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January 24th, 2008
Sumter's double whammy


SAN MARCOS – Hays County Judge Liz Sumter took a double whammy at Tuesday morning’s meeting of the commissioners court over her recusal from discussing or voting on a controversial parks issue.

Sumter bowed out of the debate concerning $1.6 million for football fields to fund infrastructure for football fields at the Village in San Marcos, a complex of social service agencies at Reimer Avenue and Hunter Road. Sumter cited her participation on a social services board with an interest in the Village, then handed the gavel to Precinct 4 Commissioner Karen Ford as she started walking off the bench.

Precinct 2 Commissioner Jeff Barton immediately objected, arguing first that courthouse tradition requires that the gavel be passed to the court’s senior member when the judge isn’t present to preside. That would be Precinct 1 Commissioner Debbie Ingalsbe.


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0 thoughts on “Sumter's double whammy

  1. As time goes on, the public will become fully aware of the cupidity and capriciousness of Judge Elizabeth Sumter. The ramifications of her behavior and style, far from being just obtuse are destructive to the well being of this county!

  2. Judge Sumter personifies why people distrust and dislike politicians. She serves the special interests of her small constituency in Wimberly and ignores the fact that San Marcos has nearly 50,000 people. She is well known for taking her dogs to work every day and asking her administrative assistant to walk the dog. Our tax dollars are hard at work.
    I hope that someone has the guts to ask that she be removed from office.

  3. This Wimberley resident apologizes to all of Hays County for this individual. We’ll be working hard to replace her next election.

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