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January 21st, 2008
» Chamber of Commerce Blog | It's time for voters to decide … business must shape elections


Though it seems like the 2008 political season started a long time ago, this is the month when voters actually begin the decision making process across our country with the first of the primary elections.

By most accounts, 2008 is one of the most important election years in recent history. Our nation’s prospects for growth and prosperity could be heavily influenced by the outcome.

Businesspeople, regardless of party, need to ask where the candidates stand on keeping the American economy strong and competitive. Do the candidates want to open trading markets that will create good American jobs? Do they want to prevent new regulations and big tax increases that could cripple our economy? Do they support policies that would genuinely improve our public schools and make energy and health care more affordable? And do they support investments in transportation to ease congestion and save lives?

To remain the largest and most innovative economy in the world, we must not accept status quo. We need a comprehensive plan for long-term economic growth. Our infrastructure is deteriorating, energy and health care costs continue to rise, regulations and taxes are suffocating businesses, qualified workers are getting harder to find and access to overseas markets is restricted. We need a candidate that clearly understands economic fundamentals and that can steer our nation clear of a recession.

The media frequently report on the political influence of unions, environmentalists and other groups. It’s time they heard more about the influence of the business community. We have the resources, numbers and clout to shape the outcome of the 2008 elections. Let’s prove that we are up to the task!

Learn about the issues and candidates, educate your employees, volunteer or contribute to a campaign and vote on Election Day. We have all seen that every vote counts. Make sure your voice is heard in 2008.

The San Marcos Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee meets monthly at the Chamber to discuss the issues facing businesses today. For more information on how you can get involved, call the Chamber at 393-5900. The San Marcos Chamber of Commerce is focused on business.

PHYLLIS SNODGRASS is the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce president. Follow the chamber’s weekly column on

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