, can we get on to something more substantial?


  12. Indeed.
    Beth, you must feel proud for being there on the night the football coach got drunk and subsequently arrested. Congrats.
    And by the way, who are you and what do you do in the community that makes you so holy?
    I’m glad you’ve decided to contribute to the community by posting on this forum and attending football camp for women.
    You must be a true pillar of the community.
    And the fact that you told Brad Rollins about this back in August means nothing. Anyone in the know — or on the sidelines — was aware within a couple of days that the stupid football coach got caught drunk driving.
    After all, the university did send a press release on it about two days after the guy got arrested.
    Anyway, it is about time to move on.
    Let’s leave it at this: Brad knew about this guy in August but when he wrote a story last week he didn’t take the time to do his own reporting.
    Simple enough.
    Let’s move on. And, by the way Beth, the term “one-time contributor,” does not mean I wrote for Bobcat Fans once. It means I was at one point a contributor to the website and magazine, which entailed more than one contribution. And we were all well aware of what happened to the coach in the days after it happened without you or your so-called “friends with connections.”

  13. Point being Mr. Black….Grow up! If you don’t like the website, don’t read it. Most of the community is very happy to have Brad Rollins reporting and appreciate having a one stop shop that connects most of the papers in the county. Write on Brad….Write on!

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