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January 17th, 2008
School board coughs up $127,500 for high school cost overruns; contractor eats part

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Construction of the new San Marcos High School over-ran the contractor’s guaranteed maximum price and contingencies by more than $200,000 and the school district is grudgingly eating half of it.

Board members said they were caught off guard by a request at their Dec. 17 meeting for a $195,000 payment to cover work that had already been completed. The contractor also said there was still another $30,000 in “finishing touches” to be made to the 347,037 square foot building, which opened in August with the start of the academic year.

The additional costs resulted from authorized additions to original plans for the campus, including a fume hoods and ventilation systems for laboratory rooms and upgrades to the marching band pad. Board members however said they had know idea that the company had already spent money set aside for contingencies.

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0 thoughts on “School board coughs up $127,500 for high school cost overruns; contractor eats part

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  2. The school board once again displays no talent in administering a construction contract. The low bid should be honored, and if material costs go up – the contractor eats it. Not the client. As for Dr. Allens tenure on the Board I would suggest it is the worst thing that happened to good judgement in Board matters. It is my opinion that teachers should not be on school boards. Lawers should not be allowed in the legislature. If the excuse is that they have the necessary experience and training for their respective positions then I suggest we put convicts on the parole board. They certainly have the necessary experience and training to deal with prison problems. I hope you can see the folly in this.

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