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A fire that officials say started about 5:15 p.m. engulfed an upstairs apartment in the Palm Square Apartments complex on Thorpe Lane. Firefighters found a body inside. SUBMITTED PHOTO by KEVIN WELLS.

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A fire gutted a Thorpe Lane apartment Saturday evening and killed a person that has not been identified, Fire Marshal Ken Bell said at the scene.

A body found in a gutted upstairs unit at the Palm Square Apartments, 1360 Thorpe Lane, was sent to the Travis County Medical Examiners Office for an autoposy tomorrow, Bell said. Neighbors said a woman who had lived in the complex for 18 years occupied the apartment where the fire appeared to start. The blaze began about 5:15 p.m., Bell said.

“It is quite possibly the resident of the unit but I’m not able to say positively at this time,” Bell said.

Bell said he did not know what caused the fire yet and was just beginning examination of electrical and natural gas systems to look for accidental causes.

Built before codes required firewalls and draft stops, Bell said, fire swept through the building’s attic and damaged four other units. Utilities will remain cut off to the No. 3 building for at least a week, Bell said, displacing about 15 people.

Two representative from the American Red Cross were on the scene but said they had not encountered anyone who has not found temporary quarters.

Natural gas remained disconnected at the other seven buildings in the complex, Bell said at about 10 p.m., but they are heated by electric and residents are back in their homes.

↑Fire Marshal Ken Bell and a deputy clean debris from the unit as the investigation into the cause gets underway. NEWSTREAMZ PHOTO by BRAD ROLLINS.

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5 thoughts on “Thorpe Lane apartment fire kills woman

  1. Someone did try to get the lady out of the apt before the fire fighters got there. First police responded then the police again and then the EMS after that was when the fire truck got there ( the one with no water). They shot at the fire from the ground. No attempts were made to find anyone in the apt besides another resident who knew the woman was an elder and handicapped and quite possibly in there.

  2. Adrian, which building do you live in? I am in building 4 at # 4203. I wasn’t there when it happened though.

  3. I went to pick up my friend who lives there. He was the one who tried to get the door open after he felt the door was not hot. But Eric if there is anything you need please let me know. I heard itwas a gas line that broke but not sure.. Again let me know waht people are needing over there. I am glad your apt is ok.

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