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PAPER TRAIL typically traffics in interesting and/or informative documents but this edition is only Mayor Susan Narvaiz‘s weekly column.

The mayor initially agreed to submit the weekly column she writes for the San Marcos daily about San Marcos happenings for publication on Newstreamz. When we printed her Jan. 5 column she was apparently displeased that it was posted in both the blog and guest column sections instead of as a column. She sent word through her assistant, Gloria Salazar, that she wanted it changed.

It was re-labeled as a guest column but the mayor still did not submit her column last week. Salazar initially said the mayor didn’t have a column last week but wanted to set up a meeting to discuss Newstreamz. Maybe it was our reporting on her increasingly politicized State of the City address. Newstreamz obtained a copy of Narvaiz’s column from the city under the Texas Public Information Act.

UPDATE: In a meeting this afternoon, Narvaiz said she did not realize when she agreed to do the column that it would be posted in a manner that people could comment directly. She intends to host a blog on her campaign Web site, in addition to responding personally to inquiries, and does not know if she will have the time to monitor and respond to a second “blog,” the mayor said. Because Newstreamz’s format emphasizes interactivity, we declined to print her weekly column with the comment feature disabled. [Jan. 18]



Mayor’s Perspective Column [pdf] »

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