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January 10th, 2008
Drag racing 'assault with deadly weapon' trial delayed

From staff reports

The trial of a Kyle teen accused of injuring a San Antonio woman while drag racing was postponed on Wednesday, the day testimony was set to begin.

John Kaleb Kapaldo, 19, is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison, and a lesser felony charge, causing an injury while racing on a state highway.

While allegedly drag-racing in North Hays County on June 14, Kapaldo struck and injured Gloria Gamez of San Antonio, court papers state.

Kapaldo’s attorney, David Watts of San Marcos, did not return a phone call for comment Wednesday night.

A jury was chosen and seated on Tuesday in state District Judge Bill Henry’s court. But on Wednesday, the Hays County District Attorney’s office asked for a continuance because, a prosecutor said, the victim’s mother is being treated for terminal cancer.


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0 thoughts on “Drag racing 'assault with deadly weapon' trial delayed

  1. This is bullshit no one knows what has actually been going on with my case it is all bullshit. I was not drag racing especially on a highway and wasn’t even racing at all. I am now charged with deadly conduct and have a years probation the felonies where dropped and I want everyone to know how stupid all of this is. Me and my family have spent over $10,000 in lawyer and court fees now I have to pay $50 every month for probation. The only reason they charged me with racing was because I wasn’t drinking. The cop kept insisting that I was drunk until I passed a breathalyzer test then he said I was racing he is an asshole and was later demoted for all the bullshit with my case. This has stressed me out so much because at the time I was not 19 I was 17 and looking at 2 to 20 in prison isn’t the best think to look at especially when I had just got accepted to Texas State. I missed so much of some of my classes the first semester that I failed 2 of them. The reason I missed was because I had to go to court and had to turn myself in because they added aggravated assault on with the racing bullshit. i want you to all know the next time your in a car wreck you all to just committed aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

  2. Just to let you the writer of this article know…this is my son and he was NEVER charged with “Drag Racing”. He was charged with “Racing on a highway causing bodily harm”. There was not enough evidence to support that charge and he was charged with a misdemeanor. However, I do not see where you printed that information.

    Someone really needs to take a look at the Hays County Judicial system and what your tax dollars are being wasted on. The whole issue was they were certain Mr. Kapaldo (yes, my son) was on drugs when they couldn’t find any drugs in his car they decided to give him a breathalyzer test. When that came back negative, they decided to charge him with “racing” not to be confused with “drag racing”. Hays County took a successful Hays High school graduate and tried to turn him into a felon. I wonder what would have happened if he did not have a family to support him.

  3. Yes, Jayne Kapaldo! They are kids and they make mistakes doesn’t mean that they should go to jail for 20 years! Thank god for the MOMS!


  4. The parents of this kid sure raised a good one. He has the audacity to come on this site, curse up a storm, and verbally attack other readers. Maybe the kid should have gone to prison. Would have kept him out of society with his poor attitude and poor language skills.

    Maybe the kid should have been paying more attention to his driving and Gloria wouldn’t have been injured. I sure hope her or her insurance company filed civil charges against this arrogant child.

  5. I am Mom. I did raise a good one. A mistake may have been made when he was driving causing an accident at age 17. No one ever said it wasn’t his fault. Prison…Really. I bet you have never had an accident? You will never know what this whole incident did to a perfectly good 17 year old kid. Yes at 17, I still consider him a kid. Not an adult. The judicial system in this state is out of control. I have been in accidents where it was someone else’s fault but at no time what that person charged with a felony. I was even hit from behind by a drunk driver. No felony charges were ever filed. What’s wrong with this picture?

  6. NoNo you have no idea what i went through with all of this it was an accident and what i have to say to other people is my buisness dont judge me on how i talk. you dont know me you will never know me so dont judge. i was 17 at the time driving to fast on a highway and got into an accident was charged with felony racing and the later charged with felony agg. assault. come on really?? this put me throught the worst times of my life thinking i was going to be in prison and NoNo you probably have never had that thought going through your mind before it kills you and makes everyday more and more hard. And dont you ever talk bad about my parents you have no right to say anything like that. it wasnt there fault i got into an accident and the reason im on here complaining is the story they have is all wrong and they are publishing it for everyone to read. you go through what i had to and then you would be just as upset as i still am about. and lets send your child to prison and see how you feel about that. the whole story they have published is BS its all worng and it really upsests me. and NoNo you really upset me YOUR A BITCH.

  7. The Hays county cops are a bunch of arrogant A holes that seem to have it in for young people. I know one that wrote a DWI to a freind of mine who was not even driveing his wife was. The legal system treats honest hard working people like crap but seems soft on violent criminals, maybe its easier to squeeze a few bucks out of hard working citizens who make a mistake than real criminals who will never conform.

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